22 January 2010

Sarah Palin I Ate Today

Obviously, I'm no political authority. I've never really investigated Sarah Palin, and I'll admit that I've allowed myself to be compleeetely ignorant regarding all politics. But, that being said, you know what? Today for some reason I watched Oprah (probably for the first time in my life) (at 2am) and it made me really angry. Watch this video:
Or, if you don't like that link, try this one:

First of all, when Oprah started asking a bunch of questions about grandbaby Palin, I was sort of surprised. Oprah was being really harsh and asking all these questions, like, do you regret that your daughter can't meet your expectations and that she let you down so much? Would you go back in time and talk to your daughter more about sex? Seriously, Oprah, come on. You just don't ask those questions (even if you're Oprah)!

But THEN, Sarah Palin came on and answered YES TO EVERYTHING! I was stunned. She was so mean to her daughter and acted like a politician instead of a mother! Seriously, Sarah, come on. You just don't dis your daughter on Oprah's TV show. I would have expected her to say that, although it was obviously not what she expected for her daughter, they love their new little baby and are excited to raise him. I don't think they said a single time that they love their baby! They just talked about how they wouldn't wish teen pregnancy on anybody because it's so horrible. Ugh. Hates it.

Anyway! Things I Ate Today:
-Half a Larabar
-A small bag of peanuts
-2 servings (20g protein, about 400 calories) hazelnut latte Bolthouse Juice*
-Homemade apple sauce
-A bowl of Cocoa Krispies in Ovaltine*
-A banana with peanutbutter and Ovaltine

Things I Ate Yesterday: a lot of juice, KSU vegetarian sushi rolls, a banana, 2 milkshakes (strawberry and vanilla), a bag of popcorn, half a Larabar, about half a pack of spicy cheese for some reason...

Today was a great day for eating, and yesterday was a pretty good day for eating!

*Best. Idea. Ever.

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