09 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Lesson of the day: I am not cut out for any regular job that starts in the morning. Aw hayull naw. I'm so tired and frazzled! Work again tomorrow morning, and again the next evening. Ugh! I smell like stinky laundry room cat and tester Gwen Stefani perfume at Macy's.

Breakfast: Cocoa Krispies (too good and gluten-free to be true!)
Lunch: Romaine lettuce with blue cheese; Arizona green tea
Dinner: Half a jar of salsa; six chik'n nuggets with ranch dressing
At Grandma's: A medium frostee ("icecream")
After Grandma's: A jar of salsa.
Veeerrrry thirsty.

It was a good day for eating! We even bought fruit at the store, so there are lots of yummy things to eat in the kitchen. :)

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