24 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:
-2 bananas
-Gross Twizzler that tastes like cough syrup but doesn't ease symptoms
-1 Pint "Imagine Whirled Peace" ice cream-- also a disappointment!
-Orange juice and water and gummy vitamins
-1 small jar medium salsa with accommodating Scoops chips
-King Apparatus:)
-Maybe more

I have a horrible headache! It's mostly behind my eyes.
Other symptoms I have today:
-tons more coughing and phlegm
-more oversleeping

Reccommendation of the day: GloZell on youtube/blogspot/everything else. I was going to post a link here, but that was just too complicated for my achey brain!

23 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

I know I'm hypochondriatic, but I swear I have the zombie flu or something (again)!

Things I Ate Today:
-Orange juice
-A pint of Karamel Sutra (cures every ail, I'm finding)
-Good fruit cup
-Small jar of hot salsa with accommodating Scoops chips

Symptoms I have today:
-Sleeping/napping for 16 hours (that's 2/3 of 24!)
-Coughing all day that feels like a convergent boundary and, similarly, produces molten phlegm
-"The chills"
-Achey body

Regardless, it has been a good day for eating.

22 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

Around 10:45- Kashi bar (crunchy with 8g protein) and a medium coffee-- WITH sweetner!
Around 5:30- 2 bowls of beans & rice
Thereafter- 1/2 a gluten-free pumpkin cake... or maybe more... with a little bit of milk
Every day, I take multiple Flinstone gummy vitamins. I don't post them, but on average I eat about 4.

My stomach hurts!

21 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

-Today, I discovered the glory that is Kashi's cookie-flavored protein bar. So good in every wayy.
-I also ate an assortment of produce: green grapes, raw lettuce, puny strawberries, an apple, a lot of peas....
-I also ate a surprisingly amazingly good thing from Taco Bell: nacho... super crazy deluxe nachos in a bowl that you eat? The last time I got these, it was a mistake to substitute an extra portion of beans for the beef. But this time, with one portion of beans (still no meat), it was amazing!! And nauseating!! I also drank plenty of Baja Blast.
-Sebastian shared his trick or treat candy with us and Lauren and I. I got Butterfinger!!
-Later for snackies, Lauren and I split a box of Princess Ariel fruit snacks. David got one too, of course! I would definitely reccommend to a friend.
-When I got back to my dorm, I bought a little bag of candy corn composed of the right amount for one person: about two servings. I also bought white Reese's cups, but I haven't eaten them yet and there's about a 7% chance that I'll save them for tomorrow.

Ugh. I don't feel very good about what I ate today! But, nonetheless, it was a good day for eating.

20 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-2 things of string cheese
-Green tea vitamin water
-Dark chocolate
-Black hazlenut coffee
-A cup of celery and carrots, with dressing
-I'm about to eat a lot of candy.

19 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I ate gluten for the first time in a few days. Was it worth it? Probably not!

-Black vanilla coffee
-A (stale but not bad) cinnaroll thing with frosting
-Chipotle with Lauren and Sarah!
-4 cups of butterscotch pudding
-A "small side salad"

Things I ate yesterday:
-A jar and a half of salsa (one of which expired a few days ago), in a brand other than Tostitos, with accommodating Scoops chips
-Huge bowl of rice that supposedly had cheese and broccoli flavoring that I cooked with Sebastian's electric tea pot and the microwave
-Three halves of sliced cheeses: local Swiss, colby jack, and white with spicy things
-Vitamin Water
-Pint of Hershey's chocolate with peanutbutter ice cream
-Bottle of pomegranate limeade?? Very delicious but only 25% juice.
-2 apples from home
-Chocolate Silk juice box
Was there more for breakfast? Who knows. I don't remember this list very well.

18 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

I'm so exhausted! I also don't feel very well because... well, I think I may be lactose-intolerant. Is there some sort of perscription for hypochondria?

Things I Ate Today:
-For breakfast around noon, an apple and pear from our trees out back
-For lunch around 1:30 with Hayley and Lauren: a black taco with beans instead of meat +sour cream (this wasn't bad but is NOTHING in comparison to the Volcano Taco), cheesy fiesta potatoes, and two medium cups of Baja Blast
-For dinner after work: cooked yellow squash and zucchini, spinach with salad dressing, cooked apples with a scoop of ice cream, locally Swiss cheese (and these are good-sized portions, mind)
-4 of my new Flinstones GUMMY vitamins! :D
-Later, at Rosie's: a peanut butter cup ice cream Blenderoo + a King Size pack of Reese's (that's 4 cups/400 calories) and a pickle spear, directly followed by
-A skim Milk Chug

Ugh! Too much dairy, but hopefully I made up for it with my childish vitamin intake. Otherwise, it's been a great day for eating!

16 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today around 2:30, I ate three gluten-free donuts with a skim milk Chug.

After work around nine, I tried to make dinner out of some frozen squash with cheese, but it a complete disaster so I fed it to the dogs. My mom gave me two Reese's cups, and my dad made me a huge bowl of his famous popcorn.

I would like a glass of milk.

It was a good day for extreme snack bizz!

Things I Ate Today

The day before yesterday, I forgot to add that I ate a caramel apple before bed. Those things are so delicious.

Today for breakfast at noon, I ate a tasty fruit cup with a soy milk juice box.

For lunch/dinner, I ate a "small side salad" with a microwavable cup of Campbell's tomato soup and a package of (2) gluten-free cookies (as previously mentioned).

In the evening, I ate a small jar of medium salsa with accommodating Scoops chips. I also drank the rest of that gross red juice that is only 25% fruit.

I drank a bottle of XXX Vitamin Water. I think that's my favorite flavor.

Then, at 11:30, I ate a pint of ice cream. But get this: it WASN'T Ben and Jerry's. It was Hershey's cookie dough! I wouldn't have picked that brand on my own, but it was actually good. It also has 240 fewer calories per pint than Ben and Jerry's and other nutritional bonuses!

When did I become such a food yuppie, though? Gluten-free and brand-name nonsense; I'll tell ya.

It was a great day for eating! Once again, I love food. :)

14 October 2009

Sweet Things I Ate Today

Today, I just about set a world record by waking up at 8:30 am. Dustin left a paper in my dorm room, so I took him "out" to Rosie's, where I ate a huge fluffy waffle with maple syrup. I drank a bottle of orange juice. Then, I went back to bed and slept until about 12:30.

After class, I went to the Oktoberfest celebration at Prentice and bought a bottle of apple cider. I microwaved it in a cardboard coffee cup, and it was very satisfying. Then, for lunch, Lauren and I got roasted veggie calzones. SOOO GOOOOD. This was probably the best part of my day.

Directly after that, we met up with Sebastian who hadn't eaten yet. I drank a glass bottle of rootbeer.

Directly after that, we met up with David who hadn't eaten yet. I ate a piece of pumpkin pie. And, by the way, we're still at the same building.

Later, I ate some Reese's pieces. Lauren and I went to Taco Bell, and there I ate a crunchwrap with beans instead of meat and guacamole. However, I wasn't charged for the guacamole so it was extra special and stuff! I ate a mint.

When I got back to my dorm, I drank a strawberry Milk Chug and ate a dark Lindt ball.

It was a PHENOMENAL day for eating; let me tell you!

13 October 2009

Things I Ate Yestoday

Yesterday when I woke up, I drank Odwalla pomegranate juice. Man, that stuff was nasty!! It was also pretty thick for a beverage. I think I also ate an Odwalla protein bar sometime around here. Yes.

I went grocery shopping for lunch, but I didn't really have time to eat what I bought because I met up with Scotty. I ate half a pint of raspberries that were old and cost $5.

At night after gospel choir, I had an AMAZING Chipotle burrito. zOmgz. It was directly followed by a Polar Pop and a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (Karamel Sutra). So healthy!!

This morning when I woke up I ate another pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. PLEASE draw your attention to the coffee/Heath flavor. So, so, so so good. It was perfectly melty when I opened it because I carried it from Cody's dorm to mine (which is a darn tootin' long walk).

Another thing I ate today is a very large apple. I actually ate it in small intervals over the course of the day. Which is a weird way to eat an apple.

Sometime around 9:30, I ate a cup of soup. I drank a bottle of orange juice, and I ate half a small jar of hot salsa with accommodating Scoops chips. I drank a little bit of this other juice I have, but I really just want to get rid of it because it's 25% juice! What the heck? Who on this Earth buys Minute Maid (or however they spell that, who knows) for a cheapy, sugary fruit juice cocktail? Gag me with a spoon.

I would like some cookies or soy milk, but will I go downstairs to buy some? Probably not. All the same, it's been a good day for eating (twice)!

11 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today I drank a quart of soymilk, a quart of water, a bottle of Vitamin Water (green tea), some more water, maybe even some more juice... and at the end of the day I was still dehydrated! What the heck!

Things I Ate Today:
-A really delicious "Halloween" sundae from Friendly's that was blue instead of orange because they ran out of the appropriate frosting flavor
-A grilled cheese sandwich that wasn't very good because I used oil instead of butter
-An enormous portion of cheese ravioli
-An enormous portion of an amazing apple pie that my mom baked (I imagine it wasn't actually real)
-A lot more of those buckeyes, actually all the rest of them
-An Odwalla protein bar (most recently)

I can't sleep and I wish I were eating something that would help, but otherwise it's been a good day for eating! Actually, my stomach has been feeling sort of bad; especially because most of that was gluten, dairy, and/or sugar. No, excuse me. ALL of that was gluten, dairy, and/or sugar.

It was a good day for taste buds!

Additionally: Yesterday something that I ate and forgot about was a "fun-size" Butterfinger. The first three ingredients are sugar, but the fourth is tasty goodness!

10 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Waffles from Rosie's with "cherry" topping
-A Silk juice box
-2 Buckeyes
-Cheese-covered french fries (everything so far was from Rosie's)
-A huge nasty peach that I only ate part of
-A pear
-"Toxic Waste" candy (how could you not?)
(everything so far was still from Rosie's)
-Black hazelnut coffee
-3 tiny baby bags of Reese's pieces
-A box (2 190 calorie servings) of Amy's vegan pizza rolls (omg)
-A macadamia nut cookie that was an inch short of the size of my hand
-Juice and some other beverages
-Literally at least about 900% of my DV Vitamin C (lol)
-David and I split 2 Hot Pocket-type wraps from Amy's. They were so delicious!

Was that all? I don't really know. I'll probably eat more after this. But, otherwise, it was a good day for eating!!

09 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-2 more of those large(ly delicious) cookies
-Half a free vegetarian wrap that I got last night, left on the floor, accidentially jumped on, and didn't refrigerate (regardless of cheese content). How have I not puked?
-Tonnns of Halls's vitamin C fruit drops
-A cookie that my mom brought me at work that was made to look like a candy corn! So sweet of her!
-Peas and corn that have been in the freezer for, literally, months upon months
-Homemade potato fries/chunks
-3 or 4 pieces of cheese (provalone and Swiss)
-A piece of bread
-A glass of milk
-1 small Frostie that mom "bought" me to be nice, although I actually ended up paying for both of them. (Who's laughing now, you milkshake-mooching maniac of a daughter?)

It was a good day for eating.

08 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Slim fast bar*
-A huuuge burrito bol from Kent's Chipotle wannabe, "Boca."
-9 free cookies that were an inch short of the size of my hand (in a row)*
-Some cough drops and half a pretzel chip

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-A cup of soup
-A TON of juice (about 3 small bottles and one large bottle I think?)
-A free cookie about an inch short of the size of my hand (macadamia nut)
-2 Crunchwraps, back-to-back
-Half a small jar of hot salsa, with accommodating Scoops chips
-Maybe more, but it's hard to say for sure.

Things I Ate The Day Before Yesterday:
-Food and beverage

It's been a good couple days for eating (even though I've been sick and lacking appetite)!

*Clearly, I have big dieting plans.

05 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

I can't see the keyboard, and I'm typing at a really weird angle.

Things I Ate Today:
-Can ov vebegatian vegetable soup --chicken noodle by Amy's! It was disgustungin.
-One quarter of my pumpkin cake from yesterday
-A lot of cookie dough and cookies from yesterday. Did you know that all of that stuff tastes better chilled?
-One peanut butter milk shake from Rosie's (a first!)
-Some of Cody's chile-flavored chocolate? It's so spicy and delicious!
-Willy Wonka amd the chocolate favctory. Again.

04 October 2009

Things Jess Ate Today (By Cody Wallis)

Today Jess texted me about the disgusting cake she was eating. It tasted like a stale ho-ho without the filling, covered in play-dough flavored icing. It was orange and decorated like a pumpkim. She ate one half of it.

Then she had a spoonful of my cookies-and-creme milkshake even though she is sick. After that, I baked some cookies while she was in my shower. They were Chocolate Chip and Triple Chocolate. She came down and she made cookie sandwiches and then we ate approximately 1/3 of the cookies with Almond Breeze. But the Almond Breeze wasn't vanilla. Or chocolate! Original? Yuck!

Jess informs me that prior to the cookie expedition, she ate a veggie wrap with her mom at Rosie's. She also had some cheesy fries. She had a banana for breakfast, some home-grown pear, a zucchini, and a tomato. She tried to eat a hamburger bun but Sam snatched it away from her!

[pickle spears and a side of fresh salsa]

03 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Last night after posting, I ate two Crunchwraps (with beans instead of meat +guac), a chocolate chip cookie, and a chocolate cream stick. Delicious.

Things I Ate Today:
-Kraft macaroni and cheese
-A huge honeycrisp apple
-A bag of assorted autumn candy (dual-varied <3 candy corns <3 and pumpkins)... which I think was 8 servings x 140 calories?
-About 1/4 a box of white cheese crackers (cheese nips?)
-One glass of milk

Ugh. That was a lot of gluten and dairy! My whole body's going into shock. However, otherwise, it was a good day for eating!

02 October 2009

Things I've Eaten Today

I don't know what to do with myself at 10pm on Friday night at home, so I think I'll update my blog prematurely!

Things I Ate Today:

1.) For breakfast in bed around 9:30, which is very early ESPECIALLY under the circumstance of my going to sleep around 4:30am and weaving through the courses of conciousness starting around 7:30...
-Miniature chocolate chip cookies that were also gluten, dairy, and millions of other allergens-free**
-Two more pudding cups (the flavor is butterscotch). Yum.

2.) For lunch-substitute around 2:30pm, I ate a spoonful of peanutbutter because I was too stressed/crazy/busy/late for work to actually eat food.

3.) At work on break around 5, I ate a perfect meal: a honeycrisp apple comparable in size and juiciness to King Kong's eyeball, with three pieces of Krieger's cheese of the week (some local Swiss thing*) and one of those pretty*** triple-size Arizona teas-- Green tea with honey and ginseng?? I don't consume ANY of those foods/beverage on a regular basis and I generally think they're disgusting... but not together!

4.) When I came home, I ate whatever looked vaguely appealing: vanilla ice cream, Lay's potato chips (does anybody actually think those taste good?), the remains of cole slaw I left in the refrigerator about two weeks ago, a free salvaged**** pear from the rotten rack at Krieger's, a hamburger bun... and so on.

Today, as a day for eating and also life, had its ups and downs. But all in all, I'd definitely say: It was a good day (for eating)!

I think I'm about to go to Taco Bell.

*This is not to say that I live in Switzerland, but that the Swiss Cheese was locally produced.
**Other allergens the package of these cookies advertised not containing: shellfish, potatoes?
***Aesthetically; this isn't to say that the can is relatively triple-sized. Although, I mean, it is.
****I think this is sort of like a play on words. (free salvaged?)

01 October 2009

Things I Ate Today (from the future)

Do you think it will work if I travel back in time to post this blog for yesterday? If so, brace yourself. THIS IS A BLOG POST FROM THE FUTURE. WE HAVE VIDEO WATCHES.

Things I Ate Today:

- Intergalactic Odwalla bar (protein)
- Chrome-plated cheese and tomato sort of sandwich from Quizno's?
- A bag (7 servings) of chocolate-covered pretzels... um... in the consistency of that space icecream stuff?
- One pudding cup
- Radioactive endoplasmic alpha beta triglyceride Robotic Formula

Today, for eating, was out of this world!