17 January 2010

A very good day for eating

http://tinyurl.com/knxa3f Listen to this song all the way through, especially online at night when you're bored. Ee- Lek- Trek- City!

Yesterday for breakfast, I ate two to three bowls of Cocoa Krispies. Then, after work I ate a jar of salsa, a salad, like fifty kinds of fruit, two types of cheese, milk, water, and ovaltine. I also snacked on stuff like dried pineapple, probably raisins, etc.

Today, I ate:
-*Cocoa Krispies*
-Tons of vegetarian *sushi rolls*
-Dried pineapple*
-Tons of cole slaw*
-Gluten-free brownie rocks*
-Tons of *chocolate Ovaltine*

Today was a very good day for eating! The only thing to improve it would be something from Taco Bell with Lauren. Unfortunately, since I overdrew my bank account like a gillion dollars by eating too much Taco Bell, I guess I'll slow it down a little. I have a sore throat.

*This is, like, my new favorite food ever.

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