31 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Who's hungry? Not me. Memorial Day is arguably the best holiday because it's just so full of foods to memorize.

My new favorite breakfast is chocolate and coffee, even though the chocolate is almost gone. What we have is Vintage Plantations (or maybe that name is the other way around?) with some kind of coffee flavor to it... soooo deliciouss.

At lunch, I had some more of this Greek yogurt that is so great. I got the last cup of pineapple flavor, just because it was the last one. Had I not been given the option to rob other people of the most popular flavor, I would have chosen vanilla (like yesterday). But alas! I ate it with an apple and Arizona green tea (the normal teal can with pink flowers).

After work, I ate potato salad out the vat with a glass of blue drank. I put cherries, strawberries, and watermelon chunks in a bowl together. I also ate more chocolate and a little bit of vanilla ice cream.

Then I went to Lauren's for double movie Monday (Charlie Bartlett and Persepolis, both incredible) where I ate popcorn, margarita chips, and pink lemonade. zOmg.

When I came home, I drank a few more glasses of blue drank. I thanked my friend Michael for the 5glassperday addiction via text message and, after confirming that I was serious, he said, "If I could give you any advice ever. It would be not to drink 5 glasses a day. Out of fear of a failing heart." What a pal:)

Lately I've been making coffee in the mornings for myself and my parents. I use a smaller mug and grosser coffee but add more (1%) milk and a spoonful of sugar. Spoonsize varies...

It was a great day for eating!

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