02 October 2009

Things I've Eaten Today

I don't know what to do with myself at 10pm on Friday night at home, so I think I'll update my blog prematurely!

Things I Ate Today:

1.) For breakfast in bed around 9:30, which is very early ESPECIALLY under the circumstance of my going to sleep around 4:30am and weaving through the courses of conciousness starting around 7:30...
-Miniature chocolate chip cookies that were also gluten, dairy, and millions of other allergens-free**
-Two more pudding cups (the flavor is butterscotch). Yum.

2.) For lunch-substitute around 2:30pm, I ate a spoonful of peanutbutter because I was too stressed/crazy/busy/late for work to actually eat food.

3.) At work on break around 5, I ate a perfect meal: a honeycrisp apple comparable in size and juiciness to King Kong's eyeball, with three pieces of Krieger's cheese of the week (some local Swiss thing*) and one of those pretty*** triple-size Arizona teas-- Green tea with honey and ginseng?? I don't consume ANY of those foods/beverage on a regular basis and I generally think they're disgusting... but not together!

4.) When I came home, I ate whatever looked vaguely appealing: vanilla ice cream, Lay's potato chips (does anybody actually think those taste good?), the remains of cole slaw I left in the refrigerator about two weeks ago, a free salvaged**** pear from the rotten rack at Krieger's, a hamburger bun... and so on.

Today, as a day for eating and also life, had its ups and downs. But all in all, I'd definitely say: It was a good day (for eating)!

I think I'm about to go to Taco Bell.

*This is not to say that I live in Switzerland, but that the Swiss Cheese was locally produced.
**Other allergens the package of these cookies advertised not containing: shellfish, potatoes?
***Aesthetically; this isn't to say that the can is relatively triple-sized. Although, I mean, it is.
****I think this is sort of like a play on words. (free salvaged?)

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