05 July 2009

Things I Ate Today

In Haiti, I ate a LOT of rice. I ate rice, locally grown fruit, stuff that would probably cross my boundaries of vegetarian comfort at home (i.e. eggs and mystery substance in the rice), and bread. And densely delicious pancakes. Something I learned from that experience is your stomach doesn't always agree with weird diet changes! So I lost a lot of my food prematurely over the course of the week. Then, when it came time to readjust to my REGULAR eating habits, my stomach started complaining again!

Today for breakfast in the DR, I ate two pieces of bread, pineapple, and hot chocolate. For lunch, I ate rice with tomatoes, two brownies, and half of this other sweet thing. At the airport on the way home, I shared some people's candy and Pringles, and on the airplane I had some of those tasty cookies they give you for free. In the Atlanta airport, I had this HUGE greasy meal at Chille's(?) which consisted of an enormous veggie burger and oh-so-American portion of deep fried potatoes. Then I ate a Snickers bar. And I tasted some of Amy's smoothie, but only barely. And I chewed a piece of juicy watermelon gum.

After I got off the airplane, I ate (literally) about ten cookies that my mom thoughtfully picked up at the grocery store. I also ate a ton of pineapple. And after all that my stomach felt/feels pretty gross, so I drank two extremely large glasses of milk. You're supposed to stay away from milk a little bit when you haven't been drinking it, so I thought maybe it would make me barf. Unfortunately, I really don't think that's going to happen right now!

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  1. Oh! Actually, I didn't eat a Snickers bar. I was GOING to get a Snickers but opted for chocolate-covered raisins instead. They were 25c cheaper!