06 January 2010

New Year's Resolution

Things I Resolve to Eat in 2010:

-A large jar of medium salsa
-2 Chipotle burritos in a row
-A grapple
-The champagne mango that is rotting in my refrigerator
-Moosetracks frozen yogurt, and karamel sutra by Ben & Jerry
-5,000 crunchwraps, trying one in every flavor
-A bag of lettuce
-4 canteloupes*

Things I ate today:
-3 veggie burgers in a row:(
-About half a bag of chocolate chips:(
-Some low fat, sugar free vanilla ice cream:x
-A grapple:)
-A crunchwrap with no guac... but a free drink!:D
-Considering some low fat moosetracks ice cream:)

It was a very good day for eating.**

*Why did the melons have a big wedding?
A: because they canteloupe
**Didn't you like my blog better before I started making so many jokes and side notes?

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