30 June 2010

Things i ate today:
-2 cups of coffee
-a pint of blueberries
-peanut butter toast
-peanut butter sandwich
-2 apples
-half a bag of spaghetti (half a pound, pre-cooked)
-2 hamburger buns as garlic bread
-a bowl of salad
-a big cup of "chocoholic" icecream from handel's, which was just so delicious of otherwordly proportions! It tasted like brownie batter mixed with good chocolate ice cream and chocolate chunks. Omg
-roughly half a block of cheese

Lately i've been eating out of boredom, which is why i didn't bother posting about it. THIS was a good day for eating:)

P.S. Dear Ben, thanks for your interest in such an important issue as blue drank and margarita chips! I would put this in the comments if my computer worked properly.

For about a dollar at the grocery store or gas station, we can get a too-blue gallon of colored sugar water. It's called blue drank because, stereotypically, the people who buy it speak ebonics or live in some remote southern part of the country with poor educational standards/heavy slang. That stuff is so good!! You can also get it from fancier brands, and like Gatorade will taste different than the Hawaiian punch stuff with a cartoon dude surfing on the label, but the point is blue drank rules no matter what.

It goes especially well with corn chips that are flavored like a margarita, with lime and salt and some other flavors that I can't quite identify. These are my favorite chips because they make me feel like a hillbilly sittin' on the porch, drinkin' my blue drank and eatin' my chips. The brand that makes them, Tangos, also makes a number of OTHER delicious chips. A lot of companies (i.e. Tostitos) make lime-flavored chips, and those are basically the same thing; but to me, there's just no competition!

24 June 2010

I ate a bag of margarita chips today, and about a quarter of a watermelon. In addition to that...

For breakfast i had a cup or two of coffee, half a bowl of cheerios, and a bunch of grapes.

When my dad made dinner i had a handful of pasta salad, a veggie pattie, carrots in dressing, a piece of broccoli...

Then, just now i went to eat n park with cody. I got a smiley cookie with matching fancy drank like last time, but this time something really funny happened i coughed up fancy drank ALL OVER THE TABLE. it was gross, embarassing, and hilarious. Shoutout to college- thanks for teaching me to throw up everywhere like a toddler! Har har.

It was an okay to gross day for eating.

23 June 2010

Today for brunch, i drank 5 cups of coffee in a row. The thing is, coffee makers are so much fun!! I just kept pouring water in & getting coffee out, until i realized the whole machine was steaming, sizzling, and about to explode.

For lunch i had toast and tabouli. YUM. For dinner my dad tried to make pizza bread, but it turned out really gross and daddish with american cheese and burnt bottoms. I ate a lot of it anyway because i was hungry! I've also eaten two salads (one with a black bean burger on top), grapes, many pieces of watermelon, and an apple or two.

Just now i stuck together a piece of peanut butter toast & a piece of jam toast, and cut that into quarters. The difference between such & a pbj sandwich is the chemical reactiyum of toastiness.

22 June 2010

A great portion of my diet was dedicated to cookies today. I discovered a great love for yum yum ginger snaps.

I had a cup of greek yogurt, a big cup (more like 2 or 3 cups) of coffee, a lot of lettuce in dressing, a couple strawberries, and some potato salad. I ate 2 little apples, but one of them had some peanutbutter and chocolate syrup on it. For dinner i ate a bean burrito.

It was a pretty okay day for eating!

21 June 2010

Today i ate 1 pound of blueberries, 2 cups of coffee, 3 perfect chocolate chips cookies, and a big delicious veggie bol from chipotle. I also had about a can of pop. It was an IDEAL day for eating.

19 June 2010

Things i ate today:

-5 peaches
-big salad
-morningstar BBQ ribletts which, again, are soooper good
-a lot of celery and dressing
-a stale chocolate donut
-a dry healthy-tasting cookie
-grilled cheese
-2 cups of vanilla ice cream with syrup and cherries
-a piece of toast
-2 ginger snaps and a glass of milk
-half a pint of blueberries

I might have actually forgotten a few things. Yesterday i forgot to add an egg sandwich and some chocolate. Mom and dad ate my bag of margarita chips and i was so bummed about it today! However, mom bought like a 5lb box of blueberries that i am so excited about. It was a pretty good day for eating.

Yesterday i ate about 2 salads, 2 cups of lite yogut, 2 bowls of reese's puffs, blueberries, celery, maybe a carrot, lots of blue drank and pancake chips, and a delicious smoothie lauren made. It was a good day for eating!

17 June 2010

Today i ate sooo many of my favorite foods.

I ate like a bag of margarita chips, practically, AND blue drank.

I ate blueberries and a cup of greek yogurt flavored with honey! And TWO cups of this yogurt that could not even be described... Okay, but it could. It's like pudding and ice cream and everything delicious in a low calorie Real Food!!

I ate, freakin, REESE'S PUFFS, yeah that's rite u huuuurd me. They will be gone tomorrow.

I also made this iced coffee beverage that has been going strong for about a week.

In addition to all these things, i ate a bounty of produce.

It was just a great day for eating. I love grocery days.

16 June 2010

It's really hot in here and i'm scared of the spider and darkness!

Things i ate today:
-double grapes
-double strawberries
-double iced coffee with milk and sugar (YUMMm)
-grilled cheese directly followed by:
-veggie BBQ riblets, i kid you not. They were tasty.
-double apple
-asian spaghetti that came out of the box and was supposed to be cooked on the stove although i microwaved instead to encourage rubbery texture
-the last bowl of apple dappers

I ate all the good food today, so tomorrow i will be hungrier than i am now! It was a very good day for eating though:)

15 June 2010

Things i ate today:

-2 large salads
-3 oreo klondike bars
-toast with blue drank
-toast about 5 other times
-2 bowls of grapes
-coffee with milk on ice
-provalone cheese and OJ
-3 pieces pizza

The salad i made was just ridiculous. It had romaine, sweet vidalia dressing, strawberries, and a chik'n patty sliced up with toast on the side and a glass of milk.

By the way, i just love toast. It is so freakin delectable.

In the evening after i ate a lot to prevent myself from eating more, i went to eat n park with cody. Let me tell you, that restaurant could not have any better service. Every waitress i've had there went above/beyond to give me extra desserts or something! I had a suuuper fancy lemonade with free refills and matchin pink smiley cookie. Aaah.

14 June 2010

Today for breakfast and dinner, i ate chips with blue drank. For lunch i ate a huge portion of lite moose tracks ice cream. I had half a piece if pita toast, two apples, a big plate of romaine with dressing, and a provalone cheese sandwich (toasted and baked, not grilled). I also had some salsa and a flavor-ice at lauren's! It was an ideal day for eating. I might even have some strawberries.
Things i ate today:
-3 pieces of cheese
-2 pieces of toast
-2 bowls of lite moose tracks ice cream, which is my faaave! Also one of them had a patriotic funfetti cupcake in it<3
-a crunchwrap with extra nacho cheese
-garden salsa sun chips
-2 plates of spinach with vidalia dressing
-a big slice of watermelon
-2 cups of coffee, some baja blast, milk, and blue drank.

It was a gorgeous, delicious, good day for eating.

Is Things I Ate Today messing up your computers? It's messing up mine. And I'm tryyyin' to fix it! That's why this blog looks so nasty right now, so if you've been looking at it I apologize!

12 June 2010

Today i forgot to eat a real breakfast, but i drank some coffee with icecream in it before work. I also ate part of an old apple in the car but threw most of it out the window.

On my break, i mixed black cherries and a small plum into a cup of greek yogurt. I also ate a yellow bell pepper and two ginger chews.

When i came home, i ate: corn on the cob, watermelon, toast, swiss cheese. Then i made patriotic cupcakes and ate waaaaaaaaaayy too many of them.

It was a good day for eating!

11 June 2010

Things I Ate Today:

-A pineapple
-About half a box of Apple Dappers
-hot chocolate, sweet milk
-2 veggie patties
-2 pieces of toast
-2 bowls of spinach salad
-Cooked zucchini
-A few kumquats and chips
-Icecream with chocolate syrup

Eew. There might have actually been more! It was a good day for overeating...

10 June 2010

This morning when i woke up, i drank 2 cups of coffee. For breakfast i ate a cup of nonfat greek yogurt.

On my break at work, i ate a leftover pbj sandwich from the trip yesterday with blue chips and too much blue drank. Afterwords i felt sick!

When i came home, i made a plate of salad, pasta, and chik'n patty. It was really good.

Some time after that, i ate another plate of salad and a bowl of zucchini. I had a little bit of fruit cake and a cup of hot chocolate.

Portland and geisha are completely propelling time for me right now! But it was a pretty good day for eating.

09 June 2010

Things i ate today:

-baby ruth
-mcdonald's french fries
-blue gatorade
-tons of cookies
-tons of potato chips
-2 pbj sandwiches
-a cup of nonfat greek yogurt
-milk, coffee

Hahaha um... It was a good day for eating.

08 June 2010

A bowl of coco puffs, the rest of the coco puffs, two bananas, 1.5 grilled cheeses, tons tons more cheese, maybe some other kind of fruit, tons of blue drank, tons of ramen noodles, green beans, taco salad and like five kinds of tangos corn chips with yum yum punch from lauren (ridiculously amazing)... These are the things i ate today!

I feel good eating a lot of stuff that is light, like fruit and yogurt, or a little bit of stuff that is heavy, like chips and blue drink, but today i ate a lot of stuff that was heavy and it was just gross.

07 June 2010

This morning i was startled awake by my dad using the shower around 7:30. For some reason, that led me to eat a significant number of margarita chips with blue drank then return to bed. A few hours later, i woke up &drank coffee with him in the kitchen.

I took an early lunch at work, where i ate a peanutbutter & banana sandwich with about an apricot &a half.

After work, i got a raspberry arizona tea from walgreens &ate it with the rest of the margarita chips.

Later i stirred blueberries into a cup of lite blueberry yogurt. Then i made a sandwich so great, it required a fork. Sunny side up fried egg with 2 kinds of cheese, lime juice, berries, spinach, sour cream, &more.

Finished a flawless day for eating with memoirs of a geisha, ice cubes &crackers.

P.s. 3 types of cheese

06 June 2010

Things i ate today:

Ice cream
Light blue tootsie pop
Margarita chips
Blue chips
Blue drank

For breakfast i discovered the joy of ice cream in coffee.

Two bananas
Maybe an apple


Ugh i don't think i can make it through another week of balanced meals and diet foods-- this is too much self-control!!

Har har har. It was clearly a good day for eating.

Oh! I also ate some doritos that came in a really weird flavor. The good news: mom went grocery shopping and bought chips! The bad news: doritos are not margarita-flavored...
Today for breakfast i drank 3 cups of coffee and had some weird low-fat bread stuff my mom made. I also ate a cup of lemon cream pie yogurt (lite). At work i got super hungry! So i ate like half a canteloupe off the free rack, and some greek yogurt with stuff mixed in that i found on the breakroom table. After work, i ate an apple and two pieces of bazooka gum. At laura's going away party, i got super hungry again! I admittedly ate two of alisa's phenometeal cupcakes in addition to a slice of sebastian's onion pizza. Currently, i am eating a bowl of cocoa puffs and apple dappers. It has been a great, glorious day for eating!

04 June 2010

When i came home this morning expecting an empty fridge, there was a huge box of gourmet cookies set aside for me! Screw self control; i ate all of them and they were delicious. I ate a box of strawberries, an apple, and blue chips. I made orange juice with extra ice cubes. I went to Guacamole's with a bunch of people i love and miss and ate tons of authentic mexican food that i will never know the name of. Then i had a small frosty. Over here, chris gave me a taste of his pancake chip and dan gave me a slice of greasilicious cheese pizza. It was an astoundingly great day for eating.
Yesterday i made a box of mac and cheese around 10:30 in the morning, then i ate half of it for breakfast and half for lunch. I also ate an apple or two and some watermelon chunks. After work, dustin's dad got us thin crust pizza from papa john's? I was SO surprised. It was SO delicious. Even the green peppers on it tasted good! I had 3 pieces, and it was a good day for eating.

02 June 2010

Today for breakfast, i ate some chocolate and blueberries with TONS of coffee. This is my favorite breakfast! For lunch/dinner at work, i ate a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. After work, i ate a few chunks of watermelon and some Fries. Now i am sipping a glass of blue drank. It was a very good day for eating!

01 June 2010

I made another lemon meringue pie today and it was much better than the last! but still not perfect- the meringue got separated from the crust and the lemon filling got a little feisty. I ate
a slice of that,
3 bowls of apple jacks,
margarita chips
corn on the cob
nasty egg feast
blue chips with ketchup-salsa
milk and blue drank.

It was a grossish but still pretty good day for eating! Hopefully tomorrow will be more moderate.