16 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

The day before yesterday, I forgot to add that I ate a caramel apple before bed. Those things are so delicious.

Today for breakfast at noon, I ate a tasty fruit cup with a soy milk juice box.

For lunch/dinner, I ate a "small side salad" with a microwavable cup of Campbell's tomato soup and a package of (2) gluten-free cookies (as previously mentioned).

In the evening, I ate a small jar of medium salsa with accommodating Scoops chips. I also drank the rest of that gross red juice that is only 25% fruit.

I drank a bottle of XXX Vitamin Water. I think that's my favorite flavor.

Then, at 11:30, I ate a pint of ice cream. But get this: it WASN'T Ben and Jerry's. It was Hershey's cookie dough! I wouldn't have picked that brand on my own, but it was actually good. It also has 240 fewer calories per pint than Ben and Jerry's and other nutritional bonuses!

When did I become such a food yuppie, though? Gluten-free and brand-name nonsense; I'll tell ya.

It was a great day for eating! Once again, I love food. :)

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