25 August 2009

Very Dairy, Gluttenous Things I Ate Today

This is my 37th post!

Yesterday, Cody and I started eating some more gluten and dairy because it was Laura's birthday and it's been six weeks since we stopped. He slept over so we could get the full day's worth of calories knocked out at midnight. And the rest of the day was devoted to Laura's glorious birthday! So, yesterday:

Things I ate:
-Half a pan of brownies
-Half a Reece's Bar (OMG.)
-Way too much milk. Gaaag! (And, yet--!)
-One piece of fruit
-Half a bag of "nacho cheese" Doritos
-The most wonderful pita wrap with falaffel and hommus(!!)
-with an amazing side salad COVERED in feta cheese like you wouldn't believe
-Reece's torte birthday cake(!!)
-Maybe another piece of fruit, milk...
-About ten million chocolate chip cookies (that midnight), with more milk.
There was probably more than that, but I don't even remember.

Starting today, I'm eating dairy but not gluten. That'll last for another two weeks. So today, this is what I ate:

-I think, actually, a piece of fruit for good start
-a MEDIUM Blizzard with (er... gluten-free?) cookie dough and peanut butter cups
-Two volcano tacos with beans instead of meat and no cheese, with Baja Blast
-A (er, gluten-free?) Girl Scout Thin Mint Blizzard
-French fries from McDonald's, with Coke
-A lot of (er, gluten-free?) cookies that were sitting out at the church (even though Hayley and I had no reason to be at the church... at least I won the air hockey championship!!)
-A bowl of butter pecan icecream with chocolate syrup
-Some other hilariously gross things that, um, were PROBABLY gluten-free... LOL

I'm feelin' good! Today was great and perfect. If this is what it means to eat gluten and dairy, you can count me in. :)

P.S. Do you want to know what I ate before Cody came over? Actually, the slenderosity of my calorie count that day was impressive. I ate some melon, a salad, boiler potatoes with garlic, and some corn chips. I also rode thirty miles on my bike! So maybe everything I ate afterwards can be justified. Haha um... or something.


  1. It's so funny to hear what someone ate!!! lol
    really original idea btw!!