18 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

I'm so exhausted! I also don't feel very well because... well, I think I may be lactose-intolerant. Is there some sort of perscription for hypochondria?

Things I Ate Today:
-For breakfast around noon, an apple and pear from our trees out back
-For lunch around 1:30 with Hayley and Lauren: a black taco with beans instead of meat +sour cream (this wasn't bad but is NOTHING in comparison to the Volcano Taco), cheesy fiesta potatoes, and two medium cups of Baja Blast
-For dinner after work: cooked yellow squash and zucchini, spinach with salad dressing, cooked apples with a scoop of ice cream, locally Swiss cheese (and these are good-sized portions, mind)
-4 of my new Flinstones GUMMY vitamins! :D
-Later, at Rosie's: a peanut butter cup ice cream Blenderoo + a King Size pack of Reese's (that's 4 cups/400 calories) and a pickle spear, directly followed by
-A skim Milk Chug

Ugh! Too much dairy, but hopefully I made up for it with my childish vitamin intake. Otherwise, it's been a great day for eating!

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