25 May 2010

ZOMG Things I Ate Today

Do you think this post will actually work?? Lately, my computer has not been tolerating Blogger at all. This is the first time I've seen Things I Ate Today at all in like two weeks because it always gets shut down. Agh. Oh how I've missed you, silly end-of-the-day routine.

Things I ate Today:
-S'mores Luna Bar, which was actually very good!
-I think about 2 kumquats
-a banana
-Margarita chips (Tangos)
-Blue chips (Tangos)
-Salsa (something vaguely generic followed by Tostitos "Restaurant Style")
-Tons of blue drank
-halves of two "free rack" peaches I picked up yesterday
-coconut freezer pop, which was just scrumptious
-part of a spaghetti-zucchini omelet*
-one bite of grilled cheese
-lemon and meringue from the pie as I made it, although I haven't cut any pieces!**

Lately I have discovered a few things:
-BLUE DRANK! (This really is self-explanitory. It can be found at any grocery store in gallons)
-Tangos chips! I've had them before, but the Margarita chips will seriously change your life. Please go buy them. When I eat them, especially while drinking sweet tea or blue drank, I just feel that southern ease.
-Actually, most of my food choices have been based on summer ease and that feeling described in books when people from the south drink cold beverages on their front porches and relax.
-Kumquats are so cool. They're unlike anything else I've eaten, and they're great to cleanse the palette. For example, if you are tired of eating margarita chips and want to progress to your blue drank, eat a couple kumquats. I think they're also good for you, but I could be wrong.

It was a great day for eating! Oh, how I hope this works.

*I cooked tonnns of stuff today: grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, zucchini, fried spaghetti... then I progressively mixed a few of those things together with an egg to form the omelet that has just been dying to happen. It's like I've always said: if they put eggs in chinese noodles, why not put chinese noodles in eggs? On a scale from one to disgusting, this was pretty okay.
**It is just so nice to make lemon meringue pies in the summer. The one I made today is not perfect, but I'm still kinda proud of it because the meringue just whipped up beautifully and that's the most terrifying part.

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  1. Kumquats FTW! First time I ever had them was when I was down in New Orleans doing Katrina relief, they were just growing on this random tree in the middle of this field and they were delicious!

    Before, during and after all anybody kept saying was "come come on the kick drum, come come" from The Break Up...