29 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

A song for today: Guava Jelly by Ka'au Crater Boys

Today I woke up a couple hours late at Cody's house. His roommate Jon and Jon's boyfriend Al were the only (awesome!) people in there, still asleep, so I got to sneak around like a secretly starving secret agent. I ate a yogurt-topped granola bar for breakfast, and it was extra crunchy from being in the freezer.

I was supposed to get lunch with my roommate Diana around 1:45, but she got moved in a little late. She said she's going to throw me a big college birthday party! I think we're a good match, though. On the way to work around 2:30, I ate the sample box of Honey Sunshine cereal that Kashi mailed me. Want some? I have cupons... *

At work, I ate the best brownie I have ever tasted in my entire life.

Around nine, I ate a bowl of spaghetti with a piece of "garlic" toast and some watermelon. Then, disgusted by the contentment of my stomach (which had been completely empty an hour the previous), I ate a huuuge bowl of my dad's salted and buttered popcorn, a glass of chocolate milk, a couple glasses of regular milk, cake batter, 4 marshmallows, and... maybe something else. Didn't I do a great job of easing back into a gluttenious and dairyous lifestyle? It's been a mostly grosstly day for food. So someone call me and let's get stuffed! **

*Who decided that an elipse at the end of a sentence needs four dots? That's so ugly!
**If there are drinking games, shouldn't there also be eating games?

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