17 August 2009

Things I Ate Today

I want to say that I had a nectarine for breakfast today, but I did that yesterday! So it's up in the air. For breakfast, I probably ate a nectarine. And other fruit or items. I also mixed half a mug of coffee with half a cup of light soy milk and added almond flavor. Good idea! For lunch, I ate a cob and a half of corn. Then I went to work!

On my lunch break at work, I ate the last nectarine and the last banana. I also had a few handfuls of the oversalted sunflower seeds that I've been eating on lunch breaks. They always make me feel sort of sick, but I eat them anyway.

When I got home, I ate a bowl of salad and a huge thing of homemade salsa (about a jar's worth). And plenty more corn chips, of course. Let's see... I finished my unbelievably large bottle of water, and my mom made fruit smoothies. That was a good idea, too. I ate one or two jawbreakers today, another old honeybear lollipop thing, and some more taffy.

I love Chris Murray.

Also, my dad finally told me that it's okay for me to live in a dorm at college. He said that he respects the work I've put into saving the money for it and that I'm a good daughter. Which is awesome!! I've spent pretty much the whole day thinking about the stuff I'd like to buy and take to school. On that note, can we just talk about how difficult it is to find good sneakers? And a plain, perfect backpack. And a Paperchase notebook. And... A good day for eating!

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