06 May 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-4 (minimum) bowls of Apple Jacks
-coffee without the soy milk, considering my food plan has less than $15 remaining
-amazing rice thang Lauren made
-1 nacho with cheese
-I think like a mint or something
-Tonsandtonsandtons of Baja Blast
-one of those ice cream... drum... thing(s)...
-delicious chocolate chip cookies

Was that all? I don't really know, but it sure was a weird day for eating!

1 comment:

  1. Today was full of leftovers from my mom’s cinco de mayo party last night! Ay ay ay! Fiesta Siesta!
    - I taste tested/devoured so many different kinds of salsa!
    - 2 grilled cheeses
    - Hostess snack cake thing
    - Frosty with Sarah
    - A little cup of chex mix
    - A tiny piece of sausage
    - A bite of chicken noodle soup ( I tend to waste food a lot)
    - Juicy juice berry mountain
    - Water