15 June 2010

Things i ate today:

-2 large salads
-3 oreo klondike bars
-toast with blue drank
-toast about 5 other times
-2 bowls of grapes
-coffee with milk on ice
-provalone cheese and OJ
-3 pieces pizza

The salad i made was just ridiculous. It had romaine, sweet vidalia dressing, strawberries, and a chik'n patty sliced up with toast on the side and a glass of milk.

By the way, i just love toast. It is so freakin delectable.

In the evening after i ate a lot to prevent myself from eating more, i went to eat n park with cody. Let me tell you, that restaurant could not have any better service. Every waitress i've had there went above/beyond to give me extra desserts or something! I had a suuuper fancy lemonade with free refills and matchin pink smiley cookie. Aaah.

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