30 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

My mom made gluten-free cookies that contain oats (the "y" of gluten*)
I've been eating a lot of those. They made me feel sick at work, but that's probably because I ate like half a pan of them at 7:45 am.

At work, I ate an apple. After work, I ate a lot of medium salsa and a string cheese stick, um... ovaltine... cookies... I don't really remember, but it was too much. When I went snowboarding, I felt like a hot mess!

When I got back to my dorm around 10:30, I ate half a banana, two juice boxes of chocolate soymilk, gluten-free pretzels, and I'm a little bit hungry. Hello, sweet tooth!

After this post, I ate a single serving bowl of Cocoa Krispies. Then I went to Rosie's with some drunk people and ate/defended my hot cheesy fries.

*Sometimes they're considered gluten, but sometimes they aren't.

28 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Here ya go, Lauren: http://tinyurl.com/y8784c6 !

Things I Ate Today:
-Large coffee mixed with small chocolate soy milk
-Lindt Ball
-Just realized I left a slightly overripe banana in my dorm for the weekend
-Single serving bowl of Cocoa Krispies
-Fruit cup and another chocolate soy milk
-Vegetarian sushi with BROWN rice!?
-A doughnut thing Dustin's mom made and a couple of little pretzels because I was sooooo hungry and the Agostas only eat wheat/meat! (Otherwise, do you notice I haven't eaten it?)
-Wasabi rice crisps
-2 things of string cheese
-A few stolen white chocolate chips
-A glass of Ovaltine

It was a good day for eating!

27 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Nongluten muffin
-2 boxes of raisins
-Nongluten pretzels
-Reese's pieces and a couple Rolos
-Beans &Rice
-Vitamin Water and soda
-A couple of cheesy fries

It was a good, albeit carb-heavy, day for eating!

26 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Goodbye, Gospel Choir. Hello, Children's Literature with a guy who got amazing reviews from ratemyprofessors.com/net/w/e!

-Tons of yummy gluten-free pretzels
-An apple
-1.5 bananas, thanks to nasty rot
-Jif's honey peanutbutter which actually has NO honey taste whatsoever
-Way too many sugary beverages
-French fries with cheese (goodness is inversely proportionate to time spent sitting out)
-Peppermint bark
-1 Rice Krispie Treat
-1 Free Rice Krispie Treat
-A gluten-free muffin
-Possibly some raisins

It was an okay to good day for eating! Not enough produce and the Rice Krispie double whammy combined with cheesy french fries and sugary black tea nearly killed me. But otherwise! :)

25 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Breakfast: gluten-free muffin and an apple; vitamin water

Lunch at 5: An apple and a small bag of popcorn, with black tea

Dinner at 8: A banana with peanutbutter, a big plastic Baja Blast cup of mango juice and ginger ale (with a blue straw, as per tweet), a lot more popcorn, more conversation hearts...

Snacks to follow: a lot more muffins, some raisins, gluten-free pretzels

Over the course of the day, it seems like I literally ate... 5-7 of those muffins. They're so good, though! My mom made them with stuff that changes them from supernasty snackfood to sortaokay substance food. It was a perfect day for eating until the evening, when I ate a ton for fun. I would probably be a lot healthier if I stopped eating at 8 or 9 like you're supposed to!!

All in all, it was a very good day for eating. Gluten-free feels good.

24 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

I write this blogpost from my lofted internet fortress. It is so beautiful and close to the ceiling! Thanks to Baja Blast and Cody and Jon and my roommate who moved out so prematurely, I have a spacious bedroom with huge pictures on the walls and a walk-in closet (especially if you use your imagination).

No more French or political or event-related nonsense! Things I Ate Today:
-2 glasses Ovaltine
-A vegetarian volcano taco
-Cheesy fiesta potatoes
-About a thousand hot sauce packets
-Large Baja Blast
-Rice noodles with mushroom spaghetti sauce
-Nongluten muffin(s?)
-Very literally, about 17 servings of conversation hearts
-I think I'll eat an apple to avoid vomitting.

Aside from the ridiculous amount of candy, it was a great day for eating!

23 January 2010

Things I Retained From High School French Classes Today

Les choses que j'ai mangee au jourd'hui? Vrai?

-un bowl du krispies chocolat
-un banan avec le butter du peanut
-un pomme? apple?
-un thermos du ovaltine
-trois muffins sans gluten
-nachos avec fromage, du Taco Bell
-rice fra ma mere
-huite? 8? Reece's peanut butter cups in 8 minutes without trying (les francese ne make pas words to form that sentence parce-que c'est disgusting)

J'aime la soiree du nord.
Je veux manger fromage chez tu.
J'ai l'amour pour la nuit du Kent.
Je ne veux pas travailler.
Le cle(sp?) du mon couer est l'amour. Et en peu du fromage. (I don't remember a single other word to describe food...)
Bonjour, monsieur, comment ca va?
Vous-avez la sixieme livre du Harry Potter?
Vous-accepter le "Master Carte?"
Je voudrais un diablo, si vous plait.
Ou est le chien du ma mere? Ah, c'est sur le lit. Bien sur.
Je ne veux pas jouer tennis avec toi parce-que tu es mal au sport.
...No, parce-que j'ai mal du tete. C'est pourquoi.

C'etait un bon jour pour manger!!

22 January 2010

Sarah Palin I Ate Today

Obviously, I'm no political authority. I've never really investigated Sarah Palin, and I'll admit that I've allowed myself to be compleeetely ignorant regarding all politics. But, that being said, you know what? Today for some reason I watched Oprah (probably for the first time in my life) (at 2am) and it made me really angry. Watch this video:
Or, if you don't like that link, try this one:

First of all, when Oprah started asking a bunch of questions about grandbaby Palin, I was sort of surprised. Oprah was being really harsh and asking all these questions, like, do you regret that your daughter can't meet your expectations and that she let you down so much? Would you go back in time and talk to your daughter more about sex? Seriously, Oprah, come on. You just don't ask those questions (even if you're Oprah)!

But THEN, Sarah Palin came on and answered YES TO EVERYTHING! I was stunned. She was so mean to her daughter and acted like a politician instead of a mother! Seriously, Sarah, come on. You just don't dis your daughter on Oprah's TV show. I would have expected her to say that, although it was obviously not what she expected for her daughter, they love their new little baby and are excited to raise him. I don't think they said a single time that they love their baby! They just talked about how they wouldn't wish teen pregnancy on anybody because it's so horrible. Ugh. Hates it.

Anyway! Things I Ate Today:
-Half a Larabar
-A small bag of peanuts
-2 servings (20g protein, about 400 calories) hazelnut latte Bolthouse Juice*
-Homemade apple sauce
-A bowl of Cocoa Krispies in Ovaltine*
-A banana with peanutbutter and Ovaltine

Things I Ate Yesterday: a lot of juice, KSU vegetarian sushi rolls, a banana, 2 milkshakes (strawberry and vanilla), a bag of popcorn, half a Larabar, about half a pack of spicy cheese for some reason...

Today was a great day for eating, and yesterday was a pretty good day for eating!

*Best. Idea. Ever.

19 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today, the first day back at class, went very well! It ended with a LOT of old huge posters that look like they came from National Geographic but actually came from a dumpster on campus.

I woke up really excited to eat at 7:45, for some reason. I had two bowls* of chocolatey monster cereal while listening to the Fame Monster. It was Count Chocula- sort of like Cocoa Krispies with marshmallows.

For lunch around 11:30, I drank a medium mocha with whipped cream.

I ate a burrito bol thing from Boca, a bag of miniature Snickers bars, and a quart of chocolate soymilk.

I don't remember what I ate yesterday, but it ended in cole slaw and a brick of cheese.

It was a very good day for eating!!

*dirty tupperware container with a dirty plastic fork

17 January 2010

A very good day for eating

http://tinyurl.com/knxa3f Listen to this song all the way through, especially online at night when you're bored. Ee- Lek- Trek- City!

Yesterday for breakfast, I ate two to three bowls of Cocoa Krispies. Then, after work I ate a jar of salsa, a salad, like fifty kinds of fruit, two types of cheese, milk, water, and ovaltine. I also snacked on stuff like dried pineapple, probably raisins, etc.

Today, I ate:
-*Cocoa Krispies*
-Tons of vegetarian *sushi rolls*
-Dried pineapple*
-Tons of cole slaw*
-Gluten-free brownie rocks*
-Tons of *chocolate Ovaltine*

Today was a very good day for eating! The only thing to improve it would be something from Taco Bell with Lauren. Unfortunately, since I overdrew my bank account like a gillion dollars by eating too much Taco Bell, I guess I'll slow it down a little. I have a sore throat.

*This is, like, my new favorite food ever.

15 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today I woke up to go to lunch with Scotty at Eat 'n' Park, where I copied his order of a veggie burger with... I think honey mustard and pepperjack cheese? It was AMAZING. Fries on the side! I ate another piece of mom's cheesecake substance, an apple, chex party mix, a cookie at Sebastian's, raisins, Laughing Cow cheese with crackers... and I think something else.

I feel like I haven't really eaten today, but otherwise everything was good!

14 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

(You know that plaza across the street from Taco Bell on State road? Shadiest place EVER. There's a dollar store where you could probably buy crack for as much as the old magazines they sell in excess (for a dollar), and I bought a bootleg "Beasty" Boys CD from 1999 at the record store. I loved all of it, and I'm so excited for that CD because it's full of my favorite songs in addition to songs I've never heard. It's also very rare, of course!)

I ate:
-2 bowls of Cocoa Krispies
-A vegetarian volcano taco, cheesy fiesta potatoes, and two cups of Raspberry Hayley sugartea
-A Hostess Snowball which was so gross that I separated the cake from the exterior coconut/marshmallow layer, ate the cake, then threw the mallow out the window.
-A nice little piece of chocolate
-A LOT of tiny* grapes.
-Mashed potatoes with peas and some cheese and salt and pepper (around 8 or 9pm)
-A bowl of beans, rice and cheese that tasted like it came from Taco Bell's garbage last week
-Some cheesecake substance that my mom made

I got tired of the New Year's resolution about not eating desserts. The main problem I have with them is that they're full of gluten and I tend to sacrifice my non-gluten successes for cookies that I don't actually want. But, ya know, maybe I learned something from the whole experience! Maybe I didn't and should just not eat things that I am 90% probably allergic to. It's the climb.

All in all, an okay day for eating.

*I successfully convinced Cody that they were marashino grapes-- sort of like a grapple-- a genetically engineered cross between a grape and a marashino cherry. I told him that they were very expensive, when they were actually reduced because of their puny size.

13 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Happiness is so easy on Wednesday! Unfortunately, I guess eating is not.

Today for breakfast, I ate 4 small gluten-free cookies that my mom baked last night.
I also ate some tiny grapes that tasted like marashino cherries because they're so tiny.
For lunch/dinner, I ate a vegetarian crunchwrap with-- get this-- volcano sauce! A little out of the ordinary, but I would definitely reccommend to a friend. Deeelicious.
In the evening, Sebastian's mom fed us extraordinary apple cake.
Later when we were bored in the middle of the night, Lauren Sebastian and I went to the Donut Connection. There, I ate a glazed chocolate doughnut that was also covered in sprinkles and frosting. 89c well-gifted!

It was another gross day for eating, but everything tasted good!

12 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

My Sistas, Stop Mistaking Your Fat For Thickness!
Seriously, click on that link. You will NOT regret it.

Things I Ate Today:
-2 Clementines
-Chocolate chips
-Gluten-free cookies
-Taco salad thing

Today I made a mix CD for the first time since the early 2000's! It is very good, if I may say so. I also started writing my children's book. It is called "Jensen Jones, the Piano Tuner." It was another gross day for eating.

11 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-3 consecutive bowls of Cocoa Krispies
-2 little pieces of that cake
-A weird old piece of sweet bread??
-A bowl of diced pineapple
-An old episode of American Idol, which I eventually puked up
-Mashed potatoes with tons of mozerella cheese and low fat sour cream

It was an okay to poor day for eating. Maybe I should improve it with another bowl of Cocoa Krispies? Or maybe something that WON'T give me diabetes.

10 January 2010

The day that would've been better without food

Things I Ate Today:

For breakfast around nine, I poured a huge bowl of Cocoa Krispies, thinking, "this should get me out of pajamas!" only to discover that we were out of milk. So, horribly exhausted and disappointed, I made two mugs (4 packets) of naaasty generic hot chocolate. That definitely made me feel worse!

At work around two, I ate the rest of the bag of lettuce from yesterday, with blue cheese. I also ate a Luna bar, chocolate peppermint stick flavor? It was one of the best things I have EVER tasted-- like a huge thin mint with 8g protein and whole grains. Delicious!

After work around seven, I ate a big stale hunk of Swiss cheese (even though I don't like Swiss cheese thaaat much). Then, I ate some of mom's dinner to make her happy: a heap of mashed potatoes, green beans, and zucchini. Actually, I ate this as quickly as possible so I could go meet Lauren!

Around nine or ten at Sebastian's, I ate a bunch of cookies. Okay, that's definitely outside the resolution. But you know, I don't really care. It would have been a little rude not to have any because we were playing Apples to Apples with his mom, and I'm always hungry for nasty food on Sundays! So I ate a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. Then, at Giant Eagle, I bought a container of shell-shaped pasta salad. It was the grossest thing EVER. And for $3.50! Huge waste of money! I only ate some of it.

The three of us went to Sebastian's where we ate faaaancy cheese and crackers. When I got home, I noticed that my mom had baked a carrot/pumpkin cake, and by then I had eaten all the things that make me feel sick and gross; so I just went for it.

It was a very disgusting day for eating! Maybe tomorrow I'll just... not.

09 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Lesson of the day: I am not cut out for any regular job that starts in the morning. Aw hayull naw. I'm so tired and frazzled! Work again tomorrow morning, and again the next evening. Ugh! I smell like stinky laundry room cat and tester Gwen Stefani perfume at Macy's.

Breakfast: Cocoa Krispies (too good and gluten-free to be true!)
Lunch: Romaine lettuce with blue cheese; Arizona green tea
Dinner: Half a jar of salsa; six chik'n nuggets with ranch dressing
At Grandma's: A medium frostee ("icecream")
After Grandma's: A jar of salsa.
Veeerrrry thirsty.

It was a good day for eating! We even bought fruit at the store, so there are lots of yummy things to eat in the kitchen. :)

08 January 2010

Post 100: Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-2 or 3 servings of Morningstar chik'n nuggets. The box says they are the best chik'n nuggets, but I'm not sure how I feel about this because Boca's are also quite delicious!
-A lot of raisins. I'm getting back into those.
-Apple juice
-Hot salsa with sad remains of stale chip crumbles
-I don't remember, but there was a lot of it.

On break at work, I had my first resolution slip-up and ate a free candycane. However, I don't view this as a problem because it wasn't REALLY candy; I had a bad sore throat! After work:

-A large superprotein buffet of beans, rice, cheese, hot salsa, and lettuce. Deeelicious.
-The worst hot chocolate ever!! WalMart's generic brand ("SuperValue" or something?) is horribly watered down when you use two packets instead of one, the marshmallows zap all the flavor out of it, AND at the bottom where there should be chocolate powder, there is plain white sugar. Naaaasty.

I did not eat the random peppermint patty that I didn't actually want. Good girl.
It was another good day for eating!

07 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-About 1/3 carton of low fat moose tracks ice cream
-The champagne manngo that was rotting in my refrigerator
-A piece of Swiss cheese
-A plate of baby carrots with salad dressing
-Pepper spray up my nose at the allergy doctor's office
-About 3 jalapeno poppers
-One of my mom's (yogurt) fruit smoothies
-Two half jars of salsa (small- one medium, one hot)
-Scoops jalapeno-flavored chips
-99c Arizona green tea

It was a good day for eating!

06 January 2010

New Year's Resolution

Things I Resolve to Eat in 2010:

-A large jar of medium salsa
-2 Chipotle burritos in a row
-A grapple
-The champagne mango that is rotting in my refrigerator
-Moosetracks frozen yogurt, and karamel sutra by Ben & Jerry
-5,000 crunchwraps, trying one in every flavor
-A bag of lettuce
-4 canteloupes*

Things I ate today:
-3 veggie burgers in a row:(
-About half a bag of chocolate chips:(
-Some low fat, sugar free vanilla ice cream:x
-A grapple:)
-A crunchwrap with no guac... but a free drink!:D
-Considering some low fat moosetracks ice cream:)

It was a very good day for eating.**

*Why did the melons have a big wedding?
A: because they canteloupe
**Didn't you like my blog better before I started making so many jokes and side notes?

05 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate an enormous portion of those vegetable sushi rolls.

For lunch, I ate an enormous portion of those vegetable sushi rolls.

For dinner at the movie theatre, I ate part of a bag of $1 popcorn (no butter).

After the movie, I ate the rest of the bag of $1 popcorn.

I also drank a cup of hot chocolate (from a very old, gross packet, gag me with marshmallows), water, maybe some milk, and diet Canada dry.

It was a good (and boring) day for eating!

04 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:
-Literally a ton* of chocolate
-About half a box of hot chocolate
-A Morningstar pattie on a slice of bread with ranch dressing
-My third Chipotle burrito in 3 days (still amazingly delicious), with Hannah
-Some of Taco Bell's pink tea with Lauren***
-Vegetarian sushi rolls that my mom FINALLY made, after promising them when I made the switch to vegetarianism in fourth grade.

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-About half a box of chocolate**
-Cooked zucchini with sprinkled cheese
-A ton of cheese and crackers in weird flavors
-Chille (I still have no idea how to spell this)
-Deliiicious Chipotle with Sebastian
-Amazingly sophisticated and good hot chocolate with Sebastian at the hipster coffee place where everyone reads books and types on laptops in beanies because they're just sooooo cool****
-A little piece of Italian candy unlike anything I have ever experienced
-Literally half a ton* of chocolate

Any day full of chocolate and Chipotle is a good day for eating. :)

*I know, right?
**Have I mentioned that our house is freeezing?
***The first time I have ever gone to Taco Bell just for a drink. Classy, no?
****Haha whoops, I guess that includes my brother!

02 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today was the second day of my tentative New Year's resolution to stop eating sugary things*** except for good chocolate, ice cream, and anything I've never tasted before. So far, so good!

For breakfast around 9:15, I ate a couple bowls of medium salsa with non-Scoops chips. I also drank a cup of hot chocolate with a couple of cocoa packets.

On my lunch break at work around 3, I ate a bag of reduced red grapes, two "ripe" bananas, and one of those wonderfully tall cans of Arizona green tea. Delicious! I also enjoyed my new Nalgene bottle at work, drinking a lot of water that turned into ice in my stomach because the Kriegers do not believe in heaters for the poor girls cashiering by the frosty front door.

After work, Hayley and I got Chipotle. It was everything I thought it could be, and more. For a "fuller protein," * I got beans and cheese on my burrito today! I don't usually do that, but it was very good. I already miss (Miss) Hayley. :(

When I got home, I ate low fat vanilla (???) Breyer's ice cream, with hot home-made apple sauce underneath. Then, mom fed me like a million crackers with cheese ball cheese on them. The crackers were cinnamon-flavored, which sounds disgusting; however, they really made the cheese taste better!

It was a very good day for eating. Otherwise, I picked up a cute stray cat at work because I didn't want it to freeze to death (which it literally would have)**, and I already miss Hayley and Cody.

*Cody's mom, the woman who also sort of brought us gluten-free/dairy-free, insists that vegetarians need to COMBINE things like rice, beans, and cheese for a "fuller protein."
**Another reason why I picked it up is my parents are very nice. That shouldn't go unmentioned.
***I'm talkin', like, baked goods. Don't mind the hot chocolate in the next paragraph.

01 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast at Hayley's, I ate a bowl of nutritious Rice Krispies* with sugar on them (but no marshmallows). Immediately thereafter, I ate a crunchwrap with beans instead of meat, but EXTRA NACHO CHEESE INSTEAD OF GUACAMOLE! Would you believe it? Aside from the hole in the bottom of my crunchwrap, I'd say this was a phenomenal idea (on the part of Hayley). I also ate cheesy fiesta potatoes and drank a ton of Baja Blast (2-3 medium cups, no ice).

When I got home in the evening, I ate a ton of miniature mustard pretzels. I also ate 2 bowls of medium salsa (like a civilized person) with accomodating non-Scoops chips. I drank a lot of diet Canada Dry with apple juice, and some milk. There's a good chance that I will continue to eat.

Aside from my third or fourth day without the Chipotle that I've been especially hungry for, it was a good day for eating!

*The plain cereal is such a foreign concept, I didn't even notice that I'd written "Rice Krispie treats" until reading it a couple times.