03 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Wow. I made some of The Best Discoveries today.
1. Have you tried this year's summer Dew flavors? Mountain Dew Typhoon. I do not recommend this lightly.
2. Apple Jacks taste SO MUCH better with milk. I also don't mention this lightly!
A. Mazing.

Things I Ate Today:
-sunny d* from Lauren
-coffee with chocolate soy milk
-half a banana
-an apple with some peanut butter
-sweet iced tea
-2 hot sauce packets and 2 mints and a piece of gum
-Tons of skim milk
-Chocolate cupcake from Rosie's that I've literally been dreaming about all semester
-Supercheesy grilled cheese
-Tons more of skim milk
-Mountain Dew Typhoon<3 and more gum
-tea and cookies from Erik
-another apple
-apple jacks

It was a great day for eating (and life)!

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