21 August 2009

Blue Things I Ate Today

Something I should add about yesterday: after the post, Hayley slept over at my house. So, justifiably, however you spell that, I ate a bag of sour gummy worms after the previous post. It was extremely disgusting, and those 1,200 calories stayed in my stomach for a very long time. I followed them with another little boiler potato.

Today for breakfast, I ate some more of those nasty gummy worms (there were two bags, duh!) and half or more of a smaller canteloupe. Around four pm, Hayley and I felt like we were going to throw up so we went to Robek's. I got the "hummingbird" smoothie with soy sorbet instead of the regular kind. And a shot of protein.

For dinner, I ate french fries, two cobs of corn, and a white peach that matched my nail polish and skin tone of the hand. Um... I think there was more... it was probably fruit....

Then, we went to see "500 Days of Summer." It was very good! I ate some more of those nasty sour gummies. They were so appropriate, though!

A disgusting day for foods. But not bad!

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