31 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Who's hungry? Not me. Memorial Day is arguably the best holiday because it's just so full of foods to memorize.

My new favorite breakfast is chocolate and coffee, even though the chocolate is almost gone. What we have is Vintage Plantations (or maybe that name is the other way around?) with some kind of coffee flavor to it... soooo deliciouss.

At lunch, I had some more of this Greek yogurt that is so great. I got the last cup of pineapple flavor, just because it was the last one. Had I not been given the option to rob other people of the most popular flavor, I would have chosen vanilla (like yesterday). But alas! I ate it with an apple and Arizona green tea (the normal teal can with pink flowers).

After work, I ate potato salad out the vat with a glass of blue drank. I put cherries, strawberries, and watermelon chunks in a bowl together. I also ate more chocolate and a little bit of vanilla ice cream.

Then I went to Lauren's for double movie Monday (Charlie Bartlett and Persepolis, both incredible) where I ate popcorn, margarita chips, and pink lemonade. zOmg.

When I came home, I drank a few more glasses of blue drank. I thanked my friend Michael for the 5glassperday addiction via text message and, after confirming that I was serious, he said, "If I could give you any advice ever. It would be not to drink 5 glasses a day. Out of fear of a failing heart." What a pal:)

Lately I've been making coffee in the mornings for myself and my parents. I use a smaller mug and grosser coffee but add more (1%) milk and a spoonful of sugar. Spoonsize varies...

It was a great day for eating!

30 May 2010

Things i ate today: kumquats blue drank margarita chips, blueberries and chocolate, greek yogurt with fresh bing cherries, mango, coconut icee bar, apple, veggie burger and lays even though i hate potato chips. Chocolate and coffee for breakfast with a piece of bread. It was a great day for eating.

29 May 2010

Things i ate today: splurge chocolate, lite yogurt, 3 chik'n nuggets, toast, lots of chips and salsa, 2 apples, pbj sandwich, mom's lemon icee, blue drank blue chips and blue cheese, maybe something else, and chocolate milk.

27 May 2010

Things i ate today: a banana, multiple slices of honeyrock, chocolate peppermint luna bar, dry apple jacks, two smallish apples (gala), part of a cowtail from my coworker, and last but certainly not least: blue drank and margarita chips in good supply! It was a grood day for eating.
This is a mobile update!! Yesterday i forgot to say that i ate a piece of lemon meringue pie and a few little pieces of my dad's potato fry stuff.

Things I Ate Today

Youtube videos about modern Christianity make me so mad; but Westbound Train sets the day at peace!

Things I Ate Today:

-5 chik'n nuggets


-a cob of corn

-a slice of honeyrock melon

-half a banana

-a taste of tabouli on naan bread from Erik

-part of a Naked juice from Lauren

-a bowl of Apple Jacks

It was a good day for eating! Sorry for the overspacing that's about to happen with these lines.

25 May 2010

ZOMG Things I Ate Today

Do you think this post will actually work?? Lately, my computer has not been tolerating Blogger at all. This is the first time I've seen Things I Ate Today at all in like two weeks because it always gets shut down. Agh. Oh how I've missed you, silly end-of-the-day routine.

Things I ate Today:
-S'mores Luna Bar, which was actually very good!
-I think about 2 kumquats
-a banana
-Margarita chips (Tangos)
-Blue chips (Tangos)
-Salsa (something vaguely generic followed by Tostitos "Restaurant Style")
-Tons of blue drank
-halves of two "free rack" peaches I picked up yesterday
-coconut freezer pop, which was just scrumptious
-part of a spaghetti-zucchini omelet*
-one bite of grilled cheese
-lemon and meringue from the pie as I made it, although I haven't cut any pieces!**

Lately I have discovered a few things:
-BLUE DRANK! (This really is self-explanitory. It can be found at any grocery store in gallons)
-Tangos chips! I've had them before, but the Margarita chips will seriously change your life. Please go buy them. When I eat them, especially while drinking sweet tea or blue drank, I just feel that southern ease.
-Actually, most of my food choices have been based on summer ease and that feeling described in books when people from the south drink cold beverages on their front porches and relax.
-Kumquats are so cool. They're unlike anything else I've eaten, and they're great to cleanse the palette. For example, if you are tired of eating margarita chips and want to progress to your blue drank, eat a couple kumquats. I think they're also good for you, but I could be wrong.

It was a great day for eating! Oh, how I hope this works.

*I cooked tonnns of stuff today: grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, zucchini, fried spaghetti... then I progressively mixed a few of those things together with an egg to form the omelet that has just been dying to happen. It's like I've always said: if they put eggs in chinese noodles, why not put chinese noodles in eggs? On a scale from one to disgusting, this was pretty okay.
**It is just so nice to make lemon meringue pies in the summer. The one I made today is not perfect, but I'm still kinda proud of it because the meringue just whipped up beautifully and that's the most terrifying part.

16 May 2010

Things I Ate Today, Yesterday, And The Day Before Yesterday

Things I Ate Today:

I woke up at noon and ate half a slice of Pizza Hut pizza and a cup of Dannon “fruit on the bottom” yogurt, peach, which is just disgusting. This yogurt makes me mad because, first of all, it’s not light yogurt. Second of all, the fruit is at the bottom so you have to mix it all together and it’s just gross, and there’s a terrible consistency. The only reason I ate it was because my mom bought it on sale at Marc’s.

Next, I filled a medium metal mixing bowl with Cap’n Crunch peanut butter cereal, Cocoa Puffs, and Coooookie Crisp. This is one of my favorite things about summer. I ate it while watching Project Runway and Models of the Runway.

Before my cousin’s graduation party, I ate two more bowls of cereal. It is just so dang good. I also ate some Heath ice cream out of the carton. The confusing thing about having a carton of ice cream at home is it’s not in a pint so you can’t eat the whole thing in one sitting unless you want to gross out your parents.

At the graduation party, I ate a huge piece of cake. I was not interested in the gourmet food options available.

After the party, I ate: 3 Tootsie Pops or maybe 4, a veggie Burger that was just disgusting, a bowl of corn from the freezer/microwave, a bowl of extremely spicy rice, and the rest of the ice cream. Very good.

I’m chewing a piece of gum that I found in my purse.

Things I Ate Yesterday:
Coffee, a big apple and Luna bar for breakfast.
A little apple at work.
Peanut butter sandwich at work. Supplemented by a lot of
Dried organic raspberries from the free rack.
A blueberry yogurt covered pretzel from Terri after work.
A piece and a half of pizza hut pizza. It was gross and greasy.
Two tootsie pops.
Lots of ice cream.
Lazy toast.
Juiced up water. Not watered down juice, but juiced up water.

Things I Ate The Day Before Yesterday:
A piece of fruit cake.
Two applettes.
Luna bar.
Gordita Crunch.
Baja blast.
A fry.
After this post, I ate a doughnut and a *light* blue Tootsie Pop. It was a good day for eating! And thanks to Lauren for sharing all the things I ate other than today because I would have just let them go forever. And who could imagine a day without documentation of everything I ate? Har har har:)

12 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-an apple
-chocolate milk chug
-I literally don't remember what else
-Baja Blast and cheesy fiesta potatoes
-a few sips of Sebastian's amazingly delicious mint-oreo milkshake
Between Lauren and I:
-a pizza and juicey water
-a box of Runts
-hot sauce packets
-almost an entire box of hot chocolate
-3 packets of seasoned rice noodles (deeelicious!)

Sooooo tiiiired. About to pass out right here! A lot of carbs, but otherwise it was a GREAT day for eating. Lots of profound combinations and stuff.

Things I Ate Yesterday Which Evolved Into Today At Some Point While I Drank Baja Blast

Things I Ate Yesterday Which Evolved Into Today At Some Point While I Drank Baja Blast:


-possibly the biggest and greatest Chipotle burrito I have ever eaten!
-oreo milkshake

-mint lindt ball
-large coffee

-a brownie from the girls in Stopher who make (made) brownies every Tuesday and walked around passing them to everyone... have I not mentioned this in the past?

-nachos and cheese around 4:30 am
-XL Baja Blast around 4:30 am

It was a good day for eating!

10 May 2010

POST 200

Just think how many calories I've eaten over the course of this blog! Astounding.

Things I Ate Today:

-an apple or two
-chocolate milk chug
-veggie burger and orange juice
-a box of Gobstoppers, mostly out of anxiety
-Crunchwrap, nachos, hot sauce
-Baja Blast

Lauren brought me Taco Bell because she is AMAZING. I still can't even believe that happened! I was so so so happy!! It was a great day for eating. Probably shouldn't have eaten a box of Gobstoppers, though. I mean that was kinda gross.

09 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

According to www.livestrong.com/myplate, I consumed 3115 calories today (roughly 1115 calories above recommendation). Lololol.

I ate:
-a banana
-2 large cups of coffee
-2 skim milk chugs
-a box of double stuf oreos
-free omelet (the first one I've eaten in years)

I might go ahead and eat an apple because the omelet made me more hungry. Haha it was a pretty great day for eating!

08 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

Breakfast: a slice of cherry pie with a big cup of coffee
Break around 5: 2 big apples and some fruit gems
Candy from coworkers: purple gummy butterfly and a fruit slice
After work: Kashi granola bar and a banana

I am hungrrryyy:(

07 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Horrible idea of the day: Bright Eyes COVER? Why, why, why?
Unbelievably great idea of the day: short hair in the wind zooomgz

Things I Ate Today:

-2 pieces of can't elope
-2 pieces of toast
-2 apples
-potato salad
-amazing cupcake that Terri made zoooomg
-2 pieces of bread
-2 pieces of cheese
-2 cups of yogurt
-2 pieces of pie
-dad's famous popcorn
-Frostie from Wendy's
-2 glasses of milk
-2 cups of coffee

Hahahaha all of that is disgusting! But I do have the Noah's Arc (ark?) of stomachs; and I'm pretty sure it did flood today. I think sentences will be more coherent in the morning.

It was a good day / for eating!

06 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Boy, am I ever sleepy! After this, I literally plan on going right to sleep. Found the phone charger, thank God, so an alarm will go off in like 12 hours.

After waking up at 7:30 (after going to sleep at 3:30), I drank my remaining Baja Blast at 8:)

Around... noon or something? I ate two perfect Prentice cookies with a cup of black coffee.

Before math, at like 5? I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and red delicious apple

After math, at like 9? I ate a cup of apple turnover yogurt.

Then, just now, I came home and ate a bunch of cheese and toast, with grapes and a glass of milk and half a slice of canteloupe. Zzzzzzzz! Sleepasleepasleepasleepa. Mommanomnom. It was a good day for eating.

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-4 (minimum) bowls of Apple Jacks
-coffee without the soy milk, considering my food plan has less than $15 remaining
-amazing rice thang Lauren made
-1 nacho with cheese
-I think like a mint or something
-Tonsandtonsandtons of Baja Blast
-one of those ice cream... drum... thing(s)...
-delicious chocolate chip cookies

Was that all? I don't really know, but it sure was a weird day for eating!

04 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Apple Jacks
-Chipotle with Jon
-Apple Jacks
-Apple Jacks
-Ice cream cake and a brownie with Jon

It was a good day for eating:)

03 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Wow. I made some of The Best Discoveries today.
1. Have you tried this year's summer Dew flavors? Mountain Dew Typhoon. I do not recommend this lightly.
2. Apple Jacks taste SO MUCH better with milk. I also don't mention this lightly!
A. Mazing.

Things I Ate Today:
-sunny d* from Lauren
-coffee with chocolate soy milk
-half a banana
-an apple with some peanut butter
-sweet iced tea
-2 hot sauce packets and 2 mints and a piece of gum
-Tons of skim milk
-Chocolate cupcake from Rosie's that I've literally been dreaming about all semester
-Supercheesy grilled cheese
-Tons more of skim milk
-Mountain Dew Typhoon<3 and more gum
-tea and cookies from Erik
-another apple
-apple jacks

It was a great day for eating (and life)!

02 May 2010

The sky was gold!

Things I Ate Today:

-some kind of "healthy" pancakes that my mom made, with some kind of extra-fancy syrup
-milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
-the best latte (possibly the best THING) I have ever tasted
-a huge piece of cake that my mom brought as a gift
-baby carrots
-an apple

It was a good day for eating! Seems like a good time to start reforming my health standards again, though.

01 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday for breakfast, I ate 1.5 vanilla milkshake-- THE BOMB-- poptarts with two bites of birthday cake.

For lunch at work, I ate a cupcake that Terri made (amazing) with a banana off the free rack and a pink lady apple.

On the way home from work, mom and I ate a bag of fruit gems. I also had a piece of pita bread. Then I ate a piece of birthday cake. Then she was like, "do you want some ice cream?" and I was like, "yaaaa" so I had another piece of cake with the ice cream.

At the apartment, I discovered an extreme love for cream soda, Titanic ice cubes, and some other stuff. I can't remember what it was called right now, but French Fries were also involved:)

Today when I got back home, I ate the remaining four pop tarts (seriously you have GOT to try these) and an apple.

When I got home from work, I ate craaaazy good for you Greek yogurt. There are like 12 grams of protein for every 120 calories, and no fat?

I also ate some margarita corn chips, perfect strawberries, and a scoop of ice cream.

Yesterday was the PERFECT day for eating, but today was kinda whatever. Bedtime! :P