31 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I finally found the leftover deliciousness of green beans and tomato that Carly made for Cody and I the other day. It was even better than I remembered! I also ate a bag of blueberries.

For lunch, Laura and I went to Chipotle and I got another burrito bol. So, so good!

Towards the evening, I ate three frozen fruit pops in tubes. zOmgz. I also ate grapes. I baked a potato in the microwave and covered it in hot salsa. Then, later, I ate another frozen fruit pop in tube. zOmgz. A good day for eating!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Canada, where I'll be through- at the earliest- next Sunday. Delicious.

30 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

I am very tired. Today, I would like to eat a sleeping pill and sleep all day tomorrow.

For breakfast around waytooearlyAM, I shared a big fruit bowl with Hayley. It was half a watermelon with probably half a canteloupe.

Then, for lunch, immediately following, we went to Chipotle. My burrito bol was better than the last vegan burrito bol I had; actually it was extremely delicious! And "free" Chipotle burritos are one of my very favorite things.

I drank a can of Diet Mountain Dew, and I ate many handsful of cocoa almonds. Then, I ate a popsicle. Then, since I was still with Hayley and we love to eat, we made a pan of Rice Krispie treats and ate all of them. That included an entire bag of marshmallows, but there was plenty of cereal left over. So, I poured tons and tons of sugar into the box/bag of cereal and ate all of it with my hands. That was disgusting, hilarious, messy, spitty fun. Now I would like some beverage.

29 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I went out with my brother and his girlfriend and my aunt who's visiting from out of state. My diet was a hassle, ** but I got a surprisingly satisfying bowl of fruit salad and another of "saffron rice" which was actually just extremely yellow rice. Still good! And I drank limeade. Not my first choice; but then again, my first choice is always indecision. *

For lunch at work, I cut up two large peaches from the nastyrotten "free" rack. They were good, though! And I finished with half a bar of dark chocolate (which was actually four to five hundred calories).

After work, I ate a huge bowl of pineapple with another bowl of rice. With salt. We had more relatives over, and one of them said how she could never eat that much pineapple at once. Thank you! It was good, but I was still hungry a few hours later so I ate another bowl of rice with hot salsa. I ate a pineapple rhine(?), and a fruity freezer pop. Those things are good!

*If I were a surgeon, I would make indecisions instead of incisions. (My assistant would offer surgestions.)

I think I ate other food, but it was almost 100% for sure fruit or rice. What is food? I forget.
Dark chocolate is always good, though!
I think my favorite foods are blueberries and chocolate.

**If I swore when I rapped, I would rhyme hassle with assle pretty frequently.

Today, some other funny or ironic things happened. I am still dyjessting them:

-A lady who came through my line said something about how my mind was wandering or I wasn't focused on the task at hand. Then she forgot her purse at my register for like fifteen minutes.
-A masculine young lady with millions of facial piercings came through my line today... and then a man in the next line over cheerfully preached to me about how he didn't like the piercings and (referring to her as a boy) said he would not accept a son who looked like that. He said he would never want to be associated with such a person! He talked and talked about it. Who would want to be associated with HIM?
-I went to the library right after work, and I ran inside hoping not to hold anyone up. Then I got yelled at for running.
(-Then my dad shot down the prospect of my going on vacation early- although I'd been really excited about it- because he doesn't want mom to drive up by herself. Isn't it ironic that she previously begged him to get a passport card and come with her but he angrily refused? I'm just sayin', though.)

Delicious! Is anybody else still hungry?

28 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Last night, I slept horribly. To combat this, I ate a pint of blueberries and two marshmallows at 4 am. Then when I woke up, I ate the other two marshmallows we had left.

Things I ate today:

-2 or 3 bananas
-2 or 3 peaches
-about 2 freezer fruit pops
-half a bar of dark chocolate
-corn chips
-baked potato with hot salsa
-a plate of fruit salad

That's all I remember!

27 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I ate:

-2 pints of blueberries
-most of a chocolate bar (two chunks were already gone!)
-3 fruit gems
-1 peach
-a handful or two of mixed nuts (salted!)
-an elephant's weight in corn chips
-hot salsa
-2 cobs of corn
-brown rice and green beans
-1 fruit juice popsicle tube

Yum! It was a good day for eating. I was thinking in the shower that, instead of cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet, I should just eat the following things: blueberries, dark chocolate, hot salsa, and produce; plus Chipotle, Taco Bell and Thai Gourmet for substance. Wouldn't that be good? I would be so happy all the time!!

I've been thinking that cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet has made me feel, if anything, WORSE than I did before. However, today I thought how my knees and ankles haven't bothered me so much since the change. Also, there's a little less phlegm in my throat and my intestines are slightly happier. These things seem small, but maybe I'll see bigger improvements as time goes on! As of today, I've been "off" of gluten and dairy for two weeks.

I hate it when really catchy, fun songs have repulsive lyrics.

26 July 2009



Today is... July 26? The end of... I have no idea. What day is this. Sunday. Let's work backwards!

This "morning," my mom made glutenanddairy-free zuxchinsni bread. There were two loaves, and one loaf had enough calories for the entire day. I ate (in total) a loaf and a half. I ate a lot of grapes and two cups of coffee with light vanilla soymilk. Over the course of the day, I also drank about half the carton of soy milk. Also, we have fruit gems. Since they're bulk candy, I don't know how much I've eaten, but it's a LOT. We had a jarfull as of... yesterday? This morning? I would guess I ate about thirty-five fruit gems today. Another thing I ate with breakfast is the rest of the chocolate bar I bought with Hayley. I don't really remember what else I snacked on, unfortunately. Fruit? Cody and I went to Kaytee's graduation party, where I just ate a little piece of red pepper and a lifesaver. And a bottle of water. When he took me home, I ate a million tortillia chips, because it was the first time I realized I COULD! Chichi's brand makes them with corn! Um... fruit gems... I ate some almonds in the car, too. Towards the evening... geez! I have no idea what's in my stomach. A lot. I think there was something with substance for dinner? At night, I watched Hannah Montana with a bowl of chips, salsa, blueberries, and fruit gems. And this fruit popsicle that my mom bought a box of? Yum!!

Yesterday, ohh. Yesterday was a continuation of the day before, when I didn't sleep! After my last post, I went to hang out with Hayley. I ate a lot of taffy, dark chocolate, coffee with soy milk from Eat n Park, um... I peed behind a tree because there was so much coffee! I remember eating a lot yesterday, too. Ummmmm... I forget all of this! I worked from 3-8:30. I ate... two bowls of quinoa? Or was that a different day? I ate a lot more chocolate, because my mom bought some on sale. Geez. I have no idea about any of this. You're going to have to trust me. Bye!

24 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Still, everything I eat is pretty disgusting. Gluten, dairy, oh how I missez vous.

For breakfast today, I ate more of those marshmallows. I microwaved them and ate them with peanut butter, which screwed up my blood sugar for the majority of the afternoon. I tried to make up for it by cooking quinoa (the greatest grain) and mixing it with the "salsa" I'm eating with everything (rice, corn, salsa, nasty guacamole). But that was completely disgusting. But I ate it. I felt like puking all over the world.

After work, Cody and I went to Carly's house. She made us the most delicious food! It was this crazy gourmet thing with green beans, canned tomato, garlic, red pepper seasoning, and so on. Delicious. At the same time, we baked gluten and dairy-free brownies with Valentine's Day sprinkles. What an awesome meal!! Omg!!

When I came home, I ate some of the popcorn dad made while I was gone. It was also delicious.

23 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate the rest of those candy orange slices, but there weren't very many left because I ate more after posting last evening! I ate the candy with some real fruit. I don't remember which kind. Over the course of today, I demolished the rest of our fruit supply... which was like 3 bananas and 3 peaches (give or take).

For lunch, I tried to make guacamole. Unfortunately, a.) I don't know how to make guacamole; b.) especially without the inclusion of dairy products. Some things I put in the "guacamole" are tomato, lemon juice, a little bit of tofu for texture, dill... um... I'm going to stop here because it's just embarassing! To disguise the bad taste of the guacamole in the guacamole, I mixed it with the corn/salsa/blackbeans stuffs in the fridge. I ate that for lunch with a fork.

I ate sort of a lot of weird food between lunch and fourthmeal, but all I really remember is the rest of our deliciously light vanilla soy milk and 50ish pounds of almonds. Snacking, snacking, snacking.

Oh! I also ate a jar of marachino cherries. Somewhat more disgusting than a bag of bing cherries.

Just now, I went to Eat 'n' Park with Anna. Very pleasant! For about five dollars, I got a side of unbuttered, ungravvied, mashed potatoes with a side of unbuttered, radioactively green broccoli. I also ate a lemon, for some reason. Water to infinity! And just now I ate 4 marshmallows. We'll see where that goes.

22 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

I ate so much nasty stuff today! Pretty much everything I ate was disgusting.

For breakfast, I ate the rest of that brownie chocolate soupdae. I went to Hayley's house just before lunch, and I just got home. So, in that time I ate:

-About half the bucket of cocoa almonds
-About half the bag of orange slices (sugar candy)
-3 or 4 marshmallows
-2 cans of Diet Mountain Dew
-A few other beverages, including light vanilla soymilk
-2 cobs of corn
-About 3 large pieces of canteloupe
-About 75 pieces of popcorn

Was there more? I don't know, but it was gross!

21 July 2009

Things I Ate Today (and Yesterday)

Today for breakfast, I ate two pints of blueberries. And maybe something else, but I forget what? My dad pointed and laughed at me and shouted, "BLUEBERRY GIRL!" because yesterday I finished my 10lb flat of blueberries and bought 3 more pints, which are now all obliterated.

For lunch, I ate a salad with almonds. I also ate a plum that was in my purse from last week.

I worked from noon to 8:30, so on break around 4 I ate half of a glutenanddairy-free cookie that a stranger gave me to throw away, two bananas and some almonds.

After work, I ate some canteloupe from the "free" rack at work, another banana, two cobs of corn, light soy milk, and one or two spoonfuls of peanutbutter. Then, without gluten or dairy, my mom made this AWESOME chocolate brownie soup pudding molten lava molasses bubbling stew dish thing. So I ate 3 or 4 servings of that. Omg yum. Have you had those "Warm Delights" tv dinner-type things? Well it was a little bit like that. Om nom nom.

Yesterday, I finished my blueberries and chocolate. I don't know why the title of this promises a list of stuff I ate yesterday, because I don't completely remember what I ate yesterday. Blueberries and chocolate for breakfast, no lunch, and everything in the entire world for dinner. That's all!

19 July 2009

A good day for eating!

Today, I very literally ate about 4 quarts of blueberries. I ate a little more than half of a dark (Lindt, Swiss) chocolate bar, and a salad. For dinner, I fearfully ate a VEGAN Chipotle burrito bol- no sour cream, guac, wrap, I know. But it had SO MUCH hot sauce!

Factoid of the day (I don't know what a factoid is, actually): Chipotle's rice is made in soybean oil. It's vegan-friendly. No chicken stock, no butter.

Anyway, those are most of my favorite foods, so it was an awesomely good day for eating!

18 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate half a bag of gluten-free pasta. It was a lot more than I expected! I actually went to work feeling full.

On my lunch break at 4pm, I ate something like a pint of blueberries, a quarter of a honeydew, and a few handfuls of almonds.

After work around 8:30, I ate 1/3 of our brand new jar of peanut butter. That was a pretty bad idea and I feel like I'm about to die because of it, but it was rather tasty! I put a little bit of sugar on it so it could also be dessert. (desert?) Then I ate the rest of my blueberries from lunch... and another family-sized salad bowl full of them.

17 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for brunch, I 1-2 large bowls of leftover noodles and vegetables, with about a quarter of the bag of coconut in the cupboard. (Hey, look! Gluten and dairy-free!)

I worked from noon to 8:30, so on break around 5pm I ate a nectarine, a plum, a few handfuls of almonds, and an Endangered Species superdark chocolate bar with mint. It was so good and satisfying and delicious! Most chocolate with 70+% cocao is gluten and dairy-free.

To my great delight, we just got in the 5 and 10lb. flats of blueberries!! I wait for these all year, so could basically justify buying the ten-pounder. I ate a few pints of those for dinner with the other half of my chocolate bar. :)

Do you have any idea how many pints of blueberries you need to make ten pounds?

16 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Starting to feel like a martyr...

Today for breakfast, I drank the rest of that Bolthouse Juice with fruit. For lunch, I cooked a bunch of vegetables (green squash, green and red peppers, mushrooms, celery...) and put it with gluten-free pasta. I also made a salad. It all tasted very bland, though! I didn't really know what to season it with.

Around 2, 3, and 4 o'clock, I was starving. So, I ate a million almonds. I ate them as fast as I could, hoping they'd be extra filling that way! It didn't really work, though. I ate three old candy canes. They did encourage my belly with some holiday spirit! I ate another bowl of the pasta and vegetables, but I was still hungry. What else did I eat? I don't know, but there sure wasn't enough of it!

I went window licking* with my mom at Pier One, Borders (where I actually did buy a great animal book!), and TJ Maxx. At Pier One, I almost bought this fancy bar of dark chocolate because it didn't have gluten or dairy in it and was also very inexpensive. Unfortunately, I didn't buy it for some reason and spent the rest of the trip wishing I had! We went to Acme, but their dark chocolates were SO expensive. When we got home, I ate 1-2 "ripe" bananas and a piece of celery.

Does anybody have a lot of extra peanut butter? Or maybe a vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free Big Mac?

*window shopping

15 July 2009

Things I Wish I Didn't Eat Today

When I discovered this supersized bottle of "Perfectly Protein" vanilla chai tea Bolthouse Juice with 80g protein per bottle instead of 50g (because it's so enormous) at the store, I freaked out. How could I not buy that! However, after drinking 3/4 of it in what I'm guessing was an hour or less, I'm starting to regret...

Serving size: 8 fl. oz.
Servings per container: 8
[Amount per serving:]
Calories: 160
Calories from fat: 28
Total fat: 3g (5% daily value)
Potassium: 530g (15% daily value)
Total carbohydrate: 25g (9% daily value)
Dietary fiber: 0g
Sugars: 21g
Protein: 10g

I sort of feel like vomiting.
Gluten and dairy-free foods are awesome for like a day and a half, sort of, but eventually you get tired of eating:

-maybe 5 handfuls of almonds
-maybe 3 bowls of white rice
-maybe 3 bowls of fruit salad
-probably 3 plums and 1-2 bananas
-3 or 4 glasses of chocolate soy milk
-5 or 6 glasses of soy beverage (Bolthouse juice)
-a few pieces of pineapple
-a few more almonds... and a few more... maybe some watermelon...

Last night I dreamt that I was on a vacation to Heaven, and when I won a prize I wanted gluten and dairy. By the way, did you know that "dairy" is an adjective? It's not a noun unless you're naming the place that produces dairy products!

14 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate...

Um, I think I have alzheimer's.

-Something like 2 pints of blueberries
-about half a carton of chocolate soy milk
-4.5 gluten/dairy-free chocolate chip cookies (who knew?)
-a couple handfuls of almonds
-a free sample of orange fruit candy
-some CRAZY fruit salad I made with a million different things in it
-some CRAZY vegetable stir-fry sort of thing with rice (2-3 servings) (slightly less good)

I spent an hour and a half in the kitchen preparing the latter two foods today. I also scrubbed pans and went grocery shopping. I washed my hair, went for a brisk walk with one of my girl friends, and read some more "Gluten-Free Living for Dummies."

13 July 2009

Things I Ate Today 07

These are some things I've eaten today:

-a bowlful (as a form of measurement) of cherries
-about 3 cups of "chai tea" Bolthouse Juice
-about 4 handfuls of raw almonds
-3ish bananas
-3 to 4 bowls of salted/peppered/plain white rice (with chopsticks)
-some vaguely large amount of watermelon

Today is my first day of not eating gluten and dairy, to be continued for the next six weeks.* I originally decided to take a break from gluten and dairy when Cody and I listened to an audiobook of "The Ultramind Solution" by Mark Hyman a while ago. At first we just thought it was a hilarious joke, but as that guy kept talking about his solution we got hooked! There's quite a case for dairyglutenfree diet, and as it turns out, celiac disease (something related to gluten intolerance) is really something too! I've been reading "Gluten Free Lifestyle for Dummies," um, etc.

When I was in Haiti, that was the first time I've ever honestly felt bad about being a vegetarian. When you're over there, it just seems so wrong! Same for bulemia- it's just hard to fathom someone not wanting the food that's personally available. I figured this englightenment would defer me from the nonglutendairy thing, but... things really work differently over here in the States.** Also, something that really affected me over there was the way people relate to each other. Americans use cars and jewelry and handbags and lawnmowers and CDs and movies and college and FOOD to relate to each other so much! But they don't have any of that stuff in Haiti. It made me reconsider the portion of my identity and relationships that is (are?) completely dependant on food... um... I also have a thing for personal development through unnecessary sacrifice.

*I can't really concentrate on what I'm typing because I'm listening to a Pandora station that is "Hey Mama" by Kanye West + Chris Murray. It's the sound of my soul!

**As I'm thinking about Haiti, one of the songs I most associate with it (also one of the most random) comes up on Pandora. "I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys? Honestly? And they say that there is no God!

12 July 2009

Things I Ate Today and Some Other Days As Well

Unfortunately, I deleted my outgoing texts that listed all the stuff I've eaten over the course of the past few days... :(

On Wednesday and Thursday, I was at college orientation. So on Thursday for breakfast, I ate something hurriedly. Like, um... a cherry dark chocolate granola bar by Kashi with some tea or things. For lunch at the school, I ate a very large salad with a piece of carrot cake and a cup of water. Iced, I think! For dinner, I ate a piece of mushroom pizza with a smaller salad and some weird "light" lemonade. On Thursday for breakfast, I had the most delicious thing! A cup of coffee that wasn't filled up completely so I could mix it with a pint of chocolate milk. I also ate a scone and a banana. For lunch, I went home and ate... oh geez. Um. A peach... I think I remember a ton of cheese and peanut butter and some bread... ??? This is the part where it gets really confusing. What did I eat for dinner? What did I eat on Friday? Am I completely mixing up my days? What's going on? Maybe I was at orientation on Thursday and Friday? No, I worked on Friday....

Anyway, there was a Chipotle burrito in there somewhere; and let me tell you it was incredible. Amen halleluja.

Yesterday for breakfast, I made half a batch of brownies. I also ate a peach and a piece of toast or something. And a cup of Earl Grey tea... maybe some peanut butter? Who knows. I didn't have time for lunch, but I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich on my 4:00 break at work. After work, I bought an 89c "snack size" bag of cookie mix (I would guess it's about half a batch?) with Twix and a bag of peanut m&m's. My mom and I ate the Twix on the way home. When I got home, I microwaved 2 of the breakfast brownies and put them in a huge mixing bowl. To that, I added the bag of m&m's, the cookie dough, and about a pint of Buckeye ice cream. It was SO GOOD. I sat on the couch and ate about half of that bowl. I also ate a TON of Dorritos. Forgot about those until just now! I had some of the later mentioned protein drink, too.

This morning for breakfast, I ate the other half of my frozen delight! For lunch at noon, I went to Thai Gourmet with Lauren (which was, as always, AWESOME and PERFECT IN EVERY WAY). Afterwards, each of us got a Polar Pop. Then, my mom made peanut butter cookies, so I ate 5-7 of those. Next, we went to my grandma's, and she really wanted one of those little ice cream sundaes from McDonald's? So I ate one of those, too. For dinner around 7, Laura and I went to Panera. I ordered a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese and a mango smoothie without whipped cream, but the girl forgot my cream cheese! Otherwise, it was extreeeeemely delicious. So was the peanut butter cookie I ate after that, and the potato fry or two that I ate, and the high-calorie protein drink I had (chai tea latte!). Around 11:00, I started thinking about how iit was my last day to eat gluten or dairy for six weeks, and how much I'll probably miss Taco Bell. So, thank God for Sebastian, I ate two volcano tacos and a vegetarian crunchwrap with guacamole.

Boy am I hungry!

08 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Last night for small group, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, where I ate a LOT of food! For breakfast, let's see. I ate waffles, scrambled eggs, two servings of sweet Amish bread, tea, berry salad, and juice. I went home and ate four or five brownies. Then, after work (where I felt gross all day), I ate a pint of blueberries, about three servings of rice with peas and corn and asparagus in it, salad, two bowls of moose tracks icecream, um... some cookies from the B&B... I ate a lot more yesterday, too. Unfortunately, my mom is mad that I'm not in bed yet so I have no time for this!

06 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate about 3 cookies and a few more pieces of pineapple. For lunch, I ate a veggie burger on TWO pieces of bread instead of one, WITH mustard and lettuce! And a side of potato salad. I ate a raspberry truffle chocolate bar, which, by the way, is 3 x 180 calorie serving. I got one of those big bottles of Lipton's light papaya-flavored green tea, and drank some of it with supposedly better for you sunflower chips.

Around 10:30 pm, I got a cheese quesadilla from Taco Bell. It was so delicious. Since then, I've been snacking on some "kitchen sink" icecream. Om nom nom nom!

05 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

In Haiti, I ate a LOT of rice. I ate rice, locally grown fruit, stuff that would probably cross my boundaries of vegetarian comfort at home (i.e. eggs and mystery substance in the rice), and bread. And densely delicious pancakes. Something I learned from that experience is your stomach doesn't always agree with weird diet changes! So I lost a lot of my food prematurely over the course of the week. Then, when it came time to readjust to my REGULAR eating habits, my stomach started complaining again!

Today for breakfast in the DR, I ate two pieces of bread, pineapple, and hot chocolate. For lunch, I ate rice with tomatoes, two brownies, and half of this other sweet thing. At the airport on the way home, I shared some people's candy and Pringles, and on the airplane I had some of those tasty cookies they give you for free. In the Atlanta airport, I had this HUGE greasy meal at Chille's(?) which consisted of an enormous veggie burger and oh-so-American portion of deep fried potatoes. Then I ate a Snickers bar. And I tasted some of Amy's smoothie, but only barely. And I chewed a piece of juicy watermelon gum.

After I got off the airplane, I ate (literally) about ten cookies that my mom thoughtfully picked up at the grocery store. I also ate a ton of pineapple. And after all that my stomach felt/feels pretty gross, so I drank two extremely large glasses of milk. You're supposed to stay away from milk a little bit when you haven't been drinking it, so I thought maybe it would make me barf. Unfortunately, I really don't think that's going to happen right now!