21 October 2009

Things I Ate Today

-Today, I discovered the glory that is Kashi's cookie-flavored protein bar. So good in every wayy.
-I also ate an assortment of produce: green grapes, raw lettuce, puny strawberries, an apple, a lot of peas....
-I also ate a surprisingly amazingly good thing from Taco Bell: nacho... super crazy deluxe nachos in a bowl that you eat? The last time I got these, it was a mistake to substitute an extra portion of beans for the beef. But this time, with one portion of beans (still no meat), it was amazing!! And nauseating!! I also drank plenty of Baja Blast.
-Sebastian shared his trick or treat candy with us and Lauren and I. I got Butterfinger!!
-Later for snackies, Lauren and I split a box of Princess Ariel fruit snacks. David got one too, of course! I would definitely reccommend to a friend.
-When I got back to my dorm, I bought a little bag of candy corn composed of the right amount for one person: about two servings. I also bought white Reese's cups, but I haven't eaten them yet and there's about a 7% chance that I'll save them for tomorrow.

Ugh. I don't feel very good about what I ate today! But, nonetheless, it was a good day for eating.

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