26 July 2009



Today is... July 26? The end of... I have no idea. What day is this. Sunday. Let's work backwards!

This "morning," my mom made glutenanddairy-free zuxchinsni bread. There were two loaves, and one loaf had enough calories for the entire day. I ate (in total) a loaf and a half. I ate a lot of grapes and two cups of coffee with light vanilla soymilk. Over the course of the day, I also drank about half the carton of soy milk. Also, we have fruit gems. Since they're bulk candy, I don't know how much I've eaten, but it's a LOT. We had a jarfull as of... yesterday? This morning? I would guess I ate about thirty-five fruit gems today. Another thing I ate with breakfast is the rest of the chocolate bar I bought with Hayley. I don't really remember what else I snacked on, unfortunately. Fruit? Cody and I went to Kaytee's graduation party, where I just ate a little piece of red pepper and a lifesaver. And a bottle of water. When he took me home, I ate a million tortillia chips, because it was the first time I realized I COULD! Chichi's brand makes them with corn! Um... fruit gems... I ate some almonds in the car, too. Towards the evening... geez! I have no idea what's in my stomach. A lot. I think there was something with substance for dinner? At night, I watched Hannah Montana with a bowl of chips, salsa, blueberries, and fruit gems. And this fruit popsicle that my mom bought a box of? Yum!!

Yesterday, ohh. Yesterday was a continuation of the day before, when I didn't sleep! After my last post, I went to hang out with Hayley. I ate a lot of taffy, dark chocolate, coffee with soy milk from Eat n Park, um... I peed behind a tree because there was so much coffee! I remember eating a lot yesterday, too. Ummmmm... I forget all of this! I worked from 3-8:30. I ate... two bowls of quinoa? Or was that a different day? I ate a lot more chocolate, because my mom bought some on sale. Geez. I have no idea about any of this. You're going to have to trust me. Bye!

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