17 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for brunch, I 1-2 large bowls of leftover noodles and vegetables, with about a quarter of the bag of coconut in the cupboard. (Hey, look! Gluten and dairy-free!)

I worked from noon to 8:30, so on break around 5pm I ate a nectarine, a plum, a few handfuls of almonds, and an Endangered Species superdark chocolate bar with mint. It was so good and satisfying and delicious! Most chocolate with 70+% cocao is gluten and dairy-free.

To my great delight, we just got in the 5 and 10lb. flats of blueberries!! I wait for these all year, so could basically justify buying the ten-pounder. I ate a few pints of those for dinner with the other half of my chocolate bar. :)

Do you have any idea how many pints of blueberries you need to make ten pounds?

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