11 August 2009

American Things I Ate Today

After riding 12 hours of Greyhound bus from Ontario to Cleveland because my mom sort of hydroplaned the two of us and her now-totaled '98 Acura off a Canadian expressway into a rocky ravine (our lack of injuries or death due to the graces of God himself), I'm back at home. My sleepy, wandering self! I did sleep on the bus ride from Buffalo to Cleveland, but after we got home at 4am this morning I slept from five to eleven. I ate: taffy, almonds/nuts, 3ish-week-old watermelon.

For some reason, then, I didn't eat until about 9pm. Bad idea! I was hungry at work. But then I made rice noodles, which are basically identical to (less expensive gluten-free) spaghetti, and flooded them with spaghetti sauce. Delicious!! Spaghetti is one of my favorite meals, but I frequently take it for granted. Also, I ate more of the taffy which wasn't even mine to begin with. All in all, a good day for eating! I might have some more of that "spaghetti," but I did really eat a ton of it for dinner. Oh, also, with some green beans! A pathetic little cooked handful of them which were probably, now that I think of it, poisoned by my mother with butter or something horribly dairy.

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