28 July 2010

Things i ate today: triple coffee, chik'n & veggie sandwich, 2 ripe bananas, fruit gem, 2 old nectarines, an oven-broiled cheese sandwich, pink popsicle, apple.

27 July 2010

Things i ate today: ice cream coffee waffles strawberries gordita doritos baja blast candy. It was a good day for eating.

25 July 2010

Oh, also pickle slices veggie chips and a couple other chips.
s, a popsicle, and a couple other produce items i can't remember. Haha it was a good day for eating.
Things i ate today: 5 1/2 doughnuts, 2 cups of coffee, a little bit of pasta salad, a little bit of green beans, a sandwich, a couple cherries/blueberrie
Things i ate today:

A full BAG of grapes, 2 sandwiches, 2 popsicles, a peach, roughly 3/4 quart of ice cream. It was a good day for eating.

23 July 2010

nanas, a bowl of grapes, ginger chews, arizona tea

It was a good day for eating.

Things i ate yesterday: a piece of toast, 2 cups of coffee, 3 doughnuts, a banana, a piece of pizza, 2 or 3 Fries

Things i ate today: 2 sandwiches, 2 ba

21 July 2010

some more spaghetti.

It was a good day for eating.

Things i ate today: a bowl of strawberry-topped cereal, a cup of coffee, a bowl of free melon, a huge plate of spaghetti with half a pita, 2 popsicles,
Lauren made me a lot of great food yesterday. Chocolate chip waffles, orange drank, pudding snax, big soft pretzel, curly fries, grapes, spinach fries...

19 July 2010

? e, and maybe more. It was a good day for eating!
? Things i ate today: blueberries, nectarines, apple cheerios, double pudding. Lite yogurt, sandwich, salad, burrito bol, teddy grahams, 10 popsicles, juic
? was a good day for eating!
? rios on top
-movie popcorn and cherry coke from my brother
-some teddy grahams, a pudding cup, 2x flavor ice
-a small strawberry/feta salad from mom


? Things i ate today:
-2 sandwiches
-2 cups of coffee with ice cream
-half a pint of blueberries
-some strawberries
-yummy lite yogurt with some apple chee

17 July 2010

? utated)
-2 half-sandwiches
-nasty cheesy potatoes my dad made that i ate out of obligation
-after a free-for-all at marc's: teddy grams, a pudding cup, A
? Things i ate today:
-3 cups of coffee
-on my lunch break, a peanut butter and honey sandwich with a white peach that got banged up in my purse (then amp

15 July 2010

? ginger chews
-an ice cream sundae from mom
-maybe something else, but i forget.

It was an ideal day for eating!

? f blue week. The cashier said, "here is a PAID sticker for your... Drink..."
-a white peach
-a cup of milked-down coffee
-a plate of salad aka lettuce
? Things i ate today:
-veggie and cheese sammiches
-about 6 popsicles
-tons of margarita chips with tons* of salsa
-blue drank, especially in celebration o

14 July 2010

? y good day for eating.
? peanut butter and honey sandwich
-a banana
-like 2/5 a brownie and a little bit of another thing
-a veggie pattie
-a pink popsicle

It was a prett

? Things i ate today:
-the remaining 4ish pounds (from 10) of blueberries
-the remaining half of my chocolate bar
-4 small bowls of apple cheerios
-half a

13 July 2010

? of apple cheerios
-a piece of lazy toast

Hahaaha. It was a good day for eating.

? Things i ate today:
-5ish pounds of blueberries
-a doughnut, some ice cream, chocolate
-4 sammiches (like vegetables on a halved piece of bread)
-a bowl

12 July 2010

Things i ate today:
-chocolate brownie ice cream
-a salad-serving bowl of homemade salsa, with chips
-apple cheerios
-blue popsicle
-small portions of rice, mashed potatoes, baby veggie patty
-roughly 3 pounds of blueberries
-2/5 chocolate bar
-a banana

It was a gooooooood day for eating:)

Things I Ate Today:

-about 20% of a bag of margarita chips
-the rest of that salsa I made
-blue drank
-a banana
-the "frappucino" my mom made
-a plate of salad*
-a little bit of rice
-a baby veggie pattie**
-crunchwrap that I'm sure had 2 sq. cm. of meat on it
-cheesy fiesta potatoes
-2 doughnuts in a row because they were just. so. delicious

*lettuce and dressing
**better than a veggie... baby pattie...?

It was a grossly good day for eating!

10 July 2010

Things i ate today:
-caramel frappucino from starbucks (splurge of the century)
-a bag of throat losenges (riiicolaaaa)
-a mozerella grilled cheese with some of the salsa i made yesterday, delicious
-pbj sandwich at work
-a bag of tangos habanero/dorito-type chips

I have never been so unsure of the spelling of so many words. It was a good day for eating.

09 July 2010

Things i ate today:

I honestly forgot to eat before work today. You can mark that in your books!!

I had 2 cups of coffee, a cup of greek yogurt, a lot of ginger chews, and a couple delicious pancake chips with nutella. It was a great day for eating.

08 July 2010

Things I Ate Today:

-old granola cereal
-half a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread
-salsa that I made myself!!!! with Elise involving habanero peppers
-lots of blue drank, and also red drank!
-broccoli with cheese
-a large spoonful of mashed potatoes and chives
-like 4 bowls of my dad's bangin' popcorn
-I think I'm forgetting something with a lot of calories

It was a good day for eating!

07 July 2010

Things i ate today:
-the rest of my 1/2lb bag of candy from yesterday
-watermelon prisms
-a plate of spaghetti, lettuce, tomato, dressing, and parmesean cheese for 2 separate meals
-with toast, some of it being delicious raisin cinnamon
-milk, blue drank, OJ
-coffee ice cream
-a plate of cooked zucchini
-a taste of cooked broccoli
-i may be forgetting a few things.

Now that i'm starting to feel better and am on the pathway to better health (no strep throat)! I can finally say: it was a good day for eating:)

01 July 2010

Things i ate today:
-2 veggie and cheese sammiches<3 with like 2 pickle slices and milk or apple juice
-a banana
-an apple
-a big cup of coffee
-a big strawberry milkshake from mcdonald's (still spending too much money!!)
-various snacks from the absolute american dream where brian is house-sitting: baked chips, salsa, a couple generic twizzlery bites that were sooo deeliciouss
-i think i ate half a block of cheese today (collectively)
-and half a sleeve of saltines

It was a great day for eating! I might have another banana or something.

30 June 2010

Things i ate today:
-2 cups of coffee
-a pint of blueberries
-peanut butter toast
-peanut butter sandwich
-2 apples
-half a bag of spaghetti (half a pound, pre-cooked)
-2 hamburger buns as garlic bread
-a bowl of salad
-a big cup of "chocoholic" icecream from handel's, which was just so delicious of otherwordly proportions! It tasted like brownie batter mixed with good chocolate ice cream and chocolate chunks. Omg
-roughly half a block of cheese

Lately i've been eating out of boredom, which is why i didn't bother posting about it. THIS was a good day for eating:)

P.S. Dear Ben, thanks for your interest in such an important issue as blue drank and margarita chips! I would put this in the comments if my computer worked properly.

For about a dollar at the grocery store or gas station, we can get a too-blue gallon of colored sugar water. It's called blue drank because, stereotypically, the people who buy it speak ebonics or live in some remote southern part of the country with poor educational standards/heavy slang. That stuff is so good!! You can also get it from fancier brands, and like Gatorade will taste different than the Hawaiian punch stuff with a cartoon dude surfing on the label, but the point is blue drank rules no matter what.

It goes especially well with corn chips that are flavored like a margarita, with lime and salt and some other flavors that I can't quite identify. These are my favorite chips because they make me feel like a hillbilly sittin' on the porch, drinkin' my blue drank and eatin' my chips. The brand that makes them, Tangos, also makes a number of OTHER delicious chips. A lot of companies (i.e. Tostitos) make lime-flavored chips, and those are basically the same thing; but to me, there's just no competition!

24 June 2010

I ate a bag of margarita chips today, and about a quarter of a watermelon. In addition to that...

For breakfast i had a cup or two of coffee, half a bowl of cheerios, and a bunch of grapes.

When my dad made dinner i had a handful of pasta salad, a veggie pattie, carrots in dressing, a piece of broccoli...

Then, just now i went to eat n park with cody. I got a smiley cookie with matching fancy drank like last time, but this time something really funny happened i coughed up fancy drank ALL OVER THE TABLE. it was gross, embarassing, and hilarious. Shoutout to college- thanks for teaching me to throw up everywhere like a toddler! Har har.

It was an okay to gross day for eating.

23 June 2010

Today for brunch, i drank 5 cups of coffee in a row. The thing is, coffee makers are so much fun!! I just kept pouring water in & getting coffee out, until i realized the whole machine was steaming, sizzling, and about to explode.

For lunch i had toast and tabouli. YUM. For dinner my dad tried to make pizza bread, but it turned out really gross and daddish with american cheese and burnt bottoms. I ate a lot of it anyway because i was hungry! I've also eaten two salads (one with a black bean burger on top), grapes, many pieces of watermelon, and an apple or two.

Just now i stuck together a piece of peanut butter toast & a piece of jam toast, and cut that into quarters. The difference between such & a pbj sandwich is the chemical reactiyum of toastiness.

22 June 2010

A great portion of my diet was dedicated to cookies today. I discovered a great love for yum yum ginger snaps.

I had a cup of greek yogurt, a big cup (more like 2 or 3 cups) of coffee, a lot of lettuce in dressing, a couple strawberries, and some potato salad. I ate 2 little apples, but one of them had some peanutbutter and chocolate syrup on it. For dinner i ate a bean burrito.

It was a pretty okay day for eating!

21 June 2010

Today i ate 1 pound of blueberries, 2 cups of coffee, 3 perfect chocolate chips cookies, and a big delicious veggie bol from chipotle. I also had about a can of pop. It was an IDEAL day for eating.

19 June 2010

Things i ate today:

-5 peaches
-big salad
-morningstar BBQ ribletts which, again, are soooper good
-a lot of celery and dressing
-a stale chocolate donut
-a dry healthy-tasting cookie
-grilled cheese
-2 cups of vanilla ice cream with syrup and cherries
-a piece of toast
-2 ginger snaps and a glass of milk
-half a pint of blueberries

I might have actually forgotten a few things. Yesterday i forgot to add an egg sandwich and some chocolate. Mom and dad ate my bag of margarita chips and i was so bummed about it today! However, mom bought like a 5lb box of blueberries that i am so excited about. It was a pretty good day for eating.

Yesterday i ate about 2 salads, 2 cups of lite yogut, 2 bowls of reese's puffs, blueberries, celery, maybe a carrot, lots of blue drank and pancake chips, and a delicious smoothie lauren made. It was a good day for eating!

17 June 2010

Today i ate sooo many of my favorite foods.

I ate like a bag of margarita chips, practically, AND blue drank.

I ate blueberries and a cup of greek yogurt flavored with honey! And TWO cups of this yogurt that could not even be described... Okay, but it could. It's like pudding and ice cream and everything delicious in a low calorie Real Food!!

I ate, freakin, REESE'S PUFFS, yeah that's rite u huuuurd me. They will be gone tomorrow.

I also made this iced coffee beverage that has been going strong for about a week.

In addition to all these things, i ate a bounty of produce.

It was just a great day for eating. I love grocery days.

16 June 2010

It's really hot in here and i'm scared of the spider and darkness!

Things i ate today:
-double grapes
-double strawberries
-double iced coffee with milk and sugar (YUMMm)
-grilled cheese directly followed by:
-veggie BBQ riblets, i kid you not. They were tasty.
-double apple
-asian spaghetti that came out of the box and was supposed to be cooked on the stove although i microwaved instead to encourage rubbery texture
-the last bowl of apple dappers

I ate all the good food today, so tomorrow i will be hungrier than i am now! It was a very good day for eating though:)

15 June 2010

Things i ate today:

-2 large salads
-3 oreo klondike bars
-toast with blue drank
-toast about 5 other times
-2 bowls of grapes
-coffee with milk on ice
-provalone cheese and OJ
-3 pieces pizza

The salad i made was just ridiculous. It had romaine, sweet vidalia dressing, strawberries, and a chik'n patty sliced up with toast on the side and a glass of milk.

By the way, i just love toast. It is so freakin delectable.

In the evening after i ate a lot to prevent myself from eating more, i went to eat n park with cody. Let me tell you, that restaurant could not have any better service. Every waitress i've had there went above/beyond to give me extra desserts or something! I had a suuuper fancy lemonade with free refills and matchin pink smiley cookie. Aaah.

14 June 2010

Today for breakfast and dinner, i ate chips with blue drank. For lunch i ate a huge portion of lite moose tracks ice cream. I had half a piece if pita toast, two apples, a big plate of romaine with dressing, and a provalone cheese sandwich (toasted and baked, not grilled). I also had some salsa and a flavor-ice at lauren's! It was an ideal day for eating. I might even have some strawberries.
Things i ate today:
-3 pieces of cheese
-2 pieces of toast
-2 bowls of lite moose tracks ice cream, which is my faaave! Also one of them had a patriotic funfetti cupcake in it<3
-a crunchwrap with extra nacho cheese
-garden salsa sun chips
-2 plates of spinach with vidalia dressing
-a big slice of watermelon
-2 cups of coffee, some baja blast, milk, and blue drank.

It was a gorgeous, delicious, good day for eating.

Is Things I Ate Today messing up your computers? It's messing up mine. And I'm tryyyin' to fix it! That's why this blog looks so nasty right now, so if you've been looking at it I apologize!

12 June 2010

Today i forgot to eat a real breakfast, but i drank some coffee with icecream in it before work. I also ate part of an old apple in the car but threw most of it out the window.

On my break, i mixed black cherries and a small plum into a cup of greek yogurt. I also ate a yellow bell pepper and two ginger chews.

When i came home, i ate: corn on the cob, watermelon, toast, swiss cheese. Then i made patriotic cupcakes and ate waaaaaaaaaayy too many of them.

It was a good day for eating!

11 June 2010

Things I Ate Today:

-A pineapple
-About half a box of Apple Dappers
-hot chocolate, sweet milk
-2 veggie patties
-2 pieces of toast
-2 bowls of spinach salad
-Cooked zucchini
-A few kumquats and chips
-Icecream with chocolate syrup

Eew. There might have actually been more! It was a good day for overeating...

10 June 2010

This morning when i woke up, i drank 2 cups of coffee. For breakfast i ate a cup of nonfat greek yogurt.

On my break at work, i ate a leftover pbj sandwich from the trip yesterday with blue chips and too much blue drank. Afterwords i felt sick!

When i came home, i made a plate of salad, pasta, and chik'n patty. It was really good.

Some time after that, i ate another plate of salad and a bowl of zucchini. I had a little bit of fruit cake and a cup of hot chocolate.

Portland and geisha are completely propelling time for me right now! But it was a pretty good day for eating.

09 June 2010

Things i ate today:

-baby ruth
-mcdonald's french fries
-blue gatorade
-tons of cookies
-tons of potato chips
-2 pbj sandwiches
-a cup of nonfat greek yogurt
-milk, coffee

Hahaha um... It was a good day for eating.

08 June 2010

A bowl of coco puffs, the rest of the coco puffs, two bananas, 1.5 grilled cheeses, tons tons more cheese, maybe some other kind of fruit, tons of blue drank, tons of ramen noodles, green beans, taco salad and like five kinds of tangos corn chips with yum yum punch from lauren (ridiculously amazing)... These are the things i ate today!

I feel good eating a lot of stuff that is light, like fruit and yogurt, or a little bit of stuff that is heavy, like chips and blue drink, but today i ate a lot of stuff that was heavy and it was just gross.

07 June 2010

This morning i was startled awake by my dad using the shower around 7:30. For some reason, that led me to eat a significant number of margarita chips with blue drank then return to bed. A few hours later, i woke up &drank coffee with him in the kitchen.

I took an early lunch at work, where i ate a peanutbutter & banana sandwich with about an apricot &a half.

After work, i got a raspberry arizona tea from walgreens &ate it with the rest of the margarita chips.

Later i stirred blueberries into a cup of lite blueberry yogurt. Then i made a sandwich so great, it required a fork. Sunny side up fried egg with 2 kinds of cheese, lime juice, berries, spinach, sour cream, &more.

Finished a flawless day for eating with memoirs of a geisha, ice cubes &crackers.

P.s. 3 types of cheese

06 June 2010

Things i ate today:

Ice cream
Light blue tootsie pop
Margarita chips
Blue chips
Blue drank

For breakfast i discovered the joy of ice cream in coffee.

Two bananas
Maybe an apple


Ugh i don't think i can make it through another week of balanced meals and diet foods-- this is too much self-control!!

Har har har. It was clearly a good day for eating.

Oh! I also ate some doritos that came in a really weird flavor. The good news: mom went grocery shopping and bought chips! The bad news: doritos are not margarita-flavored...
Today for breakfast i drank 3 cups of coffee and had some weird low-fat bread stuff my mom made. I also ate a cup of lemon cream pie yogurt (lite). At work i got super hungry! So i ate like half a canteloupe off the free rack, and some greek yogurt with stuff mixed in that i found on the breakroom table. After work, i ate an apple and two pieces of bazooka gum. At laura's going away party, i got super hungry again! I admittedly ate two of alisa's phenometeal cupcakes in addition to a slice of sebastian's onion pizza. Currently, i am eating a bowl of cocoa puffs and apple dappers. It has been a great, glorious day for eating!

04 June 2010

When i came home this morning expecting an empty fridge, there was a huge box of gourmet cookies set aside for me! Screw self control; i ate all of them and they were delicious. I ate a box of strawberries, an apple, and blue chips. I made orange juice with extra ice cubes. I went to Guacamole's with a bunch of people i love and miss and ate tons of authentic mexican food that i will never know the name of. Then i had a small frosty. Over here, chris gave me a taste of his pancake chip and dan gave me a slice of greasilicious cheese pizza. It was an astoundingly great day for eating.
Yesterday i made a box of mac and cheese around 10:30 in the morning, then i ate half of it for breakfast and half for lunch. I also ate an apple or two and some watermelon chunks. After work, dustin's dad got us thin crust pizza from papa john's? I was SO surprised. It was SO delicious. Even the green peppers on it tasted good! I had 3 pieces, and it was a good day for eating.

02 June 2010

Today for breakfast, i ate some chocolate and blueberries with TONS of coffee. This is my favorite breakfast! For lunch/dinner at work, i ate a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. After work, i ate a few chunks of watermelon and some Fries. Now i am sipping a glass of blue drank. It was a very good day for eating!

01 June 2010

I made another lemon meringue pie today and it was much better than the last! but still not perfect- the meringue got separated from the crust and the lemon filling got a little feisty. I ate
a slice of that,
3 bowls of apple jacks,
margarita chips
corn on the cob
nasty egg feast
blue chips with ketchup-salsa
milk and blue drank.

It was a grossish but still pretty good day for eating! Hopefully tomorrow will be more moderate.

31 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Who's hungry? Not me. Memorial Day is arguably the best holiday because it's just so full of foods to memorize.

My new favorite breakfast is chocolate and coffee, even though the chocolate is almost gone. What we have is Vintage Plantations (or maybe that name is the other way around?) with some kind of coffee flavor to it... soooo deliciouss.

At lunch, I had some more of this Greek yogurt that is so great. I got the last cup of pineapple flavor, just because it was the last one. Had I not been given the option to rob other people of the most popular flavor, I would have chosen vanilla (like yesterday). But alas! I ate it with an apple and Arizona green tea (the normal teal can with pink flowers).

After work, I ate potato salad out the vat with a glass of blue drank. I put cherries, strawberries, and watermelon chunks in a bowl together. I also ate more chocolate and a little bit of vanilla ice cream.

Then I went to Lauren's for double movie Monday (Charlie Bartlett and Persepolis, both incredible) where I ate popcorn, margarita chips, and pink lemonade. zOmg.

When I came home, I drank a few more glasses of blue drank. I thanked my friend Michael for the 5glassperday addiction via text message and, after confirming that I was serious, he said, "If I could give you any advice ever. It would be not to drink 5 glasses a day. Out of fear of a failing heart." What a pal:)

Lately I've been making coffee in the mornings for myself and my parents. I use a smaller mug and grosser coffee but add more (1%) milk and a spoonful of sugar. Spoonsize varies...

It was a great day for eating!

30 May 2010

Things i ate today: kumquats blue drank margarita chips, blueberries and chocolate, greek yogurt with fresh bing cherries, mango, coconut icee bar, apple, veggie burger and lays even though i hate potato chips. Chocolate and coffee for breakfast with a piece of bread. It was a great day for eating.

29 May 2010

Things i ate today: splurge chocolate, lite yogurt, 3 chik'n nuggets, toast, lots of chips and salsa, 2 apples, pbj sandwich, mom's lemon icee, blue drank blue chips and blue cheese, maybe something else, and chocolate milk.

27 May 2010

Things i ate today: a banana, multiple slices of honeyrock, chocolate peppermint luna bar, dry apple jacks, two smallish apples (gala), part of a cowtail from my coworker, and last but certainly not least: blue drank and margarita chips in good supply! It was a grood day for eating.
This is a mobile update!! Yesterday i forgot to say that i ate a piece of lemon meringue pie and a few little pieces of my dad's potato fry stuff.

Things I Ate Today

Youtube videos about modern Christianity make me so mad; but Westbound Train sets the day at peace!

Things I Ate Today:

-5 chik'n nuggets


-a cob of corn

-a slice of honeyrock melon

-half a banana

-a taste of tabouli on naan bread from Erik

-part of a Naked juice from Lauren

-a bowl of Apple Jacks

It was a good day for eating! Sorry for the overspacing that's about to happen with these lines.

25 May 2010

ZOMG Things I Ate Today

Do you think this post will actually work?? Lately, my computer has not been tolerating Blogger at all. This is the first time I've seen Things I Ate Today at all in like two weeks because it always gets shut down. Agh. Oh how I've missed you, silly end-of-the-day routine.

Things I ate Today:
-S'mores Luna Bar, which was actually very good!
-I think about 2 kumquats
-a banana
-Margarita chips (Tangos)
-Blue chips (Tangos)
-Salsa (something vaguely generic followed by Tostitos "Restaurant Style")
-Tons of blue drank
-halves of two "free rack" peaches I picked up yesterday
-coconut freezer pop, which was just scrumptious
-part of a spaghetti-zucchini omelet*
-one bite of grilled cheese
-lemon and meringue from the pie as I made it, although I haven't cut any pieces!**

Lately I have discovered a few things:
-BLUE DRANK! (This really is self-explanitory. It can be found at any grocery store in gallons)
-Tangos chips! I've had them before, but the Margarita chips will seriously change your life. Please go buy them. When I eat them, especially while drinking sweet tea or blue drank, I just feel that southern ease.
-Actually, most of my food choices have been based on summer ease and that feeling described in books when people from the south drink cold beverages on their front porches and relax.
-Kumquats are so cool. They're unlike anything else I've eaten, and they're great to cleanse the palette. For example, if you are tired of eating margarita chips and want to progress to your blue drank, eat a couple kumquats. I think they're also good for you, but I could be wrong.

It was a great day for eating! Oh, how I hope this works.

*I cooked tonnns of stuff today: grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, zucchini, fried spaghetti... then I progressively mixed a few of those things together with an egg to form the omelet that has just been dying to happen. It's like I've always said: if they put eggs in chinese noodles, why not put chinese noodles in eggs? On a scale from one to disgusting, this was pretty okay.
**It is just so nice to make lemon meringue pies in the summer. The one I made today is not perfect, but I'm still kinda proud of it because the meringue just whipped up beautifully and that's the most terrifying part.

16 May 2010

Things I Ate Today, Yesterday, And The Day Before Yesterday

Things I Ate Today:

I woke up at noon and ate half a slice of Pizza Hut pizza and a cup of Dannon “fruit on the bottom” yogurt, peach, which is just disgusting. This yogurt makes me mad because, first of all, it’s not light yogurt. Second of all, the fruit is at the bottom so you have to mix it all together and it’s just gross, and there’s a terrible consistency. The only reason I ate it was because my mom bought it on sale at Marc’s.

Next, I filled a medium metal mixing bowl with Cap’n Crunch peanut butter cereal, Cocoa Puffs, and Coooookie Crisp. This is one of my favorite things about summer. I ate it while watching Project Runway and Models of the Runway.

Before my cousin’s graduation party, I ate two more bowls of cereal. It is just so dang good. I also ate some Heath ice cream out of the carton. The confusing thing about having a carton of ice cream at home is it’s not in a pint so you can’t eat the whole thing in one sitting unless you want to gross out your parents.

At the graduation party, I ate a huge piece of cake. I was not interested in the gourmet food options available.

After the party, I ate: 3 Tootsie Pops or maybe 4, a veggie Burger that was just disgusting, a bowl of corn from the freezer/microwave, a bowl of extremely spicy rice, and the rest of the ice cream. Very good.

I’m chewing a piece of gum that I found in my purse.

Things I Ate Yesterday:
Coffee, a big apple and Luna bar for breakfast.
A little apple at work.
Peanut butter sandwich at work. Supplemented by a lot of
Dried organic raspberries from the free rack.
A blueberry yogurt covered pretzel from Terri after work.
A piece and a half of pizza hut pizza. It was gross and greasy.
Two tootsie pops.
Lots of ice cream.
Lazy toast.
Juiced up water. Not watered down juice, but juiced up water.

Things I Ate The Day Before Yesterday:
A piece of fruit cake.
Two applettes.
Luna bar.
Gordita Crunch.
Baja blast.
A fry.
After this post, I ate a doughnut and a *light* blue Tootsie Pop. It was a good day for eating! And thanks to Lauren for sharing all the things I ate other than today because I would have just let them go forever. And who could imagine a day without documentation of everything I ate? Har har har:)

12 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-an apple
-chocolate milk chug
-I literally don't remember what else
-Baja Blast and cheesy fiesta potatoes
-a few sips of Sebastian's amazingly delicious mint-oreo milkshake
Between Lauren and I:
-a pizza and juicey water
-a box of Runts
-hot sauce packets
-almost an entire box of hot chocolate
-3 packets of seasoned rice noodles (deeelicious!)

Sooooo tiiiired. About to pass out right here! A lot of carbs, but otherwise it was a GREAT day for eating. Lots of profound combinations and stuff.

Things I Ate Yesterday Which Evolved Into Today At Some Point While I Drank Baja Blast

Things I Ate Yesterday Which Evolved Into Today At Some Point While I Drank Baja Blast:


-possibly the biggest and greatest Chipotle burrito I have ever eaten!
-oreo milkshake

-mint lindt ball
-large coffee

-a brownie from the girls in Stopher who make (made) brownies every Tuesday and walked around passing them to everyone... have I not mentioned this in the past?

-nachos and cheese around 4:30 am
-XL Baja Blast around 4:30 am

It was a good day for eating!

10 May 2010

POST 200

Just think how many calories I've eaten over the course of this blog! Astounding.

Things I Ate Today:

-an apple or two
-chocolate milk chug
-veggie burger and orange juice
-a box of Gobstoppers, mostly out of anxiety
-Crunchwrap, nachos, hot sauce
-Baja Blast

Lauren brought me Taco Bell because she is AMAZING. I still can't even believe that happened! I was so so so happy!! It was a great day for eating. Probably shouldn't have eaten a box of Gobstoppers, though. I mean that was kinda gross.

09 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

According to www.livestrong.com/myplate, I consumed 3115 calories today (roughly 1115 calories above recommendation). Lololol.

I ate:
-a banana
-2 large cups of coffee
-2 skim milk chugs
-a box of double stuf oreos
-free omelet (the first one I've eaten in years)

I might go ahead and eat an apple because the omelet made me more hungry. Haha it was a pretty great day for eating!

08 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

Breakfast: a slice of cherry pie with a big cup of coffee
Break around 5: 2 big apples and some fruit gems
Candy from coworkers: purple gummy butterfly and a fruit slice
After work: Kashi granola bar and a banana

I am hungrrryyy:(

07 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Horrible idea of the day: Bright Eyes COVER? Why, why, why?
Unbelievably great idea of the day: short hair in the wind zooomgz

Things I Ate Today:

-2 pieces of can't elope
-2 pieces of toast
-2 apples
-potato salad
-amazing cupcake that Terri made zoooomg
-2 pieces of bread
-2 pieces of cheese
-2 cups of yogurt
-2 pieces of pie
-dad's famous popcorn
-Frostie from Wendy's
-2 glasses of milk
-2 cups of coffee

Hahahaha all of that is disgusting! But I do have the Noah's Arc (ark?) of stomachs; and I'm pretty sure it did flood today. I think sentences will be more coherent in the morning.

It was a good day / for eating!

06 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Boy, am I ever sleepy! After this, I literally plan on going right to sleep. Found the phone charger, thank God, so an alarm will go off in like 12 hours.

After waking up at 7:30 (after going to sleep at 3:30), I drank my remaining Baja Blast at 8:)

Around... noon or something? I ate two perfect Prentice cookies with a cup of black coffee.

Before math, at like 5? I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and red delicious apple

After math, at like 9? I ate a cup of apple turnover yogurt.

Then, just now, I came home and ate a bunch of cheese and toast, with grapes and a glass of milk and half a slice of canteloupe. Zzzzzzzz! Sleepasleepasleepasleepa. Mommanomnom. It was a good day for eating.

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-4 (minimum) bowls of Apple Jacks
-coffee without the soy milk, considering my food plan has less than $15 remaining
-amazing rice thang Lauren made
-1 nacho with cheese
-I think like a mint or something
-Tonsandtonsandtons of Baja Blast
-one of those ice cream... drum... thing(s)...
-delicious chocolate chip cookies

Was that all? I don't really know, but it sure was a weird day for eating!

04 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Apple Jacks
-Chipotle with Jon
-Apple Jacks
-Apple Jacks
-Ice cream cake and a brownie with Jon

It was a good day for eating:)

03 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Wow. I made some of The Best Discoveries today.
1. Have you tried this year's summer Dew flavors? Mountain Dew Typhoon. I do not recommend this lightly.
2. Apple Jacks taste SO MUCH better with milk. I also don't mention this lightly!
A. Mazing.

Things I Ate Today:
-sunny d* from Lauren
-coffee with chocolate soy milk
-half a banana
-an apple with some peanut butter
-sweet iced tea
-2 hot sauce packets and 2 mints and a piece of gum
-Tons of skim milk
-Chocolate cupcake from Rosie's that I've literally been dreaming about all semester
-Supercheesy grilled cheese
-Tons more of skim milk
-Mountain Dew Typhoon<3 and more gum
-tea and cookies from Erik
-another apple
-apple jacks

It was a great day for eating (and life)!

02 May 2010

The sky was gold!

Things I Ate Today:

-some kind of "healthy" pancakes that my mom made, with some kind of extra-fancy syrup
-milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
-the best latte (possibly the best THING) I have ever tasted
-a huge piece of cake that my mom brought as a gift
-baby carrots
-an apple

It was a good day for eating! Seems like a good time to start reforming my health standards again, though.

01 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday for breakfast, I ate 1.5 vanilla milkshake-- THE BOMB-- poptarts with two bites of birthday cake.

For lunch at work, I ate a cupcake that Terri made (amazing) with a banana off the free rack and a pink lady apple.

On the way home from work, mom and I ate a bag of fruit gems. I also had a piece of pita bread. Then I ate a piece of birthday cake. Then she was like, "do you want some ice cream?" and I was like, "yaaaa" so I had another piece of cake with the ice cream.

At the apartment, I discovered an extreme love for cream soda, Titanic ice cubes, and some other stuff. I can't remember what it was called right now, but French Fries were also involved:)

Today when I got back home, I ate the remaining four pop tarts (seriously you have GOT to try these) and an apple.

When I got home from work, I ate craaaazy good for you Greek yogurt. There are like 12 grams of protein for every 120 calories, and no fat?

I also ate some margarita corn chips, perfect strawberries, and a scoop of ice cream.

Yesterday was the PERFECT day for eating, but today was kinda whatever. Bedtime! :P

29 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Mint milkshake


-Mints, gum, tea, milk

-AMAZING nacho bar with Jon: as much nacho cheese, sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos, salsa, onion, lettuce, etc. etc., as you want for $5. With a pink/lemonade/Sprite drink

-2 pieces of birthday cake, with vanilla ice cream

-a cup of tomato basil potato chips, half a "vanilla milkshake" poptart

-an apple (Pink Lady-- mom's favorite)

It was a good day for eating!

I posted a gorgeously great interview on tumblr that is directly related to this, but you know what? Today when 30!3 and all this nonsense was playing on campus, it reminded me how much I hate the music scene. It really gets me riled up! So, here ya go, this video is an uplifting thought for the day. It ends early, but the song as a whole is soo good, and the guys are having fun, and the vocals are just beautiful. This is better than the videos of their concerts that I saw. Hope ya like it!

28 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

This morning around 7, I had a cup of coffee with chocolate soy milk and 3 chocolate Lindt balls.

For lunch, I had a cup or two of salad with blueberry tea and corn chips. Also drank skim milk.

For some reason, Sebastian convinced me to buy a tub of marshmallow cream... so I ate 1-2 flufferbutter (right? is that what they were called?) sandwiches. Omg. So ridiculously, insanely... zomg.

Lauren and I went to Taco Bell, where I had a lot of hot sauce packets and a 7layer burrito. At least that contained a few "real food" products! And it was incredibly delicious. Also had mints and pop. Not Baja Blast because the machine was out of Miracle Flavor...

After Sebastian's job thang, he wanted Taco Bell too. So we went back. I got a cheesy gordita crunch-- also incredibly, amazingly delicious!-- with some more mints and real Baja Blast. Another thing I had today was gum.

Might not have been my healthiest, but today was a good day for eating!

27 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Not sure whether it was noticeable, but I've been very anxious and weird lately (yesterday's post for example)? Well in case it WAS noticeable, here's an update: Dustin picked me up tonight for some Taco Bell and answered an amazing number of life questions. That was just what I needed and I feel much better:)

-2 solo cups of salad with dressing
-little apple
-chunk of cheese
-corn chips
-little apple
-package of blueberry pop tarts
-sweet iced tea
-nerds rope
-cheesy gordita crunch
-Baja Blast:)

It was an okay day for eating!

26 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today, I spent the ENTIRE DAY cleaning. Actually, I woke up at 6:30 to work on my Italian skit which got an A- (nicely combating the F+ I also got back on a quiz)! Then Dustin came with me to the laundromat around 11:30, which was just the bomb. He had to leave early so I bought Le Pen in hot pink- $1.25 of reckless abandon! I just stopped cleaning now, and it's 9:20. I'm feeling waaaay less stressed or anxious or whatever that was, though. So here are some pictures to display my INCREDIBLY clean roum.*

Aaaannyway. I ate:
-2 large cups of coffee
-2 chocolate soy milk
-3 LinDt balls
-half a jar of salsa and some corn chips
-2 apples
-part of a candy cane

*Pretty sure this is how it should be spelled.

P.S. In one picture I pulled open the drawers to show how they are beautifully organized. There's a white shirt drawer, a blue comfortable matching things drawer, a nonreasonable clothing drawer, and plenty more. I organized everything in my closet and desk, swept and dusted out a bunch of stuff, moved the bed, took out the trash, and more. I listened to Big D, the Dingees, the Postal Service, and maybe even somebody else? All the way through... like not just a CD of theirs, but every song of those artists on my iPod. Hahahaa. So clean.

25 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Let's hurry this along because I just set my alarm for 6:45!

-2 pink lady apples
-about 5 pieces of bread
-about 5 pieces of a different kind of bread
-about 4 stuffed manicotti shells
-about 5 pieces of sheet cake
-half a Boca burger with honey effect

Family gathering was rockin', Hannah gathering with Lauren was rockin', probably forgot some stuff... but it was a good day for eating! Ew!

24 April 2010

Things I Ate on Hannah's Birthday

Things I Ate Today:

-2 little pancakes that Alisa made (and I helped to destroy)
-2 little gala apples, with some peanut butter
-1 big delicious golden delicious apple
-HALF a jar of salsa, yeah you heard me that was self control
-a delicious green mint milkshake
-a chunk of swiss cheese with 3 garlic-flavored pita chips
-a thin crust personal pan pizza from Donato's with red chilie: my favorite pizza. And isn't personal pan pizza a crazy concept? Like it's a whole pizza that you eat in one sitting without feeling disgusting afterward!

It was a great and amazing day for eating. Do you like the new distractions on my page? Also, happy birthday to Hannah!! Thank you for caring about what I ate today<3

P.s. Things I Ate Yesterday:

-4 or 5 bowls of Cocoa Krispies in a row, because I wanted to finish the box
-about 3 tootsie pops, over the course of the day. I LOVE THESE THINGS.
-an apple maybe?
-vegetarian volcano taco
-cheesy fiesta potatoes
-2 gumballs and a couple gummy catepillars
-a chunk of tofu

Also a good day for eating!

22 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-chocolate soy milk
-chocolate soy milk
-3 lindt balls
-little apple
-corn chips
-little salad
-caramel apple pop
-little apple
-peanut butter
-little apple
-peanut butter
-tootsie pop
-crackers and dad's popcorn
-tootsie pop

It was a great day for eating!

21 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-3 Boca chik'n nuggets
-crunchwrap with extra nacho cheese<3
-a couple dozen hot sauce packets
-a box of Apple Jacks*

Yesterday, I ate all this stuff like:

-2 jars of salsa
-a bag (minus 3) of chik'n nuggets
-a quart of chocolate soy milk
-some fruit and pancakes

I haven't gotten back to eating normally, but I have been enjoying all this nasty food. It was a good day for eating!!

*Did you know one box of Apple Jacks only contains 800 calories? Also, I did share a little bit of this with Lauren.

19 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-coffee and chocolate soy milk
-peanut buter
-3 cookies
-iced mocha
-large salad
-the best soup I have ever tasted (veggubol)
-the last mint milkshake
-nasty freakin' Pringles ("pizza" crap!*)
-2 chocolate pretzels

It was seriously an extraordinary day for eating. Yum yum yum yum!
*Get it?!!

18 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-sweet bread
-a pear
-a decadent PB sundae from Friendly's with Lauren and Mrs. Stinson
-chocolate milk
-my dad's famously delicious popcorn
-a cup of blueberry yogurt which is incredibly irritating because I just realized it's one of Yoplait's yogurts with 170 calories instead of 100?! Ugghhh

It was a good day for eating, but dang! What a lot of dairy!

17 April 2010

Possibly the most food that has ever been in my stomach at one time

Last night after posting the things I had eaten, I ate: veggie BBQ wings, two pieces of fake-buttered toast, a couple glasses of milk, maybe some cheese, I don't know what else... but I went to bed feeling like I was going to die of overeating.

So, that explains why I woke up and ate an apple before going to McDonald's with Hayley for a mocha and 1.5 chocolate chip cookies.

A couple hours later, we ate amazing Chipotle burrio-in-a-bols. But we didn't want her mom to know about it so we also ate a plate of pizza rolls and chik'n nuggets. I also tasted some soup to be funny.

RIGHT after that, Lauren came over and we all went to Dairy Queen. I got a hot fudge sundae. Would you believe there's actually a difference between chocolate sundaes and hot fudge sundaes? What the hell kind of country is this?!*

A couple hours later, Hayley and her dog Lexie and I sat around for about 45 minutes, silently eating a jar of pretzels in a dark/romantically lit room by ourselves. I campaigned for a trip to buy powdered donuts so we could test Big Black's record for 5 in 3 minutes, but that got shot down.

So we ate another huge plate of BBQ veggie wings.

Then, her mom brought home 3 dozen cookies... just kidding, though. We only ate like 4 cookies each! Then, I went home and ate some bread that was sitting on the counter. Also, if we're being completely honest, I probably forgot something. For example, yesterday I forgot to mention that I ate a popcorn ball?

Grooooosssss. I want to throw up. Today I sorta wouldn't mind being bullemic. (Can I say that, otherwise, it was a good day for eating? :)

*An awesome one!!

16 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Friendship terminated @hayleyghoover!

Things I Ate Today:

-2 glasses of chocolate milk
-a piece of cheese
-a banana
-part of an apple off the free rack at work
-another little apple
-a popcorn ball and piece of chocolate from Christmas that were discounted
-a few chips and another piece of cheese
-Morningstar BBQ wings (so. good.)
-2 pieces of coconut cream pie

Too much food, but otherwise it was a good day for eating!

15 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

There really is nothing like eating as much food as you can, as fast as you can eat it, for no reason at all. No relation to hunger cravings or stress... just 'cause! Yesterday, I did do some stress eating. Today, I just had a lot of food lyin' around and kinda felt like eating it.

-3 chocolate Lindt balls
-2 large cups of coffee (one with chocolate soy milk, one with milk and ice)
-a big salad with way too much dressing
-directly thereafter, a cup of vegetable soup and
-a Rice Krispie treat
-and a couple pieces of cheese
-and a couple curly fries.
-directly thereafter, a bag of blue licorice
-green grapes (I think that was today?)
-sweet tea gone wrong
-when I came home, I ate 3 bowls of butter noodles back to back, with a piece of buttered toast. This happened over the span of about 15 minutes.
-then I drank two large glasses of very-chocolate milk
-and had a couple slices of cheese.

Very satisfying!! It was a good (albeit disgusting) day for eating.

*Everything was blue!!

14 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-13 cent Cadbury Egg!! Such a great start to the day, as I almost got run over by two separate semi trucks.
-waaaaayy too much trail mix/popcorn combination
-strawberry milk
-some salsa with blue chips:)
-salad and breadsticks
-Diet Coke, Vitamin Water, sweet iced tea
-green grapes

...but it really was WAY too much trail mix. Omg ugh.
Otherwise, it was a great day for eating!

12 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-an apple
-apple juice
-a pint of ice cream
-a bowl of Lucky Charms
-a bag of lettuce (with dressing)
-a pitcher of sweet iced tea
-m&m's off the floor that some people I don't know were throwing at Cody's coworker?
-part of a free ice cream truck "Pink Panther" popsicle
-a can of ranch Pringles*

Was there anything else? Either way, EW. Sorry about that!

*okay, I shared like ten chips.

11 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Newsflash: I love *salad and **sweet iced tea now!

Things I Ate Today:
-a significant amount of Glee brand (tangerine) gum, which is AMAZING
At Swenson's: cheapy salad boy sandwich thang with a big strawberry milkshake
Later: significant portion of salad
-an apple
-sweet iced tea
For dinner: Easy Mac, which is actually delicious
-a NEW kind of salsa that I can't afford (only some of it), with blue chips
-an extremely delicious vanilla milkshake from Prentice
From Ryan: 2 chocolate truffles
-a rootbeer-flavored popsicle
Later yet: another salad
-sweet iced tea

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-coffee with toast
-a chocolate-peppermint Luna bar <3
-a few apples
-iced tea
-Fries and pizza

It's been a great few days for eating! I might get a little more snacking in here, but I'm trying to resist. The following are extremely mundane details.

*To make salad, I combine whatever kind of lettuce I can find (but romaine or spinach are preferable) with peas, cheese, and dressing. That is, if those things are available. I like the extra filler carrots and stuff you sometimes get stuck with at the end of the lettuce bag because it me of cole slaw. But I've been using a lot more dressing than I used to. Otherwise, who really wants the salad? I have Bolthouse yogurt dressing, which is supposed to be a lot better for you than regular dressing. The flavor is... Creamy Italian. Yummm!

**To make sweet iced tea, first I microwave a big glass pitcher full of water. Then, I use about 4 tea bags with pictures of roses on the tags. I leave the tea bags in there for as long as possible, like today I left all this in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours before drinking it. I use my perfect ice cube tray to make tiny, pretty cubes. Then, I add too much brown sugar to the tea -before- adding the ice cubes. I like to add everything to the big glass pitcher because it is stunningly gorgeous. Then, I pour some into a cup. Glasses are preferable, but I don't have any of those here. Today at Walmart, I bought a cute little cup (which, coincidentally, matches my green plastic water bottle) to keep any part of this activity from being ugly.


09 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Cocoa Krispies with Lauren in the morning
-a peanut butter sandwich
-2 apples
-brownie sample from Terri, the best baker on Earth
-artichoke/garlic dip (or something like that) with
-baby carrots
-part of mom's chocolate bar
-another bowl of rice krispies
-juice with water and ice to make my throat feel better

I told my mom today.
Also/however, it was a good day for eating!

08 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-coffee with chocolate soy milk
-TONS of candy: Easter bunny, Whopper eggs, Reese's eggs, a jelly bean, a gumball that was literally the size of a chicken's egg, a couple Cadbury knockoff eggs...
-a side salad
-cinnamon coffee (super delicious!)
-a pear
-zucchini that my mom made
-2 pieces of cheese
-margarita chips with a can of pop (so good!)

Yesterday I ate even more candy, though. A bag of blue licorice, a bag of Easter candy, gummy bears, a conversation heart that we found in the art studio, gum, Fries, a vanilla latte, so much candy, and more!

It was a good day for eating.

This is another video. It is not what I ate. But it's really something!

We watched this in Comparative Religion on Tuesday. Do you like it as much as I do?


This makes me want to PUKE!

I have listened to this 5+ times each day for the past week. I love it so much!!!!! Gotta be one of the lifelong fave five videos. So thanks, David!

This will change your life forever:

So will this, I swear:

And, by the way:

This is also hilaaaarious! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os-5qUNRG_A

06 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today

-coffee and chocolate soy milk
-a bag of tiny chocolate eggs
-iced black coffee
-salad for like a dollar, even though it was spinach and cheese and peas and dressing
-water with some apple juice in thurr
-caramel apple pop (YUM)
-a matching apple
-Fries and gumballs
-another salad for like a dollar
-the last two mini bagels

It was a very good day for eating!

05 April 2010

Mini bagels are IT.

Thomas strawberry mini bagels (alias: gluten)
Serving size: 12 mini bagels
Calories: 1,560
Protein: 48
Ingredients: Unbleached enriched white flour (flour, malted barley flour, reduced iron, niacin, B12...)... water, sugar, yeast... strawberries... God...

Something I noticed today is that mini bagels are extremely freakin' delicious. Word to the wise: worth the wheat.

Things I Ate Today:
-coffee and chocolate soy milk
-half a mini bagel
-piece of cheese
-volcano taco
-Baja Blast
-a mint
-water with apple juice in it
-Cadbury egg from my big brudder <3
-side salad
-a bag of Scooby Doo fruit snacks from Jon
-some craisins from Ryan
-like 5[000] other mini bagels with
-Muenster cheese

It was a very good day for eating!

04 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-2 heaping bowls of my mom's famous seven-layer salad <3
-cupcake that my cousin made
-mini bagels with cheese
-sweet danishy bread with amazing berry and cream cheese fillings!
-the biggest strawberry I have ever seen in my entire life

uugghhhhh I'm dyyiingggg... just kidding! It was a GREAT day for eating.

03 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-single bites out of 3-4 pieces of pizza becuase I didn't want the cheesy parts
-I forget whether there was actually a piece of pizza? Maybe yes, maybe no.
-my parents' notoriously too-strong coffee + milk + almond extract + sugar? Mostly coffee, but it was definitely an attempt at something greater.
-the rest of that chocolate santa pop
-thin mint at work!
-other little misc. candy egg at work!
-cheesy fiesta potatoes
-water and ice with a little bit of Baja Blast in there because they offered me a "cup for water" out of the kindness of their hearts
-nachos with extra cheese that was hot and also FREE!
-some hot sauce packets
-good writing and acting
-a cheese quesadila* with an extra cup of sour cream: best. idea. ever.

Today was incredible and perfect and delicious! Eating eating eating! <3

*After eating so many of these and posting about them in my blog for a year, wouldn't you expect me to have SOME idea for spelling?

02 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:
-spaghetti with a piece of bread
-stuff from the free rack at work: a banana, about 1 mango (the combined effort of 3 mangoes total), a little bit of pineapple, and a chocolate santa head on a stick which was actually amazing
-a piece of pizza
-about 2/3 a box of oreos, to Hayley's approximate 1/3

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-a couple of Sebassy's oreos for breakfast
-a few almonds that tasted like pizza
-2 apples
-a piece of cake that Isaac made
-Arizona peach tea for a dollar (such a good idea!)
-gum from the gumball machine (" " " ")
-brains (by far the best I've tasted!)
-blood that got on my arm
-Fries (capital F)

Things I Ate The Day Before Yesterday:
-Little Debbie cupcake
-Spiderman mac and cheese that Lauren made, which was the BEST MAC AND CHEESE EVER.
-cheesy fiesta potatoes and some nachos*
-a mint
-hot sauce
-Baja Blast <3
-I'm a little confused about this now, but it was a good day for eating.
*If you put hot sauce on the cheese in the cup, it makes your resources last a little longer!

It's been a good weekish for eating:)

Five favorite things today: oreos, all the people in my life, bomb the music industry, sunshine, tumblr.

30 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate Cocoa Krispies and some raisins.
At work, I ate an apple.

Then, around 9, I went to Chipotle with Cody and got an AMAZING burrito.
Directly after that, we went to Eat 'n' Park for some ice cream... which ended in FOUR SUNDAES: two Oreo, two chocolate chip cookie. Sooooo muuuuuch iiiiccceecreeaaam. I thought I was going to die from all of it! And, yet, how dreamishlyamazinglyprofoundlyoutofthisworldly great.

29 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-pear yogurt
-a piece of toast with fake butter
-a little apple with a little peanut butter on it
-a crunchwrap with extra nacho cheese that tasted like easy mac + God because there was so much cheese in the pocket
-cheesy fiesta potatoes
-a million hot sauce packets
-a mint
-a miniature Reese's cup
-a salad
-key lime yogurt, which was actually annoyed me because it was by Yoplait but had 180 calories instead of 90. I just don't understand why they'd do that!
-a lot of my dad's famous popcorn

It was a very good day for eating! It was perfect until that whole ordeal with the yogurt, though. And I would probably have less of the popcorn if I were to do the whole thing again. I love you guys and thank you for those comments because they were hilaaaarious.

28 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

I ate waaaaaaaaaaay too much food this weekend. That's what's supposed to happen when you drive and visit your grandparents, right? Right.

Things I Ate Today in the Form of a Food Pyramid:

4. Dairy: milk, pomegranate yogurt
3. Probably shouldn't have: corn bread, lasagna, popcorn
2. Produce: 2 pieces of canteloupe, 2 salads, a bowl of deliciously fresh berries
1. Sugar: 2 pieces* of cake, 2 Starbursts, multiple forms of chocolate including a slightly more expensive Cadbury-type egg that was less delicious, not surprisingly, than a Cadbury egg

I look forward to getting back into my regular eating habits! Yesterday I ate tons and tons of starches, which is not something I like to do! The day before that I ate a lot of fast food, but I don't like to do that either (except at Taco Bell)!

*Best. Cake. I. Have. Ever. Tasted. zOmg.

25 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today, I felt like eating a lot. I also rewarded myself for going to classes with sugar. Goodbye, food pyramid! Hello, energy!

Things I Ate Today:

-large coffee
-chocolate soy milk
-milk chocolate Lindt ball
-side salad
-potato chowder (so good)
-small cookie with a
-large white chip/macadamia cookie (sooooo good)
-half a pint of blueberries
-bag of Skittles
-juiced-up water
-baby carrots with dressing
-corn chips that I didn't want
-2 bowls of rice that were spicy and amazingly, amazingly delicious

The world felt very alive to me today! Also, I wonder every single day how I am so lucky to have such good people in my life. Gonna go ahead and put this at the end of the post because it sounds booggguuuss$s.

It was a good day for eating:)

24 March 2010

I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world and I love you guys!

Things I Ate Today:

(After waking up at six-freaking-thirty* in the morning, I drank:)
-2 large cups of coffee
-1 chocolate soy milk**
-huge double chocolate Rice Krispie Treat bar <33333
-very small amount of "salad" from Eastway, with croutons today
-a Swedish Fish
-a generous number of blueberries from Lauren, thus proving my hypothesis that she is an angel
-Taco Bell's T9: taco, crunchwrap, and a large drink for five dollars! However, I got extra nacho cheese on my (vegetarian) crunchwrap which led to some nacho-love-bonding with the senior cashier, which led to my free drink upgrade.
-a greater number of hot sauce packets than usual because we sat in the booth forever
-about 4 (white) corn chips with tabouli
-watered down juice (or juiced up water, depending on your perspective)

It was a phenomenal day for eating!

**Today was the first time I didn't really mix it into the coffee! I don't like the way their temperature differences separate the coffee from the soy milk, and I don't like the way you lose chocolate flavor in the coffee. So I tried them apart and it was a pretty good move!

*Indians and many other groups of people used to do this wordinaword thing all the time! Right, Erik?

23 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-large coffee with vanilla soy milk
-jar of salsa with white corn chips
-another cup of coffee

Between evening classes, I got this craaazy hankering for some
-mashed potatoes.
So, after searching around campus and whining about it, I finally found some for a dollar! There in the student center, I also found 3 flavors of individually packaged pop tarts and
-single Swedish Fish:)

-baby carrots with dressing
-watered down juice

I'm trying to preserve my food plan a little bit from here on out, which probably implies a diet called "don't eat unless you're, like, almost hungry."

It was a good day for eating!

I don't think I've exceeded 8 hours of sleep in a night more than 3 times in the past 3 weeks. It's been 4-5 hours per night for... ever... and I started hallucinating a little bit today as a result!

Also, today I noticed how much I love droopy pants and Brahman. That is, a lot. I also love juicy secrets and the mixes DJ EV is playing on the radio tonight (definitely the first time I could ever say the latter)!

I think I'm going to try sleeping now and wake up around 6 or 7 if that is even possible.

22 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-3 Starbursts
-Carrots with blue cheese dressing
-Gluten-free mac and cheese (kinda/pretty gross)
-A jar of salsa
-Part of a Poptart*
-Half a pint of blueberries
-Big Papa pickle
-Jar of salsa with yellow corn chips
-Double chocolate Rice Krispie Treat?? SO amazing.

It was an okay day for eating.
*Apparently they do sell single packages! Unfortunately, the only flavor is Apple D:

21 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:
-2 mangoes
-2 side salads
-a jar of salsa with blue corn chips
-a quart of chocolate soy milk
-sliced apples with peanut butter
-a chocolate milkshake
-I swear there was more!

It was such a good day for eating:)

18 March 2010

Songs I Got Today

I find the 18th of every month to be heartbreaking, and I'm also pretty exhausted; so today I killed a TON of time watching videos online. I realize these songs are targeted at preteen girls, but I just think they are so good! Some other songs I like to listen to in this context are "Speechless" by Lady Gaga, and "I'll be Missing You" by Puff Daddy (pre-Diddy) feat. Faith Evans.

I've never heard this song until today. It's a Paramore song performed on acoustic guitar, right? But, alas:

This song is so sad, and this video is so funny:

I've eaten: a coffee with chocolate soy milk, a Caesar salad, an Irish creme latte, half a pint of blueberries, a handful of sunflower seeds, green tea, and an ice cream pop. Delicious!

17 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Green frosting doughnut at 8am
-Large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-Varied bowl of greens from the salad bar
-Half a cookie and a Swedish Fish
-A piece of pizza, and double bread sticks that I shared with Lauren. She didn't think they were anything special, but I. LOVED. THEM. With marinara sauce.
-A tasty little cup of ice cream, with sprinkles

It was an alright day for eating!

16 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today after sleeping through Italian, I woke up around 12:30 and met Erik Dan Travis Sebastian at the Student Center! There, I ate Balsamic Rice, a cup of celery and carrots, and a watermelon Naked juice.

Before evening math torture house, I ate a lot of red grapes with a little bag of popcorn.

After evening math torture house, Lauren and I were both very stressed. So, we went to Rosie's where I ate cheesy fries with a portabello sandwich. I drank a big cup of Hayley Raspberry tea, directly followed by a big cup of root beer. All of this was pretty gross!!

At our fiesta, I ate an amazing combination of millions of Mexican ingredients. This is also thanks to Lauren, the extraordinary chef and future pop star. I ate Mentos, vitamin C cough drops, and a vanilla milkshake that I shared with Lauren and Sebastian. Also, Sebastian gave me 2 Thin Mints-- a true gesture of kindness and friendship!!

It was a good day for eating (except for Rosie's).

15 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-about 3 cold french fries, 3 rotten grapes
-vegetarian sushi rolls (FINALLY in stock!)
-more/the rest of those pretzels from yesterday
-a thing of carrots and celery with dressing
-candy corn
-another thing of carrots with dressing
-honeydew from the reduced section
-Juicy Juice's "orange tangerine"

I bought a bunch of red grapes and they looked so delicious, but then I spilled them all over the floor of the elevator!! Aaagghhh!!

Otherwise, it was an okay day for eating. Definitely better than the past few days, but not amazing.

*is this kind of like crapplesauce?

14 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Friday, I ate: something for breakfast, two bananas off the free rack at work, and then a vegetarian volcano taco, cheesy fiesta potatoes, and two vegetarian crunch wraps with extra nacho cheese, back to back (within 30 seconds of each other).

Saturday, I ate: 3 pieces of cheese, some dried apricots, 2 pineapple rinds (like, the rinds of two whole pineapples), a large piece of honeydew off the free rack at work, a piece of bread, some cookies, less than a jar of salsa, a split bag of chocolate pretzels... I forget what else...

Things I Ate Today:
-half a jar of Pringles
-3 fruit roll ups
-a huge bag (1-2 batches) homemade chocolate chip cookies
-about a bag of sourdough pretzels from Hannah
-3 Peeps from Hannah, and like half of a huge bag of sour gummy worms
-Candy corn from Erik
-like 3 bottles of Vitamin Water
-A jar of salsa

It was a good day for eating. Eeewwwwww.

11 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-2 large cups of coffee
-2 soy milk juice boxes
-2 chocolate Lindt balls
-spinach and carrots
-tabouli and hommus
-a cup of Sprite, water
-naan and blue corn chips
-stuffed yellow pepper
-mashed potatoes
-2 cadbury creme eggs*
-2 boxes of peeps*
-grapes and blackberries

It was a good day for eating!

*Yes, I'm sorry, this is completely disgusting.

10 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

It's 2 in the morning? Are you serious??

Yesterday, I ate 2 1/2 jars of salsa with blue corn chips, a lot of fresh vegetables, grapes, fruit snacks and a cookie, extra coffee, um... a milk shake...


For brunch, I ate two cookies and a big cup of hot chocolate. It was great!!

Later, I ate celery, carrots, grapes, etc.

I ate a jar of salsa, a pint and a half of blueberries, some black raspberries, some Fuze drank, a vegetarian volcano taco, cheesy fiesta potatoes, TONS of Baja Blast (too late in the day), um...

Oh! When we went to Sebastian's, his mom covered the dining room table in a variety of Little Debbie cakes. I had a Zebra Cake in one hand, a Swiss Roll in the other, a few minty cookies on the side... it was seriously amazing. I felt like a queen.

I probably would have increased the vegetable intake a little bit, but otherwise it was an amazing day for eating!!

08 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today was just great. I loved every single part of it. Actually, okay...

Things That Were Not Perfect Today:
-I didn't see Lauren, Cody, Hayley, or actually a lot of people if ya think about it
-I killed a ton of time, didn't study enough, and skipped class twice (of two times)
-After posting 40 pictures on facebook, I realized that they are all TINY!
-I woke up superearly and killed $6... Okay, okay. I guess this list to prove that I can't complain about anything, um, was a horrible idea.

But the day had so much good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ate:
-3/4 jar of great salsa, with chips (might finish it here pretty soon) at 8:00 am
-Chai cider Naked juice <3
-Large or medium coffee with chocolate soy milk (continues to be delicious)
-Reese's egg (yes, this is around 10:30 am)
-Wonderful Chipotle (Chipoodle) burrito bol with the astounding, beautiful, great-in-every-way-i-hope-you-cry-tears-of-joy-again Hannah Rounds, although I actually ate it with Dan in the laundromat after ladygirl left
-Wonka bar which did not contain a Golden Ticket but was still the perfect chocolate!
-Fuze beverage
-How about that salsa? I have 2 1/4 jars in my fridge, next to some chocolate soy milk, Chai Cider Naked, tons of fresh produce, and probably something else that I love immensely...

Yum. Yum, yum, yum.

07 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday, I ate Cocoa Krispies, various produce items, um... cooked zucchini with a little bit of pasta mixed in, a piece of pizza, and The Best French Fries Ever. I swear, they never stop being astounding. Soooo gooood.

I woke up today and my stomach was completely, completely empty. So I compensated by eating five servings of every high-calorie food I could find (naturally).

-The leftover purple Skittles from Friday
-A side salad
-Reese's ice cream bar

-Jar of (amaaazing) salsa
-A bag, 7 servings, of cheese cubes
-2 Nerds Ropes
-Green Tea and Naked Apple Chai Cider:)

I might also have a cup of fruit. It was a delicious day for delicious things!

05 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-"Brains and Olives" wrap from Eastway
-Orange Fanta, for some reason
-A Mento mint and a bag of Scooby Doo fruit snacks
-A huge bag of Skittles, except for the purple ones*
-Baby carrots and jojoes
-Fresh pineapple
-3/4 a pizza

It was actually a disgusting day for eating. Better luck tomorrow!

*Did use my disgression at least once today!

04 March 2010

So I've got a question:

Do you wannahaveaslumberparty in my base- ment?
Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?
Is my love... your drug?! *

Things I Today:
-Large Irish Creme Latte
-A bag (4 servings?) chocolate espresso beans
-Gluten-free pretzels

-Cheese Quesadilla
-Vegetarian Volcano Taco
-Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes
-A stolen sip or few of Baja Blast
-Mints and hot sauce packets

-Cherry Coke Polar Pop
-Some Vitamin Water

It was an amazing day for eating! Taco Bell is SO GOOD. It gets me every time! So does everything else on this list!

*yes, Kesha, it is.

02 March 2010

Things I Ate Between 4-5 AM Today

Things I Ate Between 4-5AM Today

-a bag of fruit snacks
-half a box of powdered doughnuts
-skim milk Milk Chug

01 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

Brunch: large coffee with chocolate soy milk, with a Reese's egg
Before Gerontology: granola bar(s)
After Gerontology: the first time I've ever eaten good food at Rosie's: SUPREME NACHOS!! with two packages of Scooby Doo fruit snacks
Evening: a piece of cheese pizza
Free: a huuuuuuuge box of cookies that they were going to throw away. Like, are you joking?
Midnight: juice

I ate some gluten today, but otherwise it was a good day for eating!

28 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

Brunch: I really don't like Einstein's, but I got a fruit and yogurt parfait. I ate some of the yogurt off the top and some granola, scooped out the blueberries, then threw the rest of it away.
-A medium Irish Creme Latte from Eastway:)

5pm: a mango and a few Tostitos chips

7-9pm: a vegetarian volcano taco, cheesy fiesta potatoes
-Vegetarian crunchwrap, and some random cinnamon curls they threw into the bag??
-Two mints and about a thousand hot sauce packets
-A large Baja Blast that will undoubtedly keep me away aaaaaaall night long.

Today was a perfect day for eating!

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-a bowl of Rice Krispies
-a huge bag of almonds, walnuts, raisins, and apricots (from my mom) at work
-a large portion of canteloupe off the "free rack" at work. Rotten <>
-nasty psuedo-Asian psuedo-cuisine... I threw most of it away...
-half a pint of blueberries (didn't wash 'em 'cause I'm livin' on the edge)
-Cadbury Creme Egg, seriously the best thing I can imagine on the planet
-Fuze black tea with acai: highly recommended
-Fuze white tea with goji berries: highly recommended
-a chocolate-covered Peep ("the hard-boiled Cadbury Creme Egg")
-a cup of carrots and celery with dressing.

If I did today over, I would eat about HALF of that nutty trail mix and eliminate the nasty stir-fry. Otherwise, everything was good! Blueberries and Cadbury Creme Eggs are overwhelmingly great, and they always improve my day as a whole.

26 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday, I ate really good food! I had a jar and a half of nontostitos salsa, with restaurant style (instead of Scoops) chips: amazing!! I drank half a gallon of original soy milk, in addition to a juicebox of vanilla soy milk. I ate a mango, some other fruit, um... I actually don't remember what else, but it was all great. Sebastian gave me an apple cinnamon chai cider Naked juice?? Omg. Out of this world. It was so good. He also bought pizza at Erik's/Dan's/Sam's (this will be referred to the Cat's Den from here on out), so I ate a slice. With pineapple:)

Today, I slept in and then eventually got to Prentice, where I ate a personal pan pizza. It was very good and fresh. I went back to my dorm and ate... ... ?? Um, I don't remember what I ate there.

Oh! I ate almost an entire box (6 servings) of gluten-free, non-oat "oatmeal" cookies. They were so good! I drank a strawberry kiwi Naked juice. I drank a vanilla soymilk juice box. I drank a Vitamin Water.* Somewhere in between all that was a 3-4 hour nap.

Around 6, I went over to Cody's, and we napped. (The day's general theme was eating and napping, so it was essentially perfect.) We went to Eastway, where I ate: half a pint of blueberries, a cup of some fruit, a vanilla soy milk juice box, some vegetarian pepperoni?? which was actually pretty good and also good for you; chocolate-covered pretzels, ummm... I think that's all. It was incredible.

Then, we bought Cadbury Creme Eggs and ate them on the warm, lovely poop vent (sound familiar, Lauren?). Aaaahhhh!

My mom picked me up and took me home. Apparently she made a chocolate cake, ate it with dad, and decided it would be okay to syke me out by leaving the pan on the counter. So I walked home and got all excited, only to realize that all the cake was gone! I ate a cup of celery and carrots, with a glass of milk.

I sure ate a lot today! It was all delicious, though. Another good day for eating.

*Today I realized that Vitamin Water is made from reverse osmosis water. That means it's really, really bad for you! Reverse osmosis water actually takes nutrients out of your bones when you drink a lot of it, and I'm actually finishing my second case at the present time. Ooooops.

24 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today, after getting like five hours of sleep again because I'm stooopid, I woke up an hour early (8:30/9:00) to study for a big Italian test. I drank a large coffee with chocolate soy milk at Prentice. Then, Dan came out to talk to me and gave me a free drank! Diet Coke. I didn't drink all of it because I was tired and cracked out on caffeine, but it was a very nice gesture.

After my test, I went back to Prentice. I met Dan and Sebastian for brunch as per usual, but I wasn't hungry. I started working on my Italian workbook, which is due tomorrow. Then, after they'd both eaten, I ate a piece of jalapeno cheese and a little box of black raspberries. This was the day's major turning point in deliciousness.

After I finished most of my workbook (around 2:30/3:00), I ate some almonds and dried cranberries. I drank the first half of a Vitamin Water.

Sebastian gave me and Lauren some Sweethearts from his grandparents. Some sparkled!

Later, I wound up at Kent's biannual Soul Food Dinner with Lauren, Cody, Sebastian, Dan, and Ryan. The Gospel Choir sang! I ate some AMAZING mac &cheese, as well as some yams.

Lauren and I went back to Prentice (over the course of the day, I think I went here five times). She got a drink and I got a Cadbury Creme Egg. We were both in heaven because they were the most delicious things!!

Then, later, Sebastian let us eat his chips, salsa, bean dip, cheese, and sour cream. This combination was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted.

(After a grocery trip to Prentice,) I ate some more food on my own. Based on recommendation, I tried Naked's strawberry kiwi juice? It was incredible. I absolutely want to pass on that recommendation. I also ate half a jar of nontostitos salsa, with "Restaurant Style" chips. And another Cadbury Egg, just because it was such a great day for eating. I finished the vitamin water and called it a day!

Today was out of this park! Everything I ate was perfect and delicious. It was a good day for eating.

23 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-Amy's rice bowl meal*
-a banana
-delicious cheese pizza
-a cup of grapes
-a pint of Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake* ice cream
-some of a perfect mango, which I shared
-watermelon juice by Naked

*These things were pretty tasty, but if I did the day over I would not eat them again.
It was a pretty good day for eating!

22 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-a few jelly beans

-a little package of hommus, celery, carrots
-v8 juice which, shiestily, only had 10% fruit juice!!
-2 boxes of Peeps
-very vanilla soy milk juice box

evening snack (at least a serving of each)
-the rest of the jelly beans I've been eating all week
-dried cranberries
-stuffed grape leaves
-a cup of carrots and celery, with ranch
-peanut butter
-the rest of my chocolate soy milk from the carton, and vitamin water
-a mango that I cut with a plastic knife on tissues and dropped in glitter when it was drippy
-whatever else was in reach; I don't even remember...

It was a good day for eating! Or should I say... it was a good week for eating?

21 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday around noon, I ate a veggie burger.
With Hayley and Lauren, I tasted some Nutella and cupcake batter:)
At work around 5:30, I ate some pineapple spears (the outsides) with half a doughnut and about 5 sweetheart candies.
After work, I finished the pineapple spears. I also ate a package of carrots with dressing, and drank a vanilla soymilk juice box and sipped some Baja Blast.
At Dan's birthday party, I had some stuff like bites of perfect brownies and a piece of cake.

Today when I woke up, I ordered some more of those Best French Fries In Life. Still amazing!!
This was a pretty large portion, like I would guess it had about 1,000 battered calories.
I went back to my dorm and drank chocolate soy milk out of the carton.
I ate an apple, a fruit leather, and TONS of candy Easter jelly beans / eggs. Tooonnnns. Ewww.
I also got dinner with Jon at Eastway: vegetarian meatloaf with cold mashed potatoes &gravy?

I might just take a shower and go to sleep. My hair is full of cake and glitter, and I'm exhausted!
It was really poopoo to not spend real time with Hayley while she was home.

Otherwise: it was a good day for eating!

Things I've Bought that I Love???

Things I've Bought that I Love
Omg we even have the same layout

19 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Breakfast: Cocoa Krispies

Lunch at work: a mango (perfect food!), Tiger Milk protein bar, a regular portion of my faaavorite nonEaster chocolate: cappuccino Ritter Sport bar<3 <3 It only cost a dollar because it's expired, but it tasted just the same!

After work: the rest of the chocolate (thus fulfilling my caloric suggestion for the day), potato chips (I don't even like potato chips), and a TON of my mom's famously delicious sushi.

Today, for eating, was unbelievably great; but I also feel gross. If I did today's eating over again, I would probably remove the chips and about half of everything I ate (except for the mango and Cocoa Krispies).

18 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Yesterday:

-large coffee with soy milk (vanilla because they were out of chocolate)
-T9 value meal from Taco Bell: crunchwrap, taco, large Baja Blast
-pink Vitamin Water
-third best (cheesy) french fries I've ever had
-an apple

Things I Ate Today:

-a lot of Baja Blast at inappropriate times
-half a pint of Ben & Jerry's (leftover from Sebastian-- I don't usually eat half pints!) vanilla Heath
-3 slices* of cheese pizza with a small cup of rootbeer
-about half of a huge bag of spring-colored jelly beans
-pink Vitamin Water
-weird bread products
-gluten-free cookie dough
-raisins I think?

*One was free!

Today wasn't a good day for eating at all, but I didn't care. Yesterday was an exceptional day for eating.

16 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today, I learned a valuable lesson: don't take melatonin at 5am.

I went to Italian as a total zombie at 9:55, and then when I came back to my room I went straight to sleep instead of taking a shower as I so desparately needed to do. Consequently, I didn't eat anything (although I did drink a large cup of hot chocolate) until about 5pm.

5pm: a tray of vegetarian sushi rolls, a pint* of ice cream, and a Cadbury Caramel Egg.
I thought I'd try the caramel eggs, just in case I was missing out on something incredible. However, I wasn't. Everyone should definitely stick to the creme eggs.

8-9pm: an apple, and a bag of mixed almonds and raisins.
This is actually a very good idea because, with vast raisin dominasin, you get a good balance of snackablility and protein. As we know, almonds are very high in protein; but you're not really supposed to eat a lot* of them.

*It's always important to monitor quantity :P

It was a good day for eating! I actually loved it!

15 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

I wish everybody kept this blog! It's a little stinky to get on blogger and see that nobody's posted...

Things I Ate Today:
-Large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-Cadbury creme egg <3
-A bag (about 3.5 servings) of honey oats & almond clusters
-50% chance I ate an apple?
-The best Chipotle I remember eating
-String cheese
-A cup of celery and carrots, with ranch
-About half a cup of fruit
-Another chocolate soy milk
-Raisins and almonds
-Vitamin Water
-Still a little hungry for some reason?

It was a good day for eating.

14 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

You know you're in trouble when you eat 10-15 cookies but feel, at the end of the day, like you deserve a sweet reward for eating so well. Haha this is probably about the time when I should phase back out of eating such nasty nast!

Things I Ate Today:
-dry Cocoa Krispies for brunch
-mango for a 4:00 break at work
-a lot of cheese
-an old banana
-nongluten heart-shaped cookies that my mom made (cutest thing ever)
-an apple
-some almonds
-vitamin water

It was a good day for eating! Today I tried to find my running shoes at home, but they seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet. I'm playing the CD I made yesterday for the first time, and it's all scratched! I have a lot to do for my Gerontology class tomorrow, and I left my phone charger at home again. I think the theme for this week should be "shopping."

13 February 2010

T- to the A- to the S-T-E-Y- gurl u tasty

Things I Ate Today:

-fancy *bread and fake butter
-an apple the size of your soul
-swiss cheese
-another ridonculous portion of those Doritoesque corn chips from God
-a huge bowl of beans and rice and other stuff that my mom made
-a bowl of vanilla icecream with supplementary
-nongluten cookie dough:) Being home is kind of awesome, right?

Today, I spawned this for some reason. Read it like a really aggressive rap.

Nice to meet you, *gluten, my name is Jess
It's a pretty bad idea for me to obsess
About this piece of bread being so delicious
I eat it in the kitchen, all surreptitious.
You'll be a killer of my digestion and focus
But I'm about to keep eatin' you up bo-cuz
Your seven grains possess some tasty qualities
I think our love is wholesome but forbidden-- you are just a tease.

Sorry about that.

It was a good day for eating!

12 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Mason Jennings is so good! If he is famous or associated with Jack Johnson, well, I am willing to ignore either/both of those things. My favorite song by him is "Keepin' it Real." Right now I am listening to "Ballad for My One True Love" and "I am Lonely" and whatever else comes up in my library.

Today I ate:

-a banana with (supposedly honey-flavored) peanut butter
-about 3/4 lb. overpriced, low quality strawberries
-king-sized Reese's
-vanilla milkshake
-deluxe brownie/mallow/frosting miracle
-almonds in raisins
-a huge bag of corn chips that are flavored like DORITOS (so they're gluten-free)! Genius.
-a plastic pot of salsa
-Swiss cheese
-a piece of bread because it was so fancy
-milk and apple juice and water
-Cadbury Creme Egg
-Skor bar

Ew. What is wrong with me? It was a good day for eating.

11 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

Breakfast: a lot of candy (fruit snacks and Reese's) with chocolate soy milk in a large coffee
Other: almonds, Vanilla Coke* and an apple. And a gluten-free breakfast bar.
**Lunch/following Sebastian around campus: cheesy fries and a pint of Ben & Jerry's fro-yo
Directly thereafter: a Cadbury Creme Egg
Other: about 5 strawberries, half a pint of blueberries <3, and more almonds.

This feels like I'm missing something again! However, it was a good day for eating. Do you think this daily increase in cheesy fried food and cola will start bringing up my weight soon?

I would REALLY like some Taco Bell.

*Best idea ever
**Oops. Earlier it was brought to my attention that 5:30 is not lunchtime. But I'm a Confucianist now so I don't worry myself with such petty western standards.

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

Brunch: 2 individually packaged cheeses, large coffee with chocolate soy milk, a Cadbury Creme Egg, an unwashed strawberry
-Vitamin Water
-a million packets of Scooby Doo fruit snacks
-a bunch of miniature Reese's cups
-a piece of pizza (whoooops!)
-a cup of carrots* and celery with ranch dressing
-deep-fried curly fries, omggg
-deep-fried other fries, omggg

These fries were the second best I've ever had. They were made in someone's kitchen!! I could not believe it!!

It was a good day for eating.

*I'd estimate that each carrot was about 10 karats.

09 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

I cannot believe how many people are suddenly following my blog! Holy camoles! How ya eatin?

Today when I woke up, my upper stomach hurt reeeaaaal bad. I just drank a chocolate soy milk juice box and left.

For lunch after I got lost in the snow and talked to Hayley on the phone which was the best idea we were too stupid to ever think of, I ate: a little bag of salted peanuts, a bottle of vanilla coke, and the rice that Lauren so graciously shared with me on Saturday. It was very delicious, especially with some hot sauce packets from my desk drawer!

If you want to know a nasty secret, I might have eaten a thing of cheesy fries with EXTRA CHEESE. Most people can't handle one cup of cheese, but obviously we can't all be perfect. It was good and disgusting. I tried to balance it with a cup of grapes, and I drank a lot of Vitamin Water, like I do every day. That's because a while ago, I fought a kid for a case of it that was on sale for $10? Bad flavor, good idea.

I probably ate some more of those gluten-free breakfast bars. I went to dinner with the Koonce International Mentorship program even though I wasn't hungry, and I got broccoli cheddar soup with a black raspberry lemonade from Einstein's. That sounds good, but I actually threw most of it away (goodbye, $5!) because the soup was cold and the drink was too intense. I actually took the soup back one time and asked them to maybe heat it up, but the second time when it was still cold I stopped caring.

With Cody and Jon, I ate a pint of Karamel Sutra ice cream. Then we watched Coraline and I ate two packets of Scooby Doo fruit snacks.

Even though everything I just listed is disgusting, I really enjoyed it. Today was a good day for eating.

08 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

I am so over February. Even though cool and fun things happen, they end and then it's February again! I hate it. In this month we are tired of cold weather and are ready for springtime, but we know that it won't be spring time for like two more months. Summer is in like 500 days...

I spent the night at home on Friday because the roads were horrible and I didn't want my mom to drive on them (even though she wanted to). Consequently, I was very hungry on Saturday morning. I didn't get to eat until about 3, when I had two huge bowls of Cocoa Krispies. When I got back to school, I ate some gluten-free bars and stuff, and then when I met Lauren and Sebastian I ate a baby Reese's cup. That night around 2-2:30, I ate THE BEST FRENCH FRIES OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Dan bought them and picked them up for us, which was a very nice gesture; then Lauren and I sat there eating all of them in endless bliss. They weren't crunchy OR soggy, but they were sooo soft. And hot. And breaded. And the outside was so flavorful and delicious. Like I seriously don't remember the last time I ate something so incrediblydelicious.

Lauren and I woke up that morning around 5:45 because we are idiots and had a lot of thirst. By the time we got to Rosie's, I felt like I'd vomitted four times then slept in someone's bed who I don't know very well (by myself) and then woken up 4 hours later& layed in bed for a few hours just thinking about how thirsty I was& pushed a car out of the snow& walked across campus (in the three feet of sunny snow) to a nasty diner where people were judging our boots and skirts and torn-up tights. Don't you just feel like that sometimes? Ya just gotta eat the right thing. So I bought... a large drink with green tea and Sprite mixed together, grapes, and an English muffin with an egg on it... the grossest thing ever. Nibbled and disposed! I drank about 50 bottles of Vitamin Water.

Later that day, I ate a box of gluten-free doughnuts and a Mexican meal that my mom made for my brother's 26th birthday.

Today after class, I met Sebastian and Dan for "breakfast." I got a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes and green peppers and, like, an onion. Sometimes a girl's just gotta eat a grilled cheese sandwich. I drank some chocolate soy milk and pop in juice.

Around 5-5:30, I finished off a pint of coffee ice cream and ate an apple. In the evening, I ate some gluten-free breakfast bars and maybe a few other nibbles. My stomach hurts!!!!!

It was an okay day for eating, but I hope that tomorrow is a lot better and a lot less disgusting and a lot less sandwichy! Hahaha oh, dear.

05 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:
-Large coffee
-2 chocolate soy milk juice boxes
-Fruit Cup
-XL Reese's heart/egg with a bite taken off the top
-Cinnamon Altoids
-Half a large jar of medium salsa with Jalapeno Scoops Chips
-Lots of peas
-2 triangles of Laughing Cow cheese from... Christmas?? Omg I hadn't thought about that until just now...
-White chocolate chips (worst idea ever)
-Wasabi rice-things (very airy)
-A box of raisins

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-Large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-More chocolate soy milk, a lot of it
-Many gluten-free "breakfast" bars
-Probably raisins and some fruit
-At Akron's dining hall, Rob's: mint and vanilla ice cream, beans and rice, carrots, celery, green peppers, mashed potatoes, red yams, some weird eggplant... fried... thing

It was a pretty good day for eating!