19 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I ate gluten for the first time in a few days. Was it worth it? Probably not!

-Black vanilla coffee
-A (stale but not bad) cinnaroll thing with frosting
-Chipotle with Lauren and Sarah!
-4 cups of butterscotch pudding
-A "small side salad"

Things I ate yesterday:
-A jar and a half of salsa (one of which expired a few days ago), in a brand other than Tostitos, with accommodating Scoops chips
-Huge bowl of rice that supposedly had cheese and broccoli flavoring that I cooked with Sebastian's electric tea pot and the microwave
-Three halves of sliced cheeses: local Swiss, colby jack, and white with spicy things
-Vitamin Water
-Pint of Hershey's chocolate with peanutbutter ice cream
-Bottle of pomegranate limeade?? Very delicious but only 25% juice.
-2 apples from home
-Chocolate Silk juice box
Was there more for breakfast? Who knows. I don't remember this list very well.

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