13 October 2009

Things I Ate Yestoday

Yesterday when I woke up, I drank Odwalla pomegranate juice. Man, that stuff was nasty!! It was also pretty thick for a beverage. I think I also ate an Odwalla protein bar sometime around here. Yes.

I went grocery shopping for lunch, but I didn't really have time to eat what I bought because I met up with Scotty. I ate half a pint of raspberries that were old and cost $5.

At night after gospel choir, I had an AMAZING Chipotle burrito. zOmgz. It was directly followed by a Polar Pop and a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (Karamel Sutra). So healthy!!

This morning when I woke up I ate another pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. PLEASE draw your attention to the coffee/Heath flavor. So, so, so so good. It was perfectly melty when I opened it because I carried it from Cody's dorm to mine (which is a darn tootin' long walk).

Another thing I ate today is a very large apple. I actually ate it in small intervals over the course of the day. Which is a weird way to eat an apple.

Sometime around 9:30, I ate a cup of soup. I drank a bottle of orange juice, and I ate half a small jar of hot salsa with accommodating Scoops chips. I drank a little bit of this other juice I have, but I really just want to get rid of it because it's 25% juice! What the heck? Who on this Earth buys Minute Maid (or however they spell that, who knows) for a cheapy, sugary fruit juice cocktail? Gag me with a spoon.

I would like some cookies or soy milk, but will I go downstairs to buy some? Probably not. All the same, it's been a good day for eating (twice)!

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