26 June 2009

Things I Ate Today 05

Today for breakfast, I ate two and a half microwave s'mores. I found out that if you make half s'mores instead of regular-sized ones, they're even more delicious, and the marshmallow is... better!

For lunch around noon or 12:30, I ate another Kashi (cherry &dark chocolate) granola bar, with a green pear. I went to work later today-- at 3pm-- and didn't bring anything to eat. HOWEVER, the desk lady always makes amaazing baked goods for people's birthdays, so I had a piece of the most beautiful cake in the world! It had crazy flowers on it and was very moist. After I ate this, the owner of the store told me that I'm going to get fat if I keep eating junk food. It was pretty conversational, though. Oh, I also had a small handfull of slightly rotten cherries from the "free" cart in the back of the store. Still delicious.

After work, for dinner, I ate about half a pint of blueberries, a cup of Dannon "Light &Fit" cherry yogurt, a yogurt cup-full of fruit smoothie from mom, and a pear. Tonight, I'm leaving at 3 or 4 in the morning for my mission trip to Haiti, where I'll be eating mostly beans &rice, produce, and bread with peanutbutter on it. Cheers!

25 June 2009

Things I Ate Today 04

Today, I actually ate three squarish meals!

For brunch, around 11am, I ate a Kashi (chocolate &dark cherry) granola bar with one or two pieces of fruit. Then, on my lunch break at five I ate peanuts and raisins. Additionally, I bought three of those awesome Lindt chocolate balls? They were (in order from earliest to latest), hazlenut, milk chocolate, and raspberry. The milk chocolate was way better than I would have expected, and raspberry is always a phenom!

After work, mom and I spent an hour or two buying stuff for my trip to Haiti next week. Luckily, she agreed to buy me a Cadbury (fruit &nut) chocolate bar. There are 2.5 servings per bar, each containing something like 190 calories and 3 grams of protein. But that's just saying. I ate the chocolate bar on the way home, and then for the rest of dinner I ate an extremely large plate of "salad," um, which is actually dirty greens from the neighbors' yard with a ton of blue cheese and raspberry vinagarette(?) salad dressing on top. I don't usually do the whole salad dressing thing, but it was a good distractor from the disgusting taste/texture/appearance of that particular lettuce. Good game! I love food.

24 June 2009

What I Ate Today 03

Today, I didn't really eat like a person. I ate more like a cow, just munchin' on some grasses and vegetarian stuff that nobody else wants. And I think cows probably hold the same view of hunger as I do-- that it's sort of irrelevant-- because both of us have so many stomachs.

On second thought, cows probably don't eat s'mores.

For breakfast, I ate a veggie burger. I think I also ate a s'more. Over the course of the day, I think I ate two pears, three or four peaches and nectarines, um... some fruit. I don't know. Plums, probably. Lauren and I go to Thai Gourmet for Thai Thursdays every week, but this week I'm working on Thursday so we went a day early. I ate red curry tofu, with steamed rice: delicious.

I ate a lot of s'mores today, and I ate a couple of them yesterday after I posted. I also ate some extra graham crackers and marshmallows and chocolate. For dinner, I think I had two cobs of corn. Did that make three for the day? I'm really not sure what I've eaten, but I know it was good. I think I ate a few more peaches or nectarines with the corn. And s'mores.

Milk, fruit, s'mores, Thai food, and a veggie burger. That's what I ate today.

23 June 2009

Things I Ate Today 02

Today for breakfast (around 10am), I ate a cup of Fage yogurt. It was the first time I've tried this, and I do reccommend it! I chose the honey flavor, which actually just means there's a little cubby of honey in the cup next to plain yogurt. For lunch (around 12pm), I ate some peanuts and raisins on the way to work. On break at 5:00, I ate a ton more raisins and peanuts. Then, after I got off at 8:30, I ate three little pieces of bulk chocolate, a large handfull of bing cherries, a cob of corn, and two pints of blueberries. Overall, a very good day for eating!

An awesome thing that happened at work today is tons of hotties came to check out at my register. (And boy did I check them out!) Interestingly, they came in all "flavors." So, in case you are wondering...

Hotties I Ate Today:
- Toolish college humor t-shirt hottie
- Brad Pitt as an unrealistic landscaper hottie
- So scruffy he could almost be straight hottie
- Middle-aged father and teacher hottie
- Underclassman or maybe upperclassman but either way still in high school hottie
- Creepy hottie
- Asian guy who doesn't write his name in English on the credit card reciept hottie
- Otherwise ethnically diverse hottie
- Somehow white hair is foxy hottie
- Too young to be a successful businessman so he's probably just boring hottie
- Probably unavailable because he has a couple of little kids hottie

The list even goes on! Unforunately, white suburban rapper tool hottie left my line for another because the wait was too long. Additionally, I totally missed out on tall black hotties of all varieties! Of course, the day did bring good things.

After this, I might eat a s'more or few; especially if Hayley agrees to accompany me on a Journey to the microwave. Doooonnn't stop! the Eeeeating!

22 June 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I woke up around ten and ate a large brownie with chocolate peanutbutter ice cream for breakfast. Since I worked from noon to 8:30, I took my break around 5:00 and ate a baggie of peanuts and raisins. For dinner I drank the rest of my Polar Pop from yesterday, although it was kind of watered down from the ice. Around 10:00 pm (as I prepared to go to sleep), I ate some more of that ice cream with my dad's famous popcorn.

Unfortunately, it's 2am and I'm still not asleep. So after reading for 2 or 3 hours, I decided to try the sleepy full stomach approach. I ate a serving or two of pasta salad, half a pint of blueberries, a couple handfulls of bing cherries, more of that ice cream, a brownie, and... I think that's it. Unfortunately, especially on account of the sugar and chocolate in the latter items, I'm much less tired than I was at 10pm.

Yesterday, I won an eating contest at Olive Garden. It's six bucks to get unlimited soup salad and breadsticks, so Cody and I battled for the prize (which I have yet to recieve) of a plate from the thrift store. I ate three bowls of minestrone soup, four salads, and four breadsticks. You wouldn't believe how hefty and salty that stuff is! I won by a salad and a half. For breakfast that day, I ate a bunch of fruit/berries. For lunch I ate a doughnut. After the contest, we got Polar Pops. I wasn't really hungry for dinner, but I had a brownie with chocolate peanutbutter icecream to finish.