24 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

Still, everything I eat is pretty disgusting. Gluten, dairy, oh how I missez vous.

For breakfast today, I ate more of those marshmallows. I microwaved them and ate them with peanut butter, which screwed up my blood sugar for the majority of the afternoon. I tried to make up for it by cooking quinoa (the greatest grain) and mixing it with the "salsa" I'm eating with everything (rice, corn, salsa, nasty guacamole). But that was completely disgusting. But I ate it. I felt like puking all over the world.

After work, Cody and I went to Carly's house. She made us the most delicious food! It was this crazy gourmet thing with green beans, canned tomato, garlic, red pepper seasoning, and so on. Delicious. At the same time, we baked gluten and dairy-free brownies with Valentine's Day sprinkles. What an awesome meal!! Omg!!

When I came home, I ate some of the popcorn dad made while I was gone. It was also delicious.

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