02 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today was the second day of my tentative New Year's resolution to stop eating sugary things*** except for good chocolate, ice cream, and anything I've never tasted before. So far, so good!

For breakfast around 9:15, I ate a couple bowls of medium salsa with non-Scoops chips. I also drank a cup of hot chocolate with a couple of cocoa packets.

On my lunch break at work around 3, I ate a bag of reduced red grapes, two "ripe" bananas, and one of those wonderfully tall cans of Arizona green tea. Delicious! I also enjoyed my new Nalgene bottle at work, drinking a lot of water that turned into ice in my stomach because the Kriegers do not believe in heaters for the poor girls cashiering by the frosty front door.

After work, Hayley and I got Chipotle. It was everything I thought it could be, and more. For a "fuller protein," * I got beans and cheese on my burrito today! I don't usually do that, but it was very good. I already miss (Miss) Hayley. :(

When I got home, I ate low fat vanilla (???) Breyer's ice cream, with hot home-made apple sauce underneath. Then, mom fed me like a million crackers with cheese ball cheese on them. The crackers were cinnamon-flavored, which sounds disgusting; however, they really made the cheese taste better!

It was a very good day for eating. Otherwise, I picked up a cute stray cat at work because I didn't want it to freeze to death (which it literally would have)**, and I already miss Hayley and Cody.

*Cody's mom, the woman who also sort of brought us gluten-free/dairy-free, insists that vegetarians need to COMBINE things like rice, beans, and cheese for a "fuller protein."
**Another reason why I picked it up is my parents are very nice. That shouldn't go unmentioned.
***I'm talkin', like, baked goods. Don't mind the hot chocolate in the next paragraph.

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