07 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Horrible idea of the day: Bright Eyes COVER? Why, why, why?
Unbelievably great idea of the day: short hair in the wind zooomgz

Things I Ate Today:

-2 pieces of can't elope
-2 pieces of toast
-2 apples
-potato salad
-amazing cupcake that Terri made zoooomg
-2 pieces of bread
-2 pieces of cheese
-2 cups of yogurt
-2 pieces of pie
-dad's famous popcorn
-Frostie from Wendy's
-2 glasses of milk
-2 cups of coffee

Hahahaha all of that is disgusting! But I do have the Noah's Arc (ark?) of stomachs; and I'm pretty sure it did flood today. I think sentences will be more coherent in the morning.

It was a good day / for eating!

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