10 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-Waffles from Rosie's with "cherry" topping
-A Silk juice box
-2 Buckeyes
-Cheese-covered french fries (everything so far was from Rosie's)
-A huge nasty peach that I only ate part of
-A pear
-"Toxic Waste" candy (how could you not?)
(everything so far was still from Rosie's)
-Black hazelnut coffee
-3 tiny baby bags of Reese's pieces
-A box (2 190 calorie servings) of Amy's vegan pizza rolls (omg)
-A macadamia nut cookie that was an inch short of the size of my hand
-Juice and some other beverages
-Literally at least about 900% of my DV Vitamin C (lol)
-David and I split 2 Hot Pocket-type wraps from Amy's. They were so delicious!

Was that all? I don't really know. I'll probably eat more after this. But, otherwise, it was a good day for eating!!

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