13 July 2009

Things I Ate Today 07

These are some things I've eaten today:

-a bowlful (as a form of measurement) of cherries
-about 3 cups of "chai tea" Bolthouse Juice
-about 4 handfuls of raw almonds
-3ish bananas
-3 to 4 bowls of salted/peppered/plain white rice (with chopsticks)
-some vaguely large amount of watermelon

Today is my first day of not eating gluten and dairy, to be continued for the next six weeks.* I originally decided to take a break from gluten and dairy when Cody and I listened to an audiobook of "The Ultramind Solution" by Mark Hyman a while ago. At first we just thought it was a hilarious joke, but as that guy kept talking about his solution we got hooked! There's quite a case for dairyglutenfree diet, and as it turns out, celiac disease (something related to gluten intolerance) is really something too! I've been reading "Gluten Free Lifestyle for Dummies," um, etc.

When I was in Haiti, that was the first time I've ever honestly felt bad about being a vegetarian. When you're over there, it just seems so wrong! Same for bulemia- it's just hard to fathom someone not wanting the food that's personally available. I figured this englightenment would defer me from the nonglutendairy thing, but... things really work differently over here in the States.** Also, something that really affected me over there was the way people relate to each other. Americans use cars and jewelry and handbags and lawnmowers and CDs and movies and college and FOOD to relate to each other so much! But they don't have any of that stuff in Haiti. It made me reconsider the portion of my identity and relationships that is (are?) completely dependant on food... um... I also have a thing for personal development through unnecessary sacrifice.

*I can't really concentrate on what I'm typing because I'm listening to a Pandora station that is "Hey Mama" by Kanye West + Chris Murray. It's the sound of my soul!

**As I'm thinking about Haiti, one of the songs I most associate with it (also one of the most random) comes up on Pandora. "I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys? Honestly? And they say that there is no God!

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