17 June 2010

Today i ate sooo many of my favorite foods.

I ate like a bag of margarita chips, practically, AND blue drank.

I ate blueberries and a cup of greek yogurt flavored with honey! And TWO cups of this yogurt that could not even be described... Okay, but it could. It's like pudding and ice cream and everything delicious in a low calorie Real Food!!

I ate, freakin, REESE'S PUFFS, yeah that's rite u huuuurd me. They will be gone tomorrow.

I also made this iced coffee beverage that has been going strong for about a week.

In addition to all these things, i ate a bounty of produce.

It was just a great day for eating. I love grocery days.


  1. Hahaha David that is my favorite thing to say. Thank you so much!