31 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

YES!! Check out my subscriber index (8)!!

Today for breakfast, I ate a 75cent sugar-high breakfast bar that tasted like a Reeces cup.

For lunch, I ate chips and salsa.

Then, Kaytee came over. So for lunch I ate watermelon and two pieces of birthday cake.

(After that, I bought another lunch, but it was for Dustin- chicken tenders.)

Then I went to Sebastian's and brought/ate Elmer Fudd (I guess they're called E.L. Fudge??) cookies and part of a chocolate/peanutbutter pretzel.

For dinner, I ate a salad bar delight bowl of delight, full of delightful spinach, hommus, pitas, and so on.

Then for dinner with Hayley and Sebastian, I drank hot chocolate with the center of a doughnut and a fried cheese stick.

Then, for dinner, I ate the rest of those cookies at Sebastian's because they all fell on the floor and I knew he would probably throw them away.

A good day for eating! But boy am I thirsty.

By the way, things I ate yesterday included (but were not limited to): a few spoonfuls of frosting, birthday cake, two doughnut holes, 1.5 milkshakes (mocha and caramel), watermelon, um... and who knows what else. Ew!

29 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

A song for today: Guava Jelly by Ka'au Crater Boys

Today I woke up a couple hours late at Cody's house. His roommate Jon and Jon's boyfriend Al were the only (awesome!) people in there, still asleep, so I got to sneak around like a secretly starving secret agent. I ate a yogurt-topped granola bar for breakfast, and it was extra crunchy from being in the freezer.

I was supposed to get lunch with my roommate Diana around 1:45, but she got moved in a little late. She said she's going to throw me a big college birthday party! I think we're a good match, though. On the way to work around 2:30, I ate the sample box of Honey Sunshine cereal that Kashi mailed me. Want some? I have cupons... *

At work, I ate the best brownie I have ever tasted in my entire life.

Around nine, I ate a bowl of spaghetti with a piece of "garlic" toast and some watermelon. Then, disgusted by the contentment of my stomach (which had been completely empty an hour the previous), I ate a huuuge bowl of my dad's salted and buttered popcorn, a glass of chocolate milk, a couple glasses of regular milk, cake batter, 4 marshmallows, and... maybe something else. Didn't I do a great job of easing back into a gluttenious and dairyous lifestyle? It's been a mostly grosstly day for food. So someone call me and let's get stuffed! **

*Who decided that an elipse at the end of a sentence needs four dots? That's so ugly!
**If there are drinking games, shouldn't there also be eating games?

28 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today was better than yesterday! I ate:

-two vegetarian wraps (one that was free, one that I messed up and stressed someone out about)
-two cookies (one free, one stolen but also free)
-half a small jar of salsa with Scoops chips
-a side salad with blue cheese dressing
-the kind of iced tea that Hayley gets at Taco Bell
-a fruit gummy vitamin AND one a day women's supplement (uh-oh! they were actually both one a day.)
-a personal bag of cheesy Doritos

I'm either on the fast track to anorexia or better health, but it's hard to say which.

27 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

2:00AM: I ate half a batch of brownie batter.

Two songs that definitely made today better:
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
Things are Looking Up by Classified

10:30AM: I ate a peach.
3-4PM: I ate a brownie.
9:00PM: I ate a crunchwrap, a volcano taco, and a cheesy fiesta potatoes.

It's been a long day! I know things will get better soon, though, and my friends have been especially nice to me. People in books and movies always exaggerate stuff like high school and peer pressure, so I assumed that going to college would be less intimidating and depressing than they say it is. But guess what! If today was any true reflection of the switch to "college life," this plot line wasn't exaggerated. Yaaaayyyy!

Eating is a good idea.

26 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I ate fruit for breakfast. I had some walnuts to prepare for the French CLEP test that I failed by six points (c'est la vie), and then I ate a huge awesome bag of Sebastian's Easter candy. It was GREAT. For dinner, I ate a salad with blue/strawberries and Bolthouse poppyseed dressing, and a few portions of watermelon. After snacking on my new baby laptop, I ate the smallest bit of icecream and a TON of cheddar cheese. It's been a while for that! I also ate a second salad (one of the same) and a few handsful of blueberries.

25 August 2009

Very Dairy, Gluttenous Things I Ate Today

This is my 37th post!

Yesterday, Cody and I started eating some more gluten and dairy because it was Laura's birthday and it's been six weeks since we stopped. He slept over so we could get the full day's worth of calories knocked out at midnight. And the rest of the day was devoted to Laura's glorious birthday! So, yesterday:

Things I ate:
-Half a pan of brownies
-Half a Reece's Bar (OMG.)
-Way too much milk. Gaaag! (And, yet--!)
-One piece of fruit
-Half a bag of "nacho cheese" Doritos
-The most wonderful pita wrap with falaffel and hommus(!!)
-with an amazing side salad COVERED in feta cheese like you wouldn't believe
-Reece's torte birthday cake(!!)
-Maybe another piece of fruit, milk...
-About ten million chocolate chip cookies (that midnight), with more milk.
There was probably more than that, but I don't even remember.

Starting today, I'm eating dairy but not gluten. That'll last for another two weeks. So today, this is what I ate:

-I think, actually, a piece of fruit for good start
-a MEDIUM Blizzard with (er... gluten-free?) cookie dough and peanut butter cups
-Two volcano tacos with beans instead of meat and no cheese, with Baja Blast
-A (er, gluten-free?) Girl Scout Thin Mint Blizzard
-French fries from McDonald's, with Coke
-A lot of (er, gluten-free?) cookies that were sitting out at the church (even though Hayley and I had no reason to be at the church... at least I won the air hockey championship!!)
-A bowl of butter pecan icecream with chocolate syrup
-Some other hilariously gross things that, um, were PROBABLY gluten-free... LOL

I'm feelin' good! Today was great and perfect. If this is what it means to eat gluten and dairy, you can count me in. :)

P.S. Do you want to know what I ate before Cody came over? Actually, the slenderosity of my calorie count that day was impressive. I ate some melon, a salad, boiler potatoes with garlic, and some corn chips. I also rode thirty miles on my bike! So maybe everything I ate afterwards can be justified. Haha um... or something.

22 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Hot rice cereal with syrup for sweetness
-3 bananas
-A little bit of Pepsi (nasty!)
-Crunchy Jif peanutbutter
-A piece of honeyrock
-The rest of my sour gummy worms
-Walnuts (yuck!)
-2 cobs of corn (today it occurred to me that they're actually called ears)
-Our largest mixing bowl full of popcorn
-2 crunchy bean tacos without cheese
-A shared medium Baja Blast

Some produce items may be missing, but I don't actually know.

21 August 2009

Blue Things I Ate Today

Something I should add about yesterday: after the post, Hayley slept over at my house. So, justifiably, however you spell that, I ate a bag of sour gummy worms after the previous post. It was extremely disgusting, and those 1,200 calories stayed in my stomach for a very long time. I followed them with another little boiler potato.

Today for breakfast, I ate some more of those nasty gummy worms (there were two bags, duh!) and half or more of a smaller canteloupe. Around four pm, Hayley and I felt like we were going to throw up so we went to Robek's. I got the "hummingbird" smoothie with soy sorbet instead of the regular kind. And a shot of protein.

For dinner, I ate french fries, two cobs of corn, and a white peach that matched my nail polish and skin tone of the hand. Um... I think there was more... it was probably fruit....

Then, we went to see "500 Days of Summer." It was very good! I ate some more of those nasty sour gummies. They were so appropriate, though!

A disgusting day for foods. But not bad!

20 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today around 10:45, I ate two candy canes because there was literally nothing for breakfast.

At work around 5:30, I ate a DELICIOUS white peach and a small bottle (two servings/about 350 calories) of Bolthouse juice (very high in protein!).

Back at home around 8:45, I sliced and microwaved two small boiler potatoes with about half a clove of garlic and some oil. I added pepper and seasoning salt. Are you impressed? This was my last real option because I dropped our huge bowl of rice and it broke everywhere.

I also ate... three? Four? Three or four more white peaches; and another candy cane. Still hungry!

19 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, Andy came over around noon and we ate a honeyrock. Then, we cooked rice and I ate two bowls of it (with salt and the like). For dinner, I ate another bowl of rice (with salt and the like).

After I returned from the mall with my mom, I ate chips and a small jar of salsa (opposed to the large jar of yesterday's capers). Then I had a blenderized lime beverage.

18 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate a cup of Rice Krispies with light vanilla soy milk.
I ate one more piece of taffy.
For lunch, I ate a pot of Rice Krispie treats.
I ate two old candy canes.
I ate corn chips.
I ate a pear.
I ate one or few lemon drops.
I ate snappeas from the garden.
I ate a double jar of medium salsa with a bean taco and Baja Blast and lots of hot sauce. YUM.
I ate a bag of Swedish Fish.

A very good day for eating!

17 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

I want to say that I had a nectarine for breakfast today, but I did that yesterday! So it's up in the air. For breakfast, I probably ate a nectarine. And other fruit or items. I also mixed half a mug of coffee with half a cup of light soy milk and added almond flavor. Good idea! For lunch, I ate a cob and a half of corn. Then I went to work!

On my lunch break at work, I ate the last nectarine and the last banana. I also had a few handfuls of the oversalted sunflower seeds that I've been eating on lunch breaks. They always make me feel sort of sick, but I eat them anyway.

When I got home, I ate a bowl of salad and a huge thing of homemade salsa (about a jar's worth). And plenty more corn chips, of course. Let's see... I finished my unbelievably large bottle of water, and my mom made fruit smoothies. That was a good idea, too. I ate one or two jawbreakers today, another old honeybear lollipop thing, and some more taffy.

I love Chris Murray.

Also, my dad finally told me that it's okay for me to live in a dorm at college. He said that he respects the work I've put into saving the money for it and that I'm a good daughter. Which is awesome!! I've spent pretty much the whole day thinking about the stuff I'd like to buy and take to school. On that note, can we just talk about how difficult it is to find good sneakers? And a plain, perfect backpack. And a Paperchase notebook. And... A good day for eating!

16 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

My stomach felt gross all day today, because it is just too full. I swear it's sticking out a few inches farther than it did yesterday. But, although I tried to eat light foods like fruit and salsa, I was reminded of the reason why I'm so full in the first place: sometimes you just really want to eat everything forever!

The first thing I ate was a nectarine. I ate about 3 pieces of melon, namely honeyrock and honeydew. I ate a lot of fruit, a few pieces of melon here or there, and a lot of taffy. Here and there and everywhere. I finished the rest of our rice noodles with spaghetti sauce (still amazing), and had a few bites of salad. I ate a pint of the most delicious sorbet I've ever tasted: mango. I ate a jar of Chichi's hot salsa, with corn chips. Then I went to Chipotle with Hayley and Sebastian. And TONS more taffy. All day.

At the end of the day, I was still wanting some more sugar. My mom gave me a handful of jawbreakers, so I ate one of those. And we still have unopened boxes of candy canes from last Christmas (because they buy new ones every year, for some reason), so I ate one of those. Candy canes are always a good way to finish things off. They're pretty satisfying. Oh- I also ate a little honey bear from work, and a lot of light vanilla soy milk. Yum yum yum yum yum! Boy was it ever a good day for eating.

I'm trying to figure what my five favorite foods are, lately. Chipotle, Thai Gourmet, Taco Bell, Vegeteranean and Eat 'n' Park aside, I know my top three are blueberries, chocolate, and salsa. Today thought maybe the other two would be spaghetti and icecream. What are your five favorite foods?

11 August 2009

American Things I Ate Today

After riding 12 hours of Greyhound bus from Ontario to Cleveland because my mom sort of hydroplaned the two of us and her now-totaled '98 Acura off a Canadian expressway into a rocky ravine (our lack of injuries or death due to the graces of God himself), I'm back at home. My sleepy, wandering self! I did sleep on the bus ride from Buffalo to Cleveland, but after we got home at 4am this morning I slept from five to eleven. I ate: taffy, almonds/nuts, 3ish-week-old watermelon.

For some reason, then, I didn't eat until about 9pm. Bad idea! I was hungry at work. But then I made rice noodles, which are basically identical to (less expensive gluten-free) spaghetti, and flooded them with spaghetti sauce. Delicious!! Spaghetti is one of my favorite meals, but I frequently take it for granted. Also, I ate more of the taffy which wasn't even mine to begin with. All in all, a good day for eating! I might have some more of that "spaghetti," but I did really eat a ton of it for dinner. Oh, also, with some green beans! A pathetic little cooked handful of them which were probably, now that I think of it, poisoned by my mother with butter or something horribly dairy.