13 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Happiness is so easy on Wednesday! Unfortunately, I guess eating is not.

Today for breakfast, I ate 4 small gluten-free cookies that my mom baked last night.
I also ate some tiny grapes that tasted like marashino cherries because they're so tiny.
For lunch/dinner, I ate a vegetarian crunchwrap with-- get this-- volcano sauce! A little out of the ordinary, but I would definitely reccommend to a friend. Deeelicious.
In the evening, Sebastian's mom fed us extraordinary apple cake.
Later when we were bored in the middle of the night, Lauren Sebastian and I went to the Donut Connection. There, I ate a glazed chocolate doughnut that was also covered in sprinkles and frosting. 89c well-gifted!

It was another gross day for eating, but everything tasted good!

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