23 June 2010

Today for brunch, i drank 5 cups of coffee in a row. The thing is, coffee makers are so much fun!! I just kept pouring water in & getting coffee out, until i realized the whole machine was steaming, sizzling, and about to explode.

For lunch i had toast and tabouli. YUM. For dinner my dad tried to make pizza bread, but it turned out really gross and daddish with american cheese and burnt bottoms. I ate a lot of it anyway because i was hungry! I've also eaten two salads (one with a black bean burger on top), grapes, many pieces of watermelon, and an apple or two.

Just now i stuck together a piece of peanut butter toast & a piece of jam toast, and cut that into quarters. The difference between such & a pbj sandwich is the chemical reactiyum of toastiness.

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