31 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

YES!! Check out my subscriber index (8)!!

Today for breakfast, I ate a 75cent sugar-high breakfast bar that tasted like a Reeces cup.

For lunch, I ate chips and salsa.

Then, Kaytee came over. So for lunch I ate watermelon and two pieces of birthday cake.

(After that, I bought another lunch, but it was for Dustin- chicken tenders.)

Then I went to Sebastian's and brought/ate Elmer Fudd (I guess they're called E.L. Fudge??) cookies and part of a chocolate/peanutbutter pretzel.

For dinner, I ate a salad bar delight bowl of delight, full of delightful spinach, hommus, pitas, and so on.

Then for dinner with Hayley and Sebastian, I drank hot chocolate with the center of a doughnut and a fried cheese stick.

Then, for dinner, I ate the rest of those cookies at Sebastian's because they all fell on the floor and I knew he would probably throw them away.

A good day for eating! But boy am I thirsty.

By the way, things I ate yesterday included (but were not limited to): a few spoonfuls of frosting, birthday cake, two doughnut holes, 1.5 milkshakes (mocha and caramel), watermelon, um... and who knows what else. Ew!

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