23 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate the rest of those candy orange slices, but there weren't very many left because I ate more after posting last evening! I ate the candy with some real fruit. I don't remember which kind. Over the course of today, I demolished the rest of our fruit supply... which was like 3 bananas and 3 peaches (give or take).

For lunch, I tried to make guacamole. Unfortunately, a.) I don't know how to make guacamole; b.) especially without the inclusion of dairy products. Some things I put in the "guacamole" are tomato, lemon juice, a little bit of tofu for texture, dill... um... I'm going to stop here because it's just embarassing! To disguise the bad taste of the guacamole in the guacamole, I mixed it with the corn/salsa/blackbeans stuffs in the fridge. I ate that for lunch with a fork.

I ate sort of a lot of weird food between lunch and fourthmeal, but all I really remember is the rest of our deliciously light vanilla soy milk and 50ish pounds of almonds. Snacking, snacking, snacking.

Oh! I also ate a jar of marachino cherries. Somewhat more disgusting than a bag of bing cherries.

Just now, I went to Eat 'n' Park with Anna. Very pleasant! For about five dollars, I got a side of unbuttered, ungravvied, mashed potatoes with a side of unbuttered, radioactively green broccoli. I also ate a lemon, for some reason. Water to infinity! And just now I ate 4 marshmallows. We'll see where that goes.

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