16 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

My stomach felt gross all day today, because it is just too full. I swear it's sticking out a few inches farther than it did yesterday. But, although I tried to eat light foods like fruit and salsa, I was reminded of the reason why I'm so full in the first place: sometimes you just really want to eat everything forever!

The first thing I ate was a nectarine. I ate about 3 pieces of melon, namely honeyrock and honeydew. I ate a lot of fruit, a few pieces of melon here or there, and a lot of taffy. Here and there and everywhere. I finished the rest of our rice noodles with spaghetti sauce (still amazing), and had a few bites of salad. I ate a pint of the most delicious sorbet I've ever tasted: mango. I ate a jar of Chichi's hot salsa, with corn chips. Then I went to Chipotle with Hayley and Sebastian. And TONS more taffy. All day.

At the end of the day, I was still wanting some more sugar. My mom gave me a handful of jawbreakers, so I ate one of those. And we still have unopened boxes of candy canes from last Christmas (because they buy new ones every year, for some reason), so I ate one of those. Candy canes are always a good way to finish things off. They're pretty satisfying. Oh- I also ate a little honey bear from work, and a lot of light vanilla soy milk. Yum yum yum yum yum! Boy was it ever a good day for eating.

I'm trying to figure what my five favorite foods are, lately. Chipotle, Thai Gourmet, Taco Bell, Vegeteranean and Eat 'n' Park aside, I know my top three are blueberries, chocolate, and salsa. Today thought maybe the other two would be spaghetti and icecream. What are your five favorite foods?

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