30 September 2009

Things I Drank and Ate Today

1. Either I just identified Taylor Swift's bassline coming from a car extreeemely far from my window, or I'm having radio-induced hallucinations.
2. Today I sort of decided what I'm going to do with my degree-- teach English as a second language, with a minor in art-- which explains why I'm not studying for Tomorrow'S Problematic and Terrifying Social Problem TeSt (Presently).
3. My calorie intake for the day would probably be shocking, um, if I had not consumed about a day's worth of calories in sugary/colored/caffinated/beverages. So, without further delay,

here are the Things I Ate Today:
-Cheesy fiesta potatoes (with hot sauce today!)
-Cheese quesadilla
-Half a small jar of hot salsa (with accomodating Scoops chips)

Things I drank today:
-1 regular coffee
-2 medium cups of Baja Blast
-1 strawberry Milk Chug
-2 cups (3 packets) or hot chocolate
-Leftovers of whatever drink Lauren left in my room (interesting flavor!)

It was a good day for eating and drinking.

29 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast after I rolled out of bed at 12:30, I ate an adorable little package of sliced apples and peanut butter.

After Social Problems, I ate two bananas. Then, I went to buy groceries and got a ten dollar discount, as per tweet, from the same guy who I mentioned last week with the dates and Vitamin Water. Rockin! I ate an entire container of vegetarian cucumber (sushi-y)rolls, yum, in celebration. Other things I ate today:

-A bottle of Vitamin Water in some great, unusual flavor- peach mandarin or something?
-Odwalla juice (superfood)
-2 huge, juicy nectarines
-A taste of some new hommus, but with Scoops chips instead of pita bread??
-A box of Keebler Chocolate Lover's cookies, except for the ones I shared with Cody and Ryan at our cookie party.I also shared one with Jon.
-About the same percentage of a skim Milk Chug
-An incredible sample of some zucchini bread that Ryan's mom made him. I. Love. Zucchini bread.

It's been a very good day for eating!

28 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

I feel a freshman fifteen coming on...

Today for breakfast in bed around 10:30, I ate the remaning 3/4 pint of that Karamel Sutra icecream, which was still amazingly delicious; I'd only intended to eat a serving of it!

Before gospel choir, I ate three bananas. (Gospel choir is from 5:30-7:30 pm.) I also drank a bottle of water.

After gospel choir, I ate two cookies; two pieces of cheese pizza; one medium or large cup of rootbeer. Yumm!

For a snack, I ate somebody else's leftover reduced fat Cheese Nips. So much better than you might expect.

For dinner around 2am, I drank a double upgrade hot chocolate with a package of Turtles. Cody also gave me an astonishingly astonishing piece of his white chocolate chip cookie dipped in deluxe hot chocolate (his included dairy and flavoured creamour).

It was a very good day for eating!

27 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I ate a lot more home foods: salad, bread, spaghetti, butternut squash with stuff on it so it might taste less disgusting, potato with chives and sour cream, apples from the back yard, a doughnut from Jubilee... etc.

When I got back to school, Sebastian and I bought grocery-type foods from Rosie's store: Stouffer's vegetarian lasagne, miniature orange bundt cake, Ben & Jerry's ice cream... and boy am I thirsy!

Karamel Sutra: the best flavor to date.

26 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I think I spent 8 or 9 hours on the COUCH, watching TELEVISION, eating my MOM'S FOOD. It was amazing. So I didn't eat a lot of things, but I did eat a lot of the few things I ate.

Things I Ate Today:
-Hamburger bun
-Cheese ravioli xxcore
-Garlic bread xxcore
-Squash custard (which is essentially pumpkin pie without the crust) xcore
-A glass of milk

It's been a good day for eating! I sure would like some orange juice, though.
P.S. On facebook, there's a group called "Hate." There's a post on said group called "Things I Hate Today." :)

25 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

You know that cliche, "Maybe it's only a cliche because it's true?" Well, that cliche is what I think about this cliche: "Dog: Man's best friend." Because my last five or so tweets were about my dog Sam, I think I'll force some of my thoughts about Sam onto ye proverbial blog readers.

From the time I found out that you could wish on dandilions and stars and birthday candles, I always wished for a dog. A sister was pretty high on my list too, but I really didn't want anything more than a dog. They're so great! Why wouldn't you want one? And I'll never forget how excited I was to see that crazy little liverspotted dalmation with (presumably) bloodthirsty red eyes* run towards me across the lawn of our old house. It was probably the first and last time to date that I wished on something enough for it to just suddenly come true. Sure, Sam has earned her share of complaints from the neighbors, and she made my parents furious by chewing up expensive stuff and peeing all over the carpet. Most of my friends, relatives and acquaintances hate her because she's always barking at them. But really, the truth is that Sam is protective. The truth is that she's the best dog ever!

When other people talk about their dogs, it's just like "come on. Give it a rest. Your dog is a dog." But I really almost view Sam as my sister, and I really sincerely view her as a reflection and a part of myself. Animals have such pure spirits, and there are times when I swear looking into Sam's eyes is like looking into the eyes of God. Maybe I'm psychopathic, but still. She's one of my very favorite people and one of my dearest companions. Whose shoulder do you think I've cried on all these years? Who do I miss when I'm away from home?

And now that Sam has a huge tumor in her bladder, I have to face a fact that I've honestly spent years dreading and fearing and avoiding: she has to die eventually. This week she spent a couple days and nights at the animal hospital because her bladder filled up waaaay more than it ever should and couldn't drain. From here on out the only way for her to even be alive is to have this little plastic tube draining out of it, and even that won't last very long. It's really horrible not to know how much longer we have with Sam, especially because she's acting like she always does-- she just wants to be petted and maybe go for a walk and eat your leftovers. And tonight, while we all sat in the living room and watched a movie, my mom fed her brownies and petted her and gave her all this special treatment. It was so incredibly depressing because this is it. This is pretty much all the time we have left with someone who's been a member of our family since I was in first grade. I took Sam for a walk at 11:00 pm, and it reminded me of the last hour of Donnie Darko's life. An SUV full of teenagers drove past us and parked at the house where Sam scared a little kid once. I could practically hear the kids in the SUV laughing about the crazy dalmation and the crazy girl walking it in the middle of the night. As if they have any idea!

My parents keep giving me all these different ideas of when they might put Sam to sleep, and it's horrible. I've heard today, Monday or Tuesday, next weekend, in a few months... it could be any time. Although mom insists that I'm wrong, it seems like dad just wants to get the whole thing over with and put Sam to sleep as soon as soon as possible. Mom's concerned about the cost of caring for Sam because it's logistically crazy at this point. But all I want is to keep my puppydog. It's sort of like a Power of the Pen story that could win honorable mention.

On that note!

Things I ate Today:
-Another salad like I ate yesterday, but without the croutons because they were soggy
-3 Hamburger buns
-Mysterious casserole that mom made earlier this week (cornbread, beans, cheese...)
-Cole Slaw
-1/3 pan of brownies

*Just kidding. Her eyes are hazelish brown.

24 September 2009

Things : I :: Ate : Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Another Odwalla bar, of the same flavor (protein)

-A small "salad" with cheese and croutons,* combined with tabouli. So delicious!

-A caramel apple. OMG YUM. Have you eaten one of these within the last five years? No? Well maybe you should reconsider. Aside from the dialectical disaster dat is pronouncing "car(a)mel," the caramel apple may just be a Perfect Food. Who knew?

-A few stupid crumbles of corn chip

-A slice of the freshest cheese pizza ever, with a breadstick and marinara sauce

-A pint of Ben & Jerry's cake batter ice cream

Good food : Bad day :: Yellow Leaves : Cold breeze

So yes, certainly, it was another good day for eating.

*I don't even eat croutons!

p.s. I don't know how you're supposed to use colons in those analogies, so just pretend.

23 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I woke up very early: at eight forty-five. This requred an alarm, as well as nourishing breakfast food. I poured some skim milk into one of the three sections of packaging so the cookies could be soaked, but results were limited. My second meal was, once again, the highlight of my year (and probably Lauren's too). I ate:

-One box of Keebler "Chocolate Lover's" cookies. Each cookie has 80 calories, which means there are 2,080 calories in a box. Granted, I did share about two of them.
-Spicy Summer Tofu from Thai Gourmet :)

In the evening, Lauren and I went to Sebastian's. I made a (classy) party platter of sliced cheese and reduced fat Wheat Thins on a paper plate and sipped water from my Evian bottle, thanks to the ridiculous priorities of on-campus food plans. Sebastian let us taste his pretzel chips, and I guess I also had a mint and a fortune cookie.

It was a good day for eating!

P.S. I just ate a small jar of medium salsa with accomodating Scoops chips (the bag is essentially gone), with some dates.

22 September 2009

Things I've Eaten Today

I haven't eaten much at all today, and for some reason I'm not hungry! And by "I'm not hungry," I even mean to say that food doesn't hold its usual appeal for some reason. Maybe that's because my body's sick of digesting sicko food products.

Today around noon, I ate a regular-size cup of hazlenut coffee (black, as always).

In my evening break between classes, I ate half a small jar of medium salsa (with accomodating Scoops chips), and some chickpea salad. The chickpea salad tasted very strongly of vinegar, and I'm not sure whether that's because a.) I bought it on campus and it could be rotten, or b.) I'm unaccustomed to the taste of chickpea salad. Either way, I threw the whole thing away after a few bites. Very gross.

After math (maybe around 8pm), I bought two bottles of Vitamin Water-- green tea and lemonade-- with a surprising little package of dates! Who even knew they sold THOSE on campus? The guy at the counter said it looked like I was just going to walk out with my purchases, and said that he would've let me go if I did. I think I recognized him from Gospel Choir, which is sort of ironic. He pleasantly suggested that I had a "date" with my Vitamin Water.

Anyway, I ate about one serving of the dates and drank my green tea Vitamin Water. Ho hum! It's still early, but unless I eat something later (not unlikely), that is what I ate today. A good day for eating!

21 September 2009

Things I Sadly Ate Today

This past week was a total waste of vacation from my oh-so-serious blog endeavors because I ate a TON of food. In the time since I last updated Things I Ate Today, I consumed literally at least twice as many calories as I should have. But technology isn't working in my favor lately, and I'm willing to use that as an excuse.

Today for breakfast around noon, I ate an Odwalla bar. It was the first time I've tried one, and it was okay. The taste was nothing incredible, but it had 14 grams of protein and the company seems generally positive so I'd probably eat another one.

Before Gospel Choir, I ate a fruit cup with a bag of Sun Chips.

After Gospel Choir, I ate a Chipotle burrito that admittedly tasted at least 60 times better than the one I ate yesterday for breakfast with Hayley and Sebastian.

Finally, at the end of the day, I got what I'd been wanting: a(nother) pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream with a TV (laptop) screen. I like Amelie even more than I remember, and the ice cream was satisfying. To B&J I say: without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's.

I daresay it's been a good day for eating.

15 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Last night after my post, Cody and I went to Rosie's around 4. I ate Mallo Cups (highly recommended!) and cheese fries. Yum!!

Today for breakfast, I ate some gluten-free pretzels and the rest of my orange Vitamin Water.

Around lunchtime, I actually chugged a chocolate Milk Chug. I ate two falaffels with tahini sauce and tabouli, with strawberries.

Before and during math class from 5:30 to 7:30, I ate a king-size package of Resee's cups. I did share one, though.

Right after that, I went to donate blood to the Red Cross; but they didn't want my blood because of Haiti. Regardless, I ate the cookie I was offered. It was a chocolate chip cookie the size of my entire hand. OMG YUM.

Then, I ate two more falaffels.

Then, I ate some corn chips and Miley Cyrus came on the radio. Yeeeyeeaahaeayeah! It's a party in the USA.

14 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday, I typed this blog post twice and it got deleted BOTH TIMES. So bad. I'll try to remember everything I ate, though! If I ever catch alzheimer's, I think I'll probably still remember the things I ate when I was eighteen because I put so much thought into memorizing them now.

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-A huge cup of coffee and milk that my mom made, for breakfast
-Two pieces of gum, since I didn't have enough time to brush my teeth for work
-A peanut butter and jelly sandwich that my mom made, for lunch
-Maybe some more samples of the baked goods in the break room
-For dinner, some cooked yellow squash and zucchini that my mom also made, with
-a hot pita covered in melted cheese, and
-2 Swedish Fish from Sebastian
-Cheesy french fries
-A watermelon Air Head
-a "Go-Go" Vitamin Water
-a lime green Laffy Taffy rope
-a box of Oatmeal Cream Pies (that's 12 minus about 2 or 3)

...of course, I probably missed some things. For example, the other day I forgot to mention that I ate a peanutbutter m&m off the floor of a staircase in Cody's dorm. And gluten-free pretzels. And samples from the break room at work. And something else? Uh... ANYWAY!

Things I Ate Today:
-A fruit cup
-Gluten-free pretzels
-Falafels with Tahini sauce
-3 free Swedish Fish
-Free pizza
-Calzone with marinara sauce and root beer
-Chocolate Lover's Keebler cookies

Such a great day for eating!

13 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

I just typed this whole post and then it got deleted!

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I ate a peanutbutter m&m that was on the floor of the staircase in Stouffer hall. I ate it because it would be gross and funny, but then I considered eating more of them because it was actually very tasty. I think I also tasted some baked goods from the break room at work.

Things I Ate Today (again):

-A large cup of coffee that my mom made, for breakfast

-I didn't have time to brush my teeth before work, so two pieces of gum

-A peanut butter and jelly sandwich that my mom made, for lunch

-A pita covered in melted cheese, for dinner, with:

-Cooked green and yellow squash that my mom made, with:


-Watermelon Air Head, for a snack, with:

-"Go-Go" Vitamin Water

-Green Laffy Taffy

-Cheesy french fries

-2 Sweedish Fish

-A box of Oatmeal Cream Pies (that's 170 calories x 1 gram of protein x 12 servings - 2 or 3 that I gave away).

I feel sort of sick and gross, but other than that it was a good day for eating!


12 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-One package white chocolate Reese's cups
-One handful gluten-free pretzels
-Half a bottle green tea Vitamin Water (thanks, Sebastian!)
-One "homemade" Reese's-type snack from Krieger's
-Many handfuls gluten-free pretzels
-Half a bottle green tea Vitamin Water (thanks, Sebastian!)
-One HUUUGE bowl of Moose Tracks ice cream
-One pumpkin-shaped Reese's (unfortunately, surprisingly, not pumpkin-flavored)
-3/4 one package Reese's cookies (amazingly delicious)
-Some of Cody's Rice Krispie Treat bar
-One dark chocolate Reese's
-2 glasses of milk
-Cole slaw

Things I Ate Today

Last night after posting, I think I went to Rosie's with Cody and ate more food. I ate french fries with cheese sauce, lots of hot chocolate, and... maybe that was all. Who knows.

Today for breakfast, I ate another gluten-free bar with a big cup of coffee. I went home and ate a bunch of my dad's famous popcorn (stale but staille delicious).

At work around five-thirty, I ate an apple and most of a peach. I also sampled some of the brownie and Hollywood Square that someone left in the break room.

Then I drank stuff like five cups of hot chocolate and a sip of coffee-flavored energy drink. Around 3:30 am, Cody Sebastian and I went to Rosie's. I got a brownie and some nasty apple cobbler. I also took as many bites out of Sebastian's nasty "breakfast" food as I could. And I got a bite of Cody's waffle with a spoon. It was a day.

10 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I ate today:
(transcribed by Sebastian) (again)

-2 banana cream pie snack packs of pudding for breakfast... well.. start over.

Things I ate today: Um. For breakfast:
-2 banana cream pie snack packs of pudding with
-Um. I had a snack pack of pudding and then I had. START COMPLETELY COMPLETELY OVER.

You have to start over! No! Delete key!

No! Start over! You have to press the erase button!

Things I ate today:
-For breakfast, I ate two banana cream pie snack packs of pudding with, um, a gluten -- OH, I FORGOT

Things I ate today:
-For breakfast, I ate the LAST two banana cream pie snack packs of pudding, and it was actually, no, wait, I forgot...

Things I ate today:
-For BRUNCH, I the ate the last two (of four) banana cream pie snack packs of pudding with one of my gluten- and dairy- free bars (um, banana chocolate)
-Around 3, no, around four. Erase that. Around four. No, just take that out of there.
-Around four, I ate half a small jar of hot salsa with scoops chips.
-Around nine, I ate another jar and a half of salsa, but the second jar was medium, not hot, still with scoops. That finished my first bag of scoops.
-Around nine, I also had a cup of hot chocolate.
-Around ten, I ate a couple cookies that were whatever. Chocolate Lover's. Keebler Chocolate Lover's chocolate chip cookies with a bag of green apple licorice.
-I've been waiting for the past three days to eat the green apple licorice, so I ate the whole bag. It has seven servings, and each serving contains 120 calories. So that is a total of 840 calories and 7 grams of protein.

I might have forgotten something, but I'm not sure. Today was a good day for eating!

09 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday around 12:30, I got brunch with Scotty. I ate a platter of stuff from the salad bar, including: grapes, orange melon, hummus, pita, olives, and slices of green pepper. I also got a cup of black/vanilla coffee, thank goodness! I'm noticing, lately, how much fun coffee is. Sort of like Baja Blast, only less conspicuous!
Around 7pm, I ate a little bag of cashews with an organic fruit leather.
Then, around 10pm? I ate Scoops chips with hot salsa.
Today sometime after I woke up, maybe noonish? I ate the last good fruit cup for sale (with strawberries instead of grapes!), a gluten and dairy-free breakfast bar (way too expensive... chocolate and banana), and a Silk vanilla juice box.

Around four, Heaven's gates opened and a HUGE portion of summer tofu (from Thai Gourmet) ascended to fill my joyous stomach. It was the best Thai Gourmet I've ever had, which is really saying something. Afterwards, Lauren and I got Polar Pops.

Around 2am, Cody and I went to the store by Rosie's and spent about an hour wandering around in circles, trying to figure out what we were hungry for. I finally decided on a 4pack of banana cream pie pudding snackpacks. Much tastier than anticipated! Also, Cody gave me one of his Disney Princess fruit snack packs.

An AMAZING (mostly gluten/dairy-free!) day for eating. And life!

07 September 2009

Italian Things I Ate Today

Today, I woke up around 11:15 (ma-ma miiia!), and I didn't eat until like 3pm. When I did eat, all I had was a granola bar!! One of those Nature's Valley things, real crunchy?

A few hours later, Sebastian came over and we ate at Rosie's. I spent about ten dollars on myself, somehow. I ate:
-Mozz-erelllla sticks with mar-inaara sauce (ma-ma miiia!)
-A garlic veggie wrap with vegetables and Italian dressing (ma-ma miiia!)
-Cold french fries with ketchup and too much salt...
-A large cup of Hayley's raspberry tea (ma-ma miiia!)
-A pickle spear with no cheese ("no cheese" was an option under daily specials?)

Then, we went to some bizarro art studio that's attached to Sebastian's dorm and has a lot of dirty retro furniture in it. I bought us coffees, obviously. They were disgusting and I added a packet of non-dairy creamer. Ma-ma miiia.

Finally, we went back to Sebastian's house and I ate a cookie dunked in milk. It was not the best thing I've ever tasted, but I'm willing to say it that was the best thing I've ever tasted. Yumm.

Most importantly, today I ate about 8 hours of Italian study. Literally, I studied Italian from about noon to 10pm. It was actually really fun and I feel like I've accomplished something, but if I gained any knowledge from the experience it was probably how to say "Ma-ma miia!" or "GRAT-ziaa!" So, there you have it. Another good day for eating. (Arrivederci!*)

Edit: Now it's about two in the morning, and I'm eating hot salsa with chocolate milk. Truly one of the best combinations of anything, ever. By the end of this, I will have consumed a quart of chocolate milk (that's 4 x 210 calories x 9g protein), and at least half a small jar of Tostitos' hottest salsa. With Scoops chips. Om nom nom!

(*Feel free to use your imagination with my spelling of this word.)

Things I Ate Today

I had a bowl of melon, which was honeydew and honeyrock. There was a bowl of frosting, some corn chips, some... uh.. um.. a piece of dry toast, some cheese gel jalapeno pepper deep fried things from Sonic. Ched 'R' Peppers. They were sooo goood. Let's see. I had those dill pickle pringles. They were pickle pringles. I had chocolate peanut butter fudge from Geauga Lake that was probably about a month old. I had a cherry Coke Polar Pop. Some more of those chips (the pringles, not the corn chips). Some more of that peanut butter fudge. And, uh, let's see, a hot chocolate at Rosie's. And then like three or four or five hot chocolates in the laundry room of Verder. Yeaaahh! The Reese's bar. That was really good. I also had a Hot Mama Pickle. I had chips, pickle chips, and a pickle. I also had a taste of Cody's Big Papa Pickle. His was sweet, mine was spicy. Each pickle was nine servings, and each serving had 22% of the daily value of sodium. I had 198% of my salt today from that pickle. That was a big bowl of frosting.

I decided I'm allergic to gluten and dairy today. Today was my first day of trying not to eat gluten or dairy.

P.s. Cody gave me a gluten-free blueberry muffin, too! It was extremely delicious.

05 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday after posting, I ate sort of a lot of other food. You know, the kind of stuff that is really gross but you eat it anyway because you're staying up at home, watching SuperNanny for a few hours after midnight to prove that you don't need sleep? Frosting, chocolate, chips, probably some more pie... who knows! I also meant to mention that my mom bought me welcome home candy: a Reece's Big Cup and a reduced box of Lindt dark chocolate truffles! :)

Things I Ate Today:
-Blueberry pie
-Grilled cheese
-Tomato soup
-Blueberry pie
-A ginger chew
-Pretzel bits flavored like honey and mustard
-Bean and cheese/etc. quesadilla from mom

"I Love College" by Asher Roth and "Buzzin'" by Shwayze are the Zebra Cakes of hip-hop: artificial, disgusting, unusual... and so darn tasty. (I think I would like them even more if I smoked reefer.)

04 September 2009

Pretentious words I've eaten recently

A song to make today taste better: "When the Night Feels My Song" by Bedouin Soundclash

Things I Ate yesterday:
12pm: A hugely disappointing, simultaneously nauseating, bowl of fancy alfredo pasta. With a breadstick and Cherry Coke.
5pm: A hugely appointing fruit salad with a loaded PB&J sandwich which a strange stranger envied audibly.
9pm: A power bar with 19 grams (!!) of protein, with a cow tail (classy!) and hot chocolate. **
10pm: Cheesy fiesta potatoes. * And a crunchwrap with beans instead of meat +guacamole.
11pm: A big, delicious (albeit stale) chocolate cupcake.
113pm: A skim Milk Chug.

Today for breakfast around 10:30, I enjoyed the sophistication of black hazlenut coffee with a somesophisticatedflavor'd scone. I also ate those yogurt-oatmeal clusters that Sebastian got for Easter. They expired a month ago....

At work around 5pm, I ate two ripe organic bananas. (This would probably be more sophisticated if I'd not just spelled b-a-n-a-n-a-s with pop synchopation from 2007.) Then around 9, I ate a few tortillia-type chips with two pieces of Swiss Cheese.

How many things are grosser than Swiss Cheese? I can't think of very many.
I also ate a plate of cole slaw. Another winning dish.

Then, since it's Jere's (28?) birthday, I ate a slice and a half of Amish blueberry pie. It tasted, unfortunately, like a cup of microwaved jelly.

*The cheesy fiesta potatoes glopped all over the table. I screamed, shoved them back onto my styrofoam platter, and licked the table. With class and sophistication.
**I get Swiss Miss without marshmallows because I think the marshmallows are just distracting. I think the hot chocolate lasts longer and is more satisfying when it stands alone!

A good day for eating!

02 September 2009

Feelings I Ate Today

Today was quite an emotional smoothie, with Hayley leaving for school tomorrow (in addition to other fruity components)! For breakfast, I ate my second-to-last breakfast bar: almond/frosted rice krispie treat flavor.

For lunch, I ate a great and large fruit salad cup with a chocolate Milk Chug. Did you know that a chocolate Milk Chug contains 400 calories and 18 grams of protein? Neither did I! One bottle is two cups-- one pint-- so it's basically liquid ice cream without a spoon. YUM.

For dinner, I ate half a small jar of salsa with chips, and a cob of corn.

For dinner, I ate a cup of "birthday surprise" icecream from Ambrosia. Then, Sebastian gave me half of his great and awesomely large oatmeal raisin cookie!

After Hayley left, I ate a (1.5 serving) bag of Welch's white grape fruit snacks, half a bottle (1.5 serving) of Fuze(?), and a cute little package of low-fat Fig Newtons. The Fig Newtons weren't as good as I've been anticipating, but they were satisfying. I also ate the rest of that jar of salsa, with accommodating corn chips. But I'm still sad!

01 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for brunch (once I finally rolled out of bed), I ate a pluot.

For my next meal around noon, I ate watermelon with corn chips and a cob of corn.

For my next meal around five, I ate a bite of dark chocolate with a juice box of chocolate soy milk. But I didn't get my dollar's worth because the straw was too short!

For my next meal around ten, I ate a portabella sandwich with fries and an AMAZING chocolate cupcake.

A good day for eating!