29 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I went out with my brother and his girlfriend and my aunt who's visiting from out of state. My diet was a hassle, ** but I got a surprisingly satisfying bowl of fruit salad and another of "saffron rice" which was actually just extremely yellow rice. Still good! And I drank limeade. Not my first choice; but then again, my first choice is always indecision. *

For lunch at work, I cut up two large peaches from the nastyrotten "free" rack. They were good, though! And I finished with half a bar of dark chocolate (which was actually four to five hundred calories).

After work, I ate a huge bowl of pineapple with another bowl of rice. With salt. We had more relatives over, and one of them said how she could never eat that much pineapple at once. Thank you! It was good, but I was still hungry a few hours later so I ate another bowl of rice with hot salsa. I ate a pineapple rhine(?), and a fruity freezer pop. Those things are good!

*If I were a surgeon, I would make indecisions instead of incisions. (My assistant would offer surgestions.)

I think I ate other food, but it was almost 100% for sure fruit or rice. What is food? I forget.
Dark chocolate is always good, though!
I think my favorite foods are blueberries and chocolate.

**If I swore when I rapped, I would rhyme hassle with assle pretty frequently.

Today, some other funny or ironic things happened. I am still dyjessting them:

-A lady who came through my line said something about how my mind was wandering or I wasn't focused on the task at hand. Then she forgot her purse at my register for like fifteen minutes.
-A masculine young lady with millions of facial piercings came through my line today... and then a man in the next line over cheerfully preached to me about how he didn't like the piercings and (referring to her as a boy) said he would not accept a son who looked like that. He said he would never want to be associated with such a person! He talked and talked about it. Who would want to be associated with HIM?
-I went to the library right after work, and I ran inside hoping not to hold anyone up. Then I got yelled at for running.
(-Then my dad shot down the prospect of my going on vacation early- although I'd been really excited about it- because he doesn't want mom to drive up by herself. Isn't it ironic that she previously begged him to get a passport card and come with her but he angrily refused? I'm just sayin', though.)

Delicious! Is anybody else still hungry?

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