16 May 2010

Things I Ate Today, Yesterday, And The Day Before Yesterday

Things I Ate Today:

I woke up at noon and ate half a slice of Pizza Hut pizza and a cup of Dannon “fruit on the bottom” yogurt, peach, which is just disgusting. This yogurt makes me mad because, first of all, it’s not light yogurt. Second of all, the fruit is at the bottom so you have to mix it all together and it’s just gross, and there’s a terrible consistency. The only reason I ate it was because my mom bought it on sale at Marc’s.

Next, I filled a medium metal mixing bowl with Cap’n Crunch peanut butter cereal, Cocoa Puffs, and Coooookie Crisp. This is one of my favorite things about summer. I ate it while watching Project Runway and Models of the Runway.

Before my cousin’s graduation party, I ate two more bowls of cereal. It is just so dang good. I also ate some Heath ice cream out of the carton. The confusing thing about having a carton of ice cream at home is it’s not in a pint so you can’t eat the whole thing in one sitting unless you want to gross out your parents.

At the graduation party, I ate a huge piece of cake. I was not interested in the gourmet food options available.

After the party, I ate: 3 Tootsie Pops or maybe 4, a veggie Burger that was just disgusting, a bowl of corn from the freezer/microwave, a bowl of extremely spicy rice, and the rest of the ice cream. Very good.

I’m chewing a piece of gum that I found in my purse.

Things I Ate Yesterday:
Coffee, a big apple and Luna bar for breakfast.
A little apple at work.
Peanut butter sandwich at work. Supplemented by a lot of
Dried organic raspberries from the free rack.
A blueberry yogurt covered pretzel from Terri after work.
A piece and a half of pizza hut pizza. It was gross and greasy.
Two tootsie pops.
Lots of ice cream.
Lazy toast.
Juiced up water. Not watered down juice, but juiced up water.

Things I Ate The Day Before Yesterday:
A piece of fruit cake.
Two applettes.
Luna bar.
Gordita Crunch.
Baja blast.
A fry.
After this post, I ate a doughnut and a *light* blue Tootsie Pop. It was a good day for eating! And thanks to Lauren for sharing all the things I ate other than today because I would have just let them go forever. And who could imagine a day without documentation of everything I ate? Har har har:)

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