30 September 2009

Things I Drank and Ate Today

1. Either I just identified Taylor Swift's bassline coming from a car extreeemely far from my window, or I'm having radio-induced hallucinations.
2. Today I sort of decided what I'm going to do with my degree-- teach English as a second language, with a minor in art-- which explains why I'm not studying for Tomorrow'S Problematic and Terrifying Social Problem TeSt (Presently).
3. My calorie intake for the day would probably be shocking, um, if I had not consumed about a day's worth of calories in sugary/colored/caffinated/beverages. So, without further delay,

here are the Things I Ate Today:
-Cheesy fiesta potatoes (with hot sauce today!)
-Cheese quesadilla
-Half a small jar of hot salsa (with accomodating Scoops chips)

Things I drank today:
-1 regular coffee
-2 medium cups of Baja Blast
-1 strawberry Milk Chug
-2 cups (3 packets) or hot chocolate
-Leftovers of whatever drink Lauren left in my room (interesting flavor!)

It was a good day for eating and drinking.

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