14 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday, I typed this blog post twice and it got deleted BOTH TIMES. So bad. I'll try to remember everything I ate, though! If I ever catch alzheimer's, I think I'll probably still remember the things I ate when I was eighteen because I put so much thought into memorizing them now.

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-A huge cup of coffee and milk that my mom made, for breakfast
-Two pieces of gum, since I didn't have enough time to brush my teeth for work
-A peanut butter and jelly sandwich that my mom made, for lunch
-Maybe some more samples of the baked goods in the break room
-For dinner, some cooked yellow squash and zucchini that my mom also made, with
-a hot pita covered in melted cheese, and
-2 Swedish Fish from Sebastian
-Cheesy french fries
-A watermelon Air Head
-a "Go-Go" Vitamin Water
-a lime green Laffy Taffy rope
-a box of Oatmeal Cream Pies (that's 12 minus about 2 or 3)

...of course, I probably missed some things. For example, the other day I forgot to mention that I ate a peanutbutter m&m off the floor of a staircase in Cody's dorm. And gluten-free pretzels. And samples from the break room at work. And something else? Uh... ANYWAY!

Things I Ate Today:
-A fruit cup
-Gluten-free pretzels
-Falafels with Tahini sauce
-3 free Swedish Fish
-Free pizza
-Calzone with marinara sauce and root beer
-Chocolate Lover's Keebler cookies

Such a great day for eating!

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