04 October 2009

Things Jess Ate Today (By Cody Wallis)

Today Jess texted me about the disgusting cake she was eating. It tasted like a stale ho-ho without the filling, covered in play-dough flavored icing. It was orange and decorated like a pumpkim. She ate one half of it.

Then she had a spoonful of my cookies-and-creme milkshake even though she is sick. After that, I baked some cookies while she was in my shower. They were Chocolate Chip and Triple Chocolate. She came down and she made cookie sandwiches and then we ate approximately 1/3 of the cookies with Almond Breeze. But the Almond Breeze wasn't vanilla. Or chocolate! Original? Yuck!

Jess informs me that prior to the cookie expedition, she ate a veggie wrap with her mom at Rosie's. She also had some cheesy fries. She had a banana for breakfast, some home-grown pear, a zucchini, and a tomato. She tried to eat a hamburger bun but Sam snatched it away from her!

[pickle spears and a side of fresh salsa]

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