07 June 2010

This morning i was startled awake by my dad using the shower around 7:30. For some reason, that led me to eat a significant number of margarita chips with blue drank then return to bed. A few hours later, i woke up &drank coffee with him in the kitchen.

I took an early lunch at work, where i ate a peanutbutter & banana sandwich with about an apricot &a half.

After work, i got a raspberry arizona tea from walgreens &ate it with the rest of the margarita chips.

Later i stirred blueberries into a cup of lite blueberry yogurt. Then i made a sandwich so great, it required a fork. Sunny side up fried egg with 2 kinds of cheese, lime juice, berries, spinach, sour cream, &more.

Finished a flawless day for eating with memoirs of a geisha, ice cubes &crackers.

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