30 June 2010

Things i ate today:
-2 cups of coffee
-a pint of blueberries
-peanut butter toast
-peanut butter sandwich
-2 apples
-half a bag of spaghetti (half a pound, pre-cooked)
-2 hamburger buns as garlic bread
-a bowl of salad
-a big cup of "chocoholic" icecream from handel's, which was just so delicious of otherwordly proportions! It tasted like brownie batter mixed with good chocolate ice cream and chocolate chunks. Omg
-roughly half a block of cheese

Lately i've been eating out of boredom, which is why i didn't bother posting about it. THIS was a good day for eating:)

P.S. Dear Ben, thanks for your interest in such an important issue as blue drank and margarita chips! I would put this in the comments if my computer worked properly.

For about a dollar at the grocery store or gas station, we can get a too-blue gallon of colored sugar water. It's called blue drank because, stereotypically, the people who buy it speak ebonics or live in some remote southern part of the country with poor educational standards/heavy slang. That stuff is so good!! You can also get it from fancier brands, and like Gatorade will taste different than the Hawaiian punch stuff with a cartoon dude surfing on the label, but the point is blue drank rules no matter what.

It goes especially well with corn chips that are flavored like a margarita, with lime and salt and some other flavors that I can't quite identify. These are my favorite chips because they make me feel like a hillbilly sittin' on the porch, drinkin' my blue drank and eatin' my chips. The brand that makes them, Tangos, also makes a number of OTHER delicious chips. A lot of companies (i.e. Tostitos) make lime-flavored chips, and those are basically the same thing; but to me, there's just no competition!

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